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Sleepline Plus+: Total Sleep Optimization

Premium content that gives you *EVERYTHING* you need to optimize your sleep.

$1 / Month


$10 / Year

Member Only Sleep Resources Written By Medical Professionals

We have medical doctors and other professionals on our staff who have access to research that the general public doesn’t. Our team reads the medical literature so you don’t have to and uses it to develop new strategies – such as our Total Sleep Optimization Program – that you can use to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How to Sleep Better e-Book

We’re normally humble people here at Sleepline, but in this case we’re going to have to brag a little. Our team did extensive research on the causes of different sleep disorders and condensed it down to this eBook that you can access and download for *free* at *any time* with your membership. This is THE ultimate guide to sleep that thousands of readers have used to improve their sleep and stay more productive while awake.

Monthly Sleep Email

Our team of sleep doctors and researchers are constantly staying up to date on the latest trends and studies in the field of sleep science. We browse all of those obscure medical journals and hone in on the ones that can benefit high-performing individuals (that’s you!). We distill our latest findings into a monthly email that gives you a summary of the research and *actionable tips* that you can implement into your sleep routine.

Exclusive Sleep Surveys

Do you think you have a sleep problem that no one else has? Your unique insights help us to develop novel techniques for optimizing sleep science. We focus our research efforts on our high-achieving subscribers because we want to interview the people who will benefit most from the productivity gains that our Total Sleep Optimization program provides.

Sleepline Audio

We have a team of musicians on staff who are solely focused on writing and recording relaxing music to help slow down your brain waves and help you drift off no matter how much your mind may be racing.

Our musicians work in sync with our sleep medicine team to help incorporate the latest techniques – like “pink noise” – into their music so you’re always falling asleep with the latest technology *before* the general public even knows it exists.