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Will Popping Open a Can of Som Sleep Help You Sleep Better?

Som Sleep cans

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Som Sleep has been gaining popularity ever since launching at the beginning of 2018. Insomniacs, people with anxiety, athletes, busy workers who spend a lot of time on computers – all seem to insist that this non-carbonated drink is just the right thing for good sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning.

Does Som Sleep really work? If it’s a healthy alternative to medication, how come it’s not a type of herb, like tea that you can drink warm; but rather a can that you take out of a fridge, chug, and within 30 minutes, you’re out like a candle?

Since this doesn’t really sound natural, we have to dive deeper into everything that’s in this can and explain how it works. As usual, we start with pros and cons.

– Sugar-free option available
– Works within the promised time
– Creates a feeling of natural sleepiness
– Free of harmful substances
– Contains a mix of powerful, yet quite safe sleep-promoting substances
– A cold drink isn’t so soothing in the winter months
– 8oz of liquid just before bed could force you to the toilet in the middle of the night
– Expensive and can’t be ordered in packs of 4 anymore

Buy Now: Som Sleep Original Formula, $29.99 from Amazon

When we saw that the original drink is made with sugar, we weren’t too happy about it – and neither would your dentist be. Luckily, there’s also Zero Sugar Som Sleep which has a very similar taste but instead of cane sugar + stevia extract + erythritol, it only has stevia + erythritol. This does make it taste a bit less natural for those who are not used to those sweeteners, but hey, no sugar!

The majority of people fall asleep around 30 minutes after drinking the whole can, but let’s say the window for almost everyone is anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes; which is pretty accurate. In fact, it’s surprising how efficient this product is. Moreover, it doesn’t produce a drug-like effect in the evening or in the morning after. You’re likely to simply feel very sleepy as it gradually kicks in and your eyelids become heavier.

There are no artificial ingredients, preservatives, drugs, or animal products in Som Sleep. It’s basically just a mixture of water, some substances to make it taste better, and B6, magnesium, GABA, melatonin, and L-theanine; all of which promote quick and healthy sleep. 

Som Sleep recommendations are few – just keep it in the fridge (but you don’t really have to) and drink it 30 minutes before your desired sleep time. 

This is generally fine, but we do have to point out a couple of things – first, during cold days, it’s a lot more pleasant and soothing to have a warm drink, and second – unless you’re somewhat dehydrated, you could find yourself having to go to the bathroom at night as this drink is mostly made of water. However, research suggests that the majority of Americans don’t drink enough liquids. Dehydration is one of the components leading to poor sleep, so while Som Sleep will make some run to the bathroom, others will be properly hydrated.

Som Sleep isn’t cheap and the with the retail price at around $2.50 per can (and their website and Amazon offer the minimum of 12 cans per pack), you may not be too happy. Retail stores do sell individual cans, but at a higher price, of course. Finally, Som Sleep is the cheapest for subscribers to monthly packages – they get 20% off.

Som Sleep nutrition facts
Nutrition info

Who Is Som Sleep For? 

Som Sleep is made as a sleep aid for people who:

  • have a problem falling asleep
  • have a problem staying asleep
  • are athletes and need restorative sleep
  • spend a lot of time in front of the computer
  • struggle with a racing mind/getting relaxed at night
  • don’t want to get addicted to sleeping pills
  • need an allergen-free product
  • have to fix their sleep schedule
  • work in shifts
  • want to overcome jetlag
  • can allow 7-8 hours of sleep (if your alarm goes off too early – like after 4-5 hours, melatonin could still be affecting you strongly which means you could be way too drowsy)

Som Sleep isn’t for people who:

  • consume alcohol in the evenings
  • take medications (consult your doctor whether Som Sleep could be used with your particular medication)
  • are expecting a baby or breastfeed
  • are young and healthy and whose sleep could be easily fixed with some sun exposure during the day, exercise, and bright screen avoidance at night.

Buy Now: Som Sleep Original Formula, $29.99 from Amazon

Medical professional holding a Som Sleep can
Som Sleep comes in standard 8.1 fl oz cans

Som Sleep Quick Review

FlavorFaint berry taste, reminiscent of the vitamin-like taste mixed with iced tea
Ease of UseVery easy, just pop open a chilled can 
NSF certified for sportYes
Artificial colorsNo
Artificial flavorsNo
Artificial sweetenersNo
Price12-pack $29.99 24-pack $59.98
(monthly subscribers can save 20%)

Buy Now: Som Sleep Original Formula, $29.99 from Amazon

We can’t give anything less than five stars for quality. Sure, most of Som Sleep is water, but that’s actually important – there are no allergens, preservatives, shady ingredients, or anything like that.

Som Sleep only contains what you really need for falling asleep easily and swiftly. 

We discussed the price above and yes – it is on the expensive side, but then again, you probably won’t have to use it every night, unless you’re struggling with really big sleep problems. 

