Sleep disorders are extremely common and affect up to 40 percent of the general population. Sleep disorders can range from simple snoring issues to potentially life-threatening ones like sleep apnea. This is why we also have a wide range of treatments available. Some use non-pharmaceutical preparations while others rely on… Read More »Gaboxadol

Barbiturates – Uses, Side Effects, and Health Risks

What are barbiturates? Barbiturates are drugs that act as central nervous system depressants. They are effective as anxiolytics, hypnotics, and anticonvulsants. They were widely used as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia. However, Benzodiazepines are now the preferred treatment for these sleep disorders because benzos have significantly lower risks of… Read More »Barbiturates – Uses, Side Effects, and Health Risks

Benzodiazepines – Types, Side Effects, Addiction and Withdrawal

Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that are sometimes called benzos. The primary use of these drugs is as a treatment for anxiety. However, they are also effective as a treatment for several other conditions. Doctors can prescribe benzodiazepines for medical conditions such as seizures or alcohol withdrawal. How do… Read More »Benzodiazepines – Types, Side Effects, Addiction and Withdrawal


Sleep disorders have been the subject of countless studies and other research. It is thanks to these studies that researchers discovered medications for sleep disorders. There are some medications that work well in treating sleep disorders even though that is not their intended use. One of these medications is Tiagabine.… Read More »Tiagabine


Many of us get to a point in our lives where we have trouble sleeping. This can be triggered by many factors such as stress, caffeine intake, or sometimes a more serious problem. You might think that sleeping is the most human thing to do in this world until you… Read More »Zolpidem


If you’re prone to allergies then you already know what an antihistamine is. Antihistamines are medicines used to treat allergies and their symptoms. We sometimes dismiss allergies and think of them as something that only overly sensitive people have. The truth is that allergies can be fatal. That’s why it… Read More »Antihistamines