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Why Everyone On Reddit Hates This One Particular Mattress Brand

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The bed-in-a-box industry has exploded in the past decade. There are now hundreds of different mattresses to choose from and it can be hard to tell the difference, so people are turning to Reddit to help make a decision.

Your favorite mattress is a matter of personal preference. Some people like soft mattresses. Others prefer firm. A memory foam mattress that might be perfect for you is another person’s worst nightmare.

But there are some brands that everyone hates.

On Reddit, that brand is Nectar.

Reddit’s favorite mattress brands

  1. Amerisleep (coupon code: SLEEPLINE) – Redditors love this brand because of their great customer service and different firmness options. They label their products simply – using numbers – so you know exactly how firm your mattress is going to be. Commenters claim that the company was a joy to work with and made them happy with a replacement if they weren’t satisfied with the mattress they originally chose.
  2. Nest Bedding – This brand gets rave reviews on Reddit for their transparency. Customers mentioned that they loved that the company is actually honoring their lifetime warranty. They claim that the company is always responsive to customer service problems and that their mattresses are more comfortable than the competition.
  3. Brooklyn Bedding – Reddit loves the quality of these mattresses. According to reports from commenters, they uphold their warranty/free trial claims and they quickly respond to any customer service complaints.

Why does Reddit hate Nectar mattresses?

If you type “Nectar” into the search bar on reddit.com/r/mattress you’ll see a seemingly never-ending list of complaints about the company. The criticism focuses primarily on shipping speed, customer service, and sending wrong products.

Seven days ago a Reddit user posted a thread titled “I know this is nothing new but Nectar is the worst company i’ve ever dealt with”. In the thread, the Redditor claims that he ordered a mattress from the company that took six weeks to ship. But that wasn’t the worst part. According to this frustrated customer, they sent him the wrong pillow five times in a row.

Redditor jbourne0129 begins: “in May i ordered a Nectar Lush and a original Nectar pillow. Mattress took 6 weeks to ship, thats another story all together. the pillow shipped relatively quickly.

The first pillow delivered was very clearly NOT the original nectar pillow but instead their “nectar lush pillow”. the original Nectar pillow has breathable mesh on the outer case, it has a memory foam layer sewn into the outer case, and the inner core has a zipper so you can add/remove stuffing for your comfort. the Nectar Lush pillow has NONE of those features, its just a big ‘ol soft shredded memory foam pillow that i don’t enjoy,” the angry customer continues.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th AND FIFTH PILLOW that they sent were all exactly the same as the first. That’s right, i have FIVE Nectar Lush pillows. Today was pillow #5, its almost September now for those tracking the dates in this.

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Reddit really hates this brand…

Other commenters were quick to chime in. Reddit user arwen1733 said the following about his experience ordering a mattress from Nectar:

I bought a Nectar about 17 months ago, and it never fully expanded. Emailed, and they sent another after I sent pics of the tags cut off–no other action necessary. The second one was better, but started to feel really mushy after just a few months. Both my husband and I are bigger people, so I guess it wasn’t too much of a surprise. This time, they wanted proof of donation on letterhead (yeah, not happening), or a pic of the tags cut off, and of it by the curb for trash collection.

Here are some other complaints about Nectar from Reddit:

Reddit user auloux detailed his experience with slow shipping speeds:

I ordered my mattress on 8/10/20 with an expected shipping number that same week, based on their shipping policy. Unfortunately, Nectar neglects to inform customers upfront that shipping times have changed due to the pandemic. Fair enough, my mattress would ship in between 8/17 and 8/24. COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains, I can understand that. Sleeping on the floor wouldn’t be too bad, I’ve gone camping before.

Imagine my surprise when, come 8/24, the shipping time was delayed another week, from 8/24 to 8/31. No explanation as to why. I called support, and they assured me that the mattress would ship within 14 business days. It had only been 10 business days at this point. Sleeping on the floor wasn’t exactly the best, but I figured I could make it another week, even though classes were starting at this point.

I call on 8/27 to check in on my order. It’s been 14 business days after all. Again, no explanation as to why. They urge me to wait until 8/31.”

PizzaMan319 claims that his products arrived with a uniquely terrible odor:

Just thought I would share my experience with Nectar. I ordered my mattress on August 9th and received it on August 19th so not too bad of a wait there and I wasn’t in a rush so barely noticed it. I had also ordered a headboard and frame, duvet, sheet set and mattress protector. First let me say, the mattress and the pillows are the only Nectar items all the rest are from third party companies which I wasn’t entirely happy with.

Next, the headboard arrived smelling awful (a scent I can’t describe but my family describes as beef jerky?!) and I contacted support and they simply said try cleaning it like it is normal for new items to smell horrible. The mattress protector was cancelled and refunded because they ran out of stock. Other than those issues, I love the mattress for the price and is magnitudes better than my old one but still would not recommend purchasing from them.

That prompted apocria to share his story about Nectar not replacing defective parts:

I got a frame from them last August. Similar shipping issues. Then when I moved in June (within warranty) I discovered that some of the metal pieces that were part of support were bent. Emailed them but couldn’t get them pictures until July. Sent them pictures. They responded and acted like they were going to send replacements. Never did. Now it’s out of warranty.

Reddit user 87broseidon offered a counterpoint, claiming that his experience buying from DreamCloud (Nectar sister company) was excellent:

“DreamCloud offered me a full refund and an extra $150 to cover the costs of an air mattress because of FedEx inability to deliver their product.

So while I do mostly see nothing but negative reports on Nectar and their customer service, they went all out for me.”

Should you buy a mattress from Nectar?

We think you should look elsewhere. A couple complaints could be a misunderstanding, but a tsunami of angry customers is indicative of a serious problem with a company.

COVID-19 has made it difficult to buy a mattress. Online bed-in-a-box companies are coping with severe shipping delays, so it’s understandable that it might take a while for FedEx or UPS to ship a large bulky mattress.

There are no excuses for the lack of customer service. If any company ships defective parts it’s on them to make it right. If they send the wrong product they should correct it immediately. Obviously some customer complaints can be fraudulent, so it’s understandable that they’d want photographic evidence. But once the customer provides the evidence then the company should fix it with no questions asked.

There are plenty of companies that have great customer service that you can shop from. We recommend Amerisleep and Saatva if you want amazing customer service.

Hopefully Nectar gets its act together soon. The mattress industry is insanely competitive and if they can’t meet the needs of their customers then one of their rivals will.