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Sun Zero Blackout Curtains Review

Sunzero blackout curtains on hardwood floor

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Sun Zero Easton blackout panels are fashionable and functional curtains that help block out the sun’s rays from any room in your house. With the help of its blackout construction, it can block the light and reduce noises. It also helps save energy. With the help of its built-in grommets, you won’t have a hard time hanging, and opening and closing your curtains.

Why should I get Sun Zero Easton Blackout Curtain Panels?

It has Excellent Light Blocking Properties

If you want curtains that virtually block out all light then these curtains should be in your next shopping list. Its opaque panels make sure that not even a sliver of light comes through to your room. Just to give you a better idea, when we use it in our room even during the middle of the day, we had to use the light in our mobile phones just to see inside our bedroom. These panels are perfect for people who work graveyard shifts and have to sleep during the day. We all know how difficult it is to sleep when the shine is shining brightly through your windows and these panels make sure that you can sleep as if it is night time outside.

It can Enhance Your Privacy

Curtains like these can also act as an additional layer of privacy. This is especially true for those who live in neighborhoods where houses stand close to each other. Although we all want to be friendly with our neighbors, there are instances when we want to have some privacy and keep our daily goings-on away from the eyes of our neighbors. These curtains can also protect us from prying eyes and unwanted elements who prey on people who are alone in their homes.

It Can Help You Save Money

One other thing that we love about these curtains is the fact that these can help us save money. Sun Zero Curtains are thermal insulated and proven to be effective in reducing heat loss. One reason why heaters work too hard and use up more energy during winter is when the heat they generate escapes from houses. With the help of Sun Zero Curtains, the heat inside a room can contain inside the room to keep you warm without forcing your heater to use up too much energy. These are also heat blocking curtains that can help keep the interiors of any room protected from the summer heat.

It Can Help Reduce Outside Noises

We also liked that these curtains helped reduce outside noises. We are pretty light sleepers and outside noises can easily interrupt our sleep. When we used these curtains, we immediately noticed how much quieter our bedroom has become. We can barely hear the barking of our neighbors’ dogs. You can still hear noises but they are dampened to a point that they’re just dull noises that even light sleepers like us can tolerate.

They’re Fashionable

We love how good-looking these curtains are. With blackout curtains, you often get a limited selection of colors to choose from. And you’re often limited to really dark and dull colors. This is not the case with the Sun Zero. They have a wide variety of color choices that you can use to customize each room in your house. We originally wanted heather color curtains but with the many colors that Sun Zero offers, it was easy for us to come up with a better alternative. They’re not like other brands that offer curtains that look bland and look like shower curtains when hung. They also have different sizes and lengths so you can come up with different configurations that will fit any living space where you want to use your curtains. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to sacrifice the overall look of a room for the sake of the benefits of using blackout curtains.

Low Maintenance Curtains

These curtains are easy to maintain and use. They use woven 100% polyester materials. This fabric is machine washable. The grommets make them easy to slide for so you can take them off for cleaning without breaking a sweat. They are designed to be easier to clean compared to tiebacks or drapery-type curtains.

Pros and Cons of Sun Zero

What We Liked

  • Completely blocks out light
  • Modern design and available in different colors and lengths
  • Machine Washable
  • Noise-reducing properties
  • Energy efficient design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might be too dark for children’s rooms
  • Grommets might get damaged during machine washing

About Sun Zero

History of Sun Zero

Sun Zero is a brand name owned by Lichtenberg. Lichtenberg is a family-owned company founded in New York City by Sam Lichtenberg in 1933. The company is a leader in soft window coverings and offers the broadest assortment of ready-made soft window curtains. They headquarters are at the renowned Textile Building in New York City while their Design and Quality Control Office is in Shanghai, China.

Customer Service and Ratings

Sun Zero has an average of 4.1-star ratings in Amazon.

Physical Stores

Sun Zero doesn’t have physical brick and mortar stores but their products are available at Macy’s. Their products are also available online at their website or through online retail partners like Amazon.

BBB Ratings

Sun Zero is not a BBB affiliated company.

Contact Sun Zero

Customers can get in touch with Sun Zero by filling up a form on their website.

Accolades & Praise for Sun Zero

Our Verdict

Sun Zero Curtains are great blackout curtains and ideal for those who want to sleep in complete darkness. They provide more than enough shade to block out light even during those bright sunny days.

The fabric used in these curtains are also useful in reducing outside noises. They are energy efficient and can help save you money. We also love their modern style and their excellent performance as insulators. On top of these, they are easy they are easy to maintain and use.

Sun Zero Compared to Other Blackout Curtains

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How We Rate Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are judged by 3 standards: 

  1. Blockage
  2. Material (polyester – dust mite resistant) & Safety
    1. dense material to drown out the noise
    2. Insulated material to keep the heat and cool inside (energy saver)
    3. Chemical coat to make it last longer? Is it safe?
    4. Triple-weave Fabric
  3. Insulation
    1. Layers of acrylic foam?
    2. Thermal abilities

Learn more about how we rate and review blackout curtains.