Som Sleep can on a blanket
At $2.50 a can, Som Sleep is expensive

Som Sleep Technical Details, Ingredients, and Nutrition

Original Som SleepZero Sugar Som Sleep
Serving size1 can (8.1oz)1 can (8.1oz)
Melatonin/L-theanine/GABA blend357mg
(out of which is 3mg of melatonin)
357mg(out of which is 3mg of melatonin)
Sugar 8g0g
Calories 4010
Vitamin B62mg2mg
IngredientsWater, cane sugar, erythritol, natural flavors, citric acid, magnesium citrate, stevia leaf extract, pyridoxine hydrochlorideWater, erythritol, natural flavors, citric acid, magnesium citrate, stevia leaf extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride
ShippingShips every 30 days if you’re subscribed to monthly service. Otherwise, you can opt for one of these options:
Economy shipping (7-12 days) – freeGround shipping (3-5 days) $10Priority shipping (2 business days) $25
They ship to 48 lower states, but you can make an Amazon order to any place (in which case Amazon shipping rules apply).
ReturnsThe packages/products are not returnable. Those who receive a damaged product should contact customer support and will be instructed on how to proceed.
Customer serviceYou can contact customer service by phone, email, or online form (info below). 

Buy Now: Som Sleep Original Formula, $29.99 from Amazon

We already wrote about melatonin, L-theanine, vitamin B6, and magnesium in our Best Sleep Supplements post. We also talked in-depth about GABA and its role in sleep. Here’s a quick overview of these superstar supplements and their benefits.

Melatonin is called the “darkness hormone” because it is produced in our bodies as a natural response to the darkness around us. If we turn on a bright light as soon as the sun begins setting and spend the night in front of a computer, there will be a melatonin deficiency at sleep time. This means it will be harder to fall asleep, stay asleep, and reach deep, restorative sleep. Melatonin supplements help overcome these problems. Using melatonin every night over a long period may lessen its natural production in the body, but it’s generally safe to use.

GABA is a neurotransmitter that blocks other neurotransmitters that make us feel stressed or anxious. It creates a state of relaxation and should be abundant in the evenings. If we keep lingering on problems that aren’t being solved or have another source of stress, then other brain chemicals win over making it very hard to relax and fall asleep. GABA shortens sleep latency (time it takes to fall asleep) and increases the amount of deep sleep. GABA also seems to cause more pleasant dreams.

L-Theanine, unlike the two substances above, is not produced by the human body – and we don’t need it to be healthy. The main benefit of L-theanine is that it boosts GABA and other relaxing chemicals. It is one of the components of green tea and black tea. L-theanine in Som Sleep comes from green tea. This supplement also increases alpha brain waves which are important for REM sleep.

Vitamin B6 is perhaps better known for regulating mood, but here’s how it indirectly regulates sleep. It is a precursor to tryptophan, which means our bodies need enough B6 to be able to produce it. Tryptophan then plays a role in the synthesis of serotonin (a hormone which makes us happier and sleepier) and melatonin, which we talked about.

Magnesium activates a system which helps us feel calm and relaxed – this system is called the parasympathetic system. It regulates melatonin and GABA. A lack of magnesium is associated with insomnia and sleep problems.

Can I use Som Sleep every single night?

We can’t really recommend any sleep product for an indefinite amount of time, regardless of how good it is. You should do your best to keep a good sleep schedule, spend time outside during the day, and avoid strong light at night. Basically, practice good sleep habits as much as possible and keep sleeping aids for the times when you truly need aid.

Using Som Sleep For The First Time

Som Sleep should be taken 30 minutes before bed. This is definitely how you should take it the first night and then see how it goes. As we said, it works pretty much the same for most people, but if you’re petite or too sensitive, the whole can could be too much for you. If you happen to wake up groggy, maybe you should take less next time. For some people, it’s better to drink it more than 30 minutes before sleep time, and for some – less than that.

Just pay attention to how you feel throughout the process and make any changes according to common sense. This is the ideal picture: drink the can, get ready for bed, doze off, sleep without interruptions, and wake up completely refreshed/without grogginess.

If any of those is different, it could be how your body reacts to this new thing you’ve tried or you may need to change the dosage. If you happen to feel groggy or get a headache, this is very likely a reaction to melatonin. Give it several nights to see if this product really is for you. For most, it’s pretty clear after night one. 

If Som Sleep doesn’t work for you at all and you keep having sleep issues, you should consult your doctor for help.

Where Can I Find Som Sleep?

Som Sleep is sold in many retail stores around the US (see their store locator to find one near you). If you don’t feel like starting off with a 12-pack, you can simply get a can or two in a store just to try it out. 

However, if you’re really digging the idea of Som Sleep, you should definitely get it online – either on their website or on Amazon (12 and 24-packs) and save some coin on this already pricey product.

Buy Now: Som Sleep Original Formula, $29.99 from Amazon

About Som Sleep

Som Sleep was founded by three people – Abdul Khan, Rob Bent, and Christine Khan. They wanted to make a sleep aid that would be free of any bad ingredients, free of drugs, easy to use, but also do the actual job of putting people to sleep. 

We could say they created exactly what they intended. Som Sleep is not only popular among those who are trying to stay away from prescribed sleep medications which cause addiction; but also those who just need a gentle nudge into sleep, help with relaxation, or improvement of sleep quality. 

Phone: 888-SOM-SLEEP

Email: [email protected]

You can also fill out the form on their contact page here.

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