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Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Men

Black Pwugwes sleep mask

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Pwugwes Sleep Mask

Getting total darkness while we sleep is vital in ensuring that we get to sleep fast and stay asleep longer. This is why the Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask is a great sleeping aid. This sleeping mask uses an innovative design to make sure that our sleep doesn’t get interrupted by unwanted light. It also promises to help users keep cool while sleeping with the use of the air vents that promote proper air circulation.

How can this sleep mask help me sleep?

100% Light Blocking

We use sleep masks to block unwanted light while we sleep yet some sleep masks fail to completely block out light. The Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask makes sure that not even a sliver of light interrupts your sleep. This is a unique 3D contoured blindfold made with a soft polyester fabric. The 3D contour extends to the nose section to create an absolute dark rest zone and prevent light from entering your eyes. Non-contoured masks let light in through the nose section and the Pwugwes makes sure that you won’t encounter this problem.

Comfortable to use

Because of its contoured design, the eye space on this mask is broader and deeper compared to traditional flat eye masks. This gives more room for your eyes and eliminates pressure on your eyelids. You can freely move your eyes while wearing this sleep mask resulting in a better sleep experience. Thanks to the generous eye space, women don’t have to worry about smudging their makeup while using this sleep mask. You can use this sleep mask to catch some much-needed rest before that important meeting without the need to re-apply your makeup.

Lightweight and breathable

One thing I like about this sleep mask are the two unique air vents on the edges of the mask. Most of the sleep masks I tried made me feel uncomfortably warm while I sleep. I frequently wake up with beads of sweat on my nose or around my eyes even if the mask I’m using uses light materials. With the help of the air vents on the Pwugwes, I can make sure that I have proper ventilation and air circulation when I sleep. This mask allows healthy oxygen in while preventing dry air from getting in to enhance the quality of sleep that I get. I can say that I am more relaxed and refreshed when I wake up whenever I use this sleeping mask.

High-Quality Product

The makers of these sleeping masks did not cut corners and the materials used comply to Oeko-Tex Standards. The fabric used in this mask is friendly to the skin.  It is safe to use even by those who have sensitive skin without the fear of having any adverse reactions to the fabric. On top of that, the materials used are anti-bacterial. One of my concerns with sleeping masks is that they might have materials that can cause allergies or skin irritations especially since my kids would sometimes borrow the sleep mask that I use. Since Pwugwes uses anti-bacterial materials, I can lend my mask to them without having to worry about health hazards posed by materials that attract bacteria. The mask is also anti-fade to make sure that it still looks good even after prolonged use.

Designed for all users

Some sleeping masks look good but only if you are a woman while some are too masculine for female users. The Pwugwes has a design that will appeal to both male and female users. I use this mask not just for sleeping but also for meditating. Since it is lightweight, I also bring it when I travel so I can catch some sleep during flights or even just to rest my eyes when my family goes for long out of state drives. This is a value for money purchase for me because my husband and our kids can also use this sleeping mask. During those instances when they need to use a sleeping mask, they just borrow mine and there’s no need for us to purchase another sleeping mask.

Another thing that adds value to this sleeping mask is the 3 noise-canceling earplugs that come with each mask. These earplugs are great to use when I travel. They help me block out noise and chatter during flights. I also use them when I meditate since I want my meditation undisturbed by any ambient noise.

Pros and Cons of Pwugwes

What We Liked

  • Contoured 3D design
  • Complete light-blocking property
  • Air vent for proper ventilation
  • It doesn’t smudge makeup
  • Noise-canceling ear plugs

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Velcro strap can get snagged on hair
  • It is bulkier than other sleeping masks

About Pwugwes

History of Pwugwes 

Pwugwes is a trademark owned by Shenzhen Bohisao Technology Co. which sells a wide variety of products including all-purpose sports bags, clothing for pets, backpacks, dog collar, dog leads, harness fittings, leather credit card wallets, leather bags, umbrellas, and walking sticks.

Customer Service and Ratings

Pwugwes has an average customer rating of 4.1 stars in Amazon. They seem attentive to their customers’ needs since their Amazon page shows that they respond to customer questions. They also respond and offer assistance to customer reviews wherein the customer aired dissatisfaction on their product.

BBB Ratings

Shenzhen Bohisao Technology Co. is not a BBB affiliated business.

Physical Stores

Pwugwes doesn’t have physical stores where customers can make purchases but their products are available online via Amazon.

Contact Pwugwes

Email: [email protected]

Accolades & Praise for Pwugwes

Our Verdict


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