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Snooz White Noise Sound Machine Review

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Most of us have to contend with loud noises before we can fall asleep or stay asleep. There are snoring partners, loud alarm clocks, or even natural sounds like cats fighting for scrap or the sound of an impending storm. Thankfully, there are now devices that can help those who have trouble falling asleep in noisy environments through the use of sound therapy.

Snooz is a fan-based white noise machine that can help you fall asleep. They use a proprietary fan that creates white noise without blowing out air as real fans do. These devices also come with a companion app that you can use to control volume and set sleep schedules. These devices are ideal for those who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of loud outside noises like the sound of barking dogs or traffic.

Does It Occupy Too Much Space?

The Snooz White Noise Sound Machine measures just 5.6 inches wide and 3.2 inches high. We like the small design of this device. It is compact enough to fit in a nightstand without occupying too much space. You can also place it on a small shelf and you won’t even notice it being there.

The soft polyester cover can come in either a light gray color or a dark gray one. The device’s AC Adapter has a  power cord that is 6 feet long so it is essential to have a power outlet near your bed where you can plug in the device. Even with the short power cord, this is still a plus for the Snooz since it eliminates the need to replace or recharge batteries for your white noise machine. There is a physical volume control button that lets you choose between 10 settings. This gives you more options compared to the Dohm DS that only have 2 volume settings. The outer shell of this mechanical fan lets you change the tone of the fan noise. If you twist it counterclockwise, the sound will have more treble in it. On the other hand, twisting the shell clockwise lets you deepen the tone of the device.

Is It Easy to Set Up?

For best results, the company recommends that users place this white noise fan away from the bed and close to a window so it can distribute the fan sound to the entire bedroom. What we did is to place it on top of a small dresser right by the window. This is an excellent place for the device since it is between our bed and the source of the noise. Once you have the device plugged into a power outlet and powered on, you need to adjust the volume and tone to your preferred levels.

After we have settled on a volume and tone that we believed is just the right level for us, we paired the device to our app. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. Once connected, we just tapped the device and edited the name. This means that you can use just one phone to control several Snooz devices in your home.

Can I Control It Remotely?

The companion app for Snooz is available for both Android and iOS users. It’s easy to use and we were able to master the controls after just a few uses. You can use the app to switch the device on and off, control the volume, and dim the power and volume LEDs. We like the feature that allows users to calibrate the Snooz for use in a nursery. We know how delicate a baby’s hearing is and this feature allows users to keep the volume of the device at a safe decibel range thus preventing damage to a child’s hearing. According to researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the sound level of some white noise generators are too high for infant’s ears and may cause permanent damage. It is nice to know that the Snooz have sound levels that are still safe for infants. Sleeping babies can easily get disturbed and this sleep aid can provide soothing sounds that will ensure uninterrupted sleep for babies.

We love the idea of using the app as a remote control for this white noise machine. We use a Wemo plug for most of our appliances but the Snooz machine didn’t need any because of its remote control feature. If the traffic noise in the road near our house increases or if a neighbor is hosting a party, we don’t even need to get out of our bed to adjust the volume of the device just to drown out the extra noises. We can do it without leaving the comforts of our bed.

Does It Consume Too Much Electricity?

Another thing that we loved about the Snooz machine is how energy-efficient it is. We’re those kinds of people who always calculate how much a new appliance will add to our electricity bill. We were surprised at how little energy the Snooz consumed. The brushless DC motor that the device uses consumes so little energy. This brushless motor consumes just the same amount of energy equivalent to that of a 6 watt LED bulb.

Is It Reasonably Priced?

The Snooz machine sits comfortably between the cheaply priced Lectrofan and the more expensive Homedics Deep Sleep. Needless to say, some features have to be sacrificed to keep the pricing at affordable levels. The Snooz doesn’t have the clock with fully adjustable alarm sound that the Deep Sleep have.

Pros and Cons of Snooz

What We Liked

  • Small form factor
  • Energy efficient
  • Calibrated for safe use on babies
  • The application acts as a remote control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t sound soothing at a high volume
  • Not recommended for those with sensitive hearing

About Snooz

History of Snooz LLC

Snooz LLC is a company founded by Eli Lazar, a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Illinois.

Customer Ratings

In Amazon, Snooz has an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.6 stars.

Physical Stores

Snooz doesn’t have any physical stores. They sell their products online through their website or through affiliates like Amazon.

BBB Ratings

Snooz LLC is not a BBB accredited business. They don’t have a BBB rating.

Contact Snooz

Email Address: [email protected]

Snooz on Social Media

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Accolades & Praise for Snooz

Our Verdict

Some of us are lucky enough to live in areas where all you hear at night are nature sounds. Unfortunately, most of us live in areas where the noise levels never let up.

Snooz is an excellent device for those who live in areas where the outside noise can cause difficulties in sleeping. It does a great job of masking outside noises with white noise. The device is small enough that you can place it almost anywhere without it being bothersome.

It’s easy to set it up. If you have kids at home, you’ll love that it has a calibration settings to protect the delicate hearing of young ones from harmful sound frequencies. It has an app that acts as a remote so you can adjust the volume and tone of the device without getting out of bed. One thing that we’d love to improve is the app.

There were times when the app would just disconnect with the device and we can’t use the app as a remote control. Another nice to have is an alarm that we can just snooze upon waking up.

But even with the little wrinkles with the device, the Snooz machine is still pretty useful and we can say that it did help us get a restful sleep even during those days when we were wrestling with jet lag.

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  2. Functionality
    1. Size  – just for home or can be included in your luggage
    2. Volume Control
    3. Does it loop? Is it too obvious that it distracts you?
  3. Number of Sound Choices
  4. Portability

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