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Priceless Pillow is the Ultimate ‘Jack of All Trades’ Brand That Everyone Will Like

Priceless pillow

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The Priceless was created with the goal of making a pillow that combines the support of a firm pillow and the comfort of a soft pillow. This pillow competes with other luxury brands, with a price point that is on the lower end of the premium category.

Our favorite thing about the Priceless pillow is that it has a 100% Tencel outer layer that is softer and smoother than most other pillows we’ve tested. Our least favorite aspect of the Priceless pillow is that, according to some reviewers, it doesn’t hold its shape over time.

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What type of person should buy the Priceless pillow?

Since the Priceless pillow is available with multiple fill options, it’s great for a variety of different sleepers. Since it’s a weird sort of firm/soft hybrid pillow, it’s great for side sleepers and it’s also good for back sleepers who need extra neck and shoulder support.

Stomach sleepers will most likely want a pillow that has a little bit less support, since most people who sleep on their belly like to “sink in” to their pillow. However, we’ve received feedback and read reviews on Amazon from stomach sleepers who said that this pillow is the best one they’ve ever tried.

As always, it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Features of the Priceless pillow

The Priceless pillow appears to be a “jack of all trades” type, one that is designed for the needs of many different types of sleepers.

You can customize your pillow in two ways: size and fill (soft, medium, firm). All Priceless pillows are made out of a 100% Tencel outer layer with a quilted inner layer.

When you buy a Priceless pillow from an authorized retailer you’ll get a 30-day money back guarantee and a five-year warranty.

Now that we’ve got the overview out of the way, let’s take an in depth look at the features of the Priceless pillow.

Buy: Priceless Pillow, $49.99 from Amazon.com


Priceless lets you choose from three different firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.

The soft firmness level is best for stomach sleepers as well as back sleepers who like the feeling of soft pillows. We don’t recommend soft pillows for side sleepers, since they usually need more neck support.

You should choose the medium option if you’re a back or side sleeper who wants a mix of soft and firm. We noticed that this pillow felt very similar to the soft pillow but with added support.

The firm option is definitely best for side sleepers. When you sleep on your side it’s important to have a lot of support for your neck if you want to avoid aches and pains.

Durability & Construction

As we previously mentioned, the outer layer is made out of 100% Tencel, a type of rayon. The company claims that this fabric is “one of the most environmental and eco-friendly fabrics in the world” and that it uses “90% less chemicals and water to produce”.

We’re unable to fact-check those claims but we can definitely confirm that the outer layer of this pillow is one of the softest we’ve ever tested. We noticed that it kept us cooler than pillows that use cotton as their outer layer and that it did a great job of wicking away sweat throughout the night.

The quilted inner layer consists of micro-cushions that are made out of a proprietary gel fiber blend. We found that this layer did a great job of providing head and neck support, especially when using the “medium” or “firm” pillows.

One downside that some customers have mentioned is that the pillow doesn’t always hold it’s shape over time. Unfortunately that’s kind of a big deal and there’s no way I’d want to buy a pillow that couldn’t maintain its shape over and extended period of time.

Fortunately we didn’t have that issue with any of the pillows we tried. It’s also important to note that we only received this negative feedback from a small percentage of customers, so it’s possible that they just received defective products. If this happens to you, remember that this pillow is covered by a five-year warranty.

Buy: Priceless Pillow, $49.99 from Amazon.com

Temperature control

The 100% Tencel outer layer is one of the most breathable fabrics we’ve tried. All of the reviewers who tried this pillow noted that it kept them cool throughout the night and did a great job of wicking away sweat.

Overheating during the night is one of the most common sleep disturbances, so it’s absolutely critical that you maintain a cool temperature when sleeping. We’re happy to note that the Priceless does a great job of that. It’s not the best at keeping us cool – that distinction goes to the Luxe – but at this price point it’s hard to beat.

What sizes are available?

The priceless pillow is available in the following sizes:

  • Standard/Queen
  • King


The Priceless is directly competing with some of the most expensive pillows in the world. All of the features in this pillow can also be found in competitors that are charging hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately this pillow is quite a bit cheaper. Here are the prices for the Priceless pillow:

  • Standard/Queen – $79.99
  • King – $89.99

Buy: Priceless Pillow, $49.99 from Amazon.com


A five-year warranty is offered on the Priceless pillow.

The warranty covers any flaw in material that causes it split, rip, or crack. This warranty coverage only applies if you use the pillow for its intended purpose and haven’t subjected it to abnormal wear. It’s also important that you only use the pillow on a proper foundation (like a mattress) that can support your body weight and the weight of the pillow.

The following defects ARE NOT covered by the Priceless warranty:

  1. Imperfections that do not prevent ordinary use and enjoyment, for example, surfaces which may not be perfectly even, and corners which may not be perfectly shaped or symmetrical.
  2. A normal increase in the softness of the pillow.
  3. Physical abuse or damage to the Pillow including but not limited to tears, stains, soiling, burns, and discoloration that occur over time.
  4. Damage caused by dampness or mold,
  5. Preferences relating to firmness, texture, or comfort.
  6. Normal body impressions in the pillow.

To initiate a warranty claim, send an email to [email protected] with the following info:

  1. A brief written description and photo of the problem;
  2. Proof of purchase (your order number will suffice)

Trial period

Priceless offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their pillow. This means that you can return it at any time, for any reason, within the first 30 days of receiving your pillow. You’ll receive 100% of your original purchase price as a refund (minus shipping costs).

The refund will be processed by the company within 30 days of receiving your return. Return shipping costs are your responsibility, the company will not accept “bill recipient” packages.

To initiate a return, contact customer service at [email protected] within 30 days of receiving your product.

Care and maintenance

To care for your pillow, the company recommends machine washing warm, using mild soap. Use the gentle cycle on your machine to prevent damage. Once the washing cycle completes, reset your machine to normal spin dry cycle to extract as much water as possible. DO NOT use bleach. You can tumble dry your pillow on a low heat setting.

About Priceless Pillow

Customer satisfaction

The company’s pillow currently has a 4-star rating on Amazon with 30 customer reviews.

Physical stores

The company does not have any physical stores. The best place to buy a Priceless pillow is Amazon, followed by the company’s website.

Buy: Priceless Pillow, $49.99 from Amazon.com

How we rate pillows

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  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
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  6. Structural integrity & Durability

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