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PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask Review (New Design with 2 Ear Plugs)

Purple and black Prettycare sleep masks

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PrettyCare Sleep Mask

A good night’s sleep is something that we all wish for but seldom get. As our world gets busier and more technologically advanced, our world also becomes brighter and noisier. We find ourselves needing to use sleeping aids like white noise machines to drown out unwanted noises. There are also those who prefer the use of earplugs to completely block our hearing of unwanted noises. We also have sleeping masks that we use to ensure that we sleep in total darkness even though our surroundings have many devices that emit bright lights.

The Pretty Care Eye Mask is one such sleeping mask. It is a sleeping mask that promises comfort to help us sleep soundly so that we can wake up each morning feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

What makes Pretty Care Sleep Mask stand out?

High-density memory foam

The first thing that caught our attention about this sleeping mask is the material that they use. While most sleep masks use silk fabric as their main material, the Pretty Care chose to use memory foam. The high-density memory foam used in these sleeping aids make sure that you have a mask with excellent light blocking properties.

Most masks use light fabrics like Mulberry Silk. Although silk is light and airy, they may be too thin to completely protect your eyes from the light that can prevent you from getting sleep or interrupt your slumber. Memory foam is also known for its molding properties. This means that it can mold itself to the shape of the user’s face. We’ve tried masks that use ordinary sponges and although they can also mold to the user’s face to some degree, the sponge used in these masks can never completely mold to the user’s face.

We always end up with a mask that lets in a bit of light that can disrupt our sleep. This is one reason why we always see pillows or mattresses that use high-density memory foam. The foam shapes itself to the sleeper’s body shape so that the sleeper gets cradled by the foam and provided support while they sleep. Memory foam is also known for its rebounding property. They return to their original shape after use. This is something that you’ll want because it means that the mask you’re using will never get distorted.

Innovative 3D Design

The 3D design that Pretty Care is referring to doesn’t mean that you can use it to watch 3D movies. In this case, 3D means that the mask uses 3D technology to make sure that it can fit any head size. It has extra large eye cavities to make sure that the eyes get sheltered from light without getting cramped by the mask. This is a common complaint with sleeping masks, the discomfort caused by masks that press down on the eyes. Pretty Care masks have contoured cavities that are spacious enough to make the eyes feel cozy. With this mask, you no longer have to worry about waking up with puffy eyes. The edges are also completely smooth and will not hurt or scratch your face or cheeks. The materials that they used are also light an airy. They block light but let in air, so you can have proper ventilation while you sleep. Some sleeping masks block out not just light but air as well and you end up waking because of how hot the mask gets especially during hot summer nights.

The 3D design is a concept that Bedtime Bliss also uses although the 3D design of the Pretty Care features a more pronounced eye cavity. Some may complain that it makes the sleep mask look bulkier than it is. We prefer the Pretty Care design since it successfully protects the eyes while sleeping. The extra room also means that you can freely move your eyes and eyelids while wearing the mask. Since I have long eyelashes, I used to wake up with some bent or loose eyelashes because my previous eye shades are too tight around the eyes. They not only deprive me of a good night’s rest, but they also end up hurting my eyes.

Can I bring this sleeping mask when I travel?

Because of its lightweight design, you can take this mask during your travels. It doesn’t take up too much space and you can easily stow it in your purse or handbag. The shape of this sleeping mask is ideal for frequent travelers since it won’t tug at your hair or mess up your carefully applied makeup. Those who go on business trips don’t want to use sleeping masks because they smudge makeup. This is a good sleep mask because it can help you get to sleep during a flight and still wake up looking presentable for that all-important business meeting. Even if you don’t need to sleep, you can use this soft and comfortable sleep mask as an eye mask, so you can rest your eyes during your travels. It also comes with a travel pouch that lets you easily store your sleeping mask after use.

Does it have an adjustable strap?

This sleep mask has an adjustable strap that can ensure that they will fit whoever uses them. They use precision CNC latches to form completely smooth edges and firm joints so that users are always comfortable. These latches help seal the mask without tugging the hair of the user. Just like the other parts of this sleeping mask, the elastic straps used by this sleeping aid are of the highest quality. They don’t deform even after prolonged usage.  They are thin but strong enough to keep the sleeping mask in its proper place while you sleep.

Can I easily keep it clean?

Pretty Care takes great pride in the high quality of their products and this reflects in their eye masks. These eye masks comply to Oeko-Tex Standards. They do not quickly fade so there’s no need to frequently buy replacements. Some of us are forced to buy new sleeping masks because the one we use at home no longer looks presentable even though it still works correctly. This is true when we travel. As much as possible we don’t want to use anything that looks old or unsightly. On top of a no-fade fabric, the materials used in this sleeping mask are also anti-bacterial and anti-mite. Aside from protecting us from bright lights while we sleep, these masks can also protect us from the dangers posed by allergens in our environment. This is a worry of frequent travelers since they are more prone to allergens when going to places they are not familiar with.

These masks are also washable. Users can prolong the life of these masks by making sure that they are free from dirt. Pure silk sleeping masks are super soft and can help us fall asleep but they are also notoriously easy to damage because the pure silk used on them is easy to scratch. Silk sleep masks are also easy to get dirty but hard to clean. The soft fabric is fragile with threads that can easily get undone when caught in sharp or pointed objects. You have to be extra careful in handling them or you might have to say goodbye to your sleep mask and the great sleep it gives you.  

What kind of earplugs does it come with?

Aside from the super soft and comfortable sleeping mask, users also get two travel earplugs with every purchase. If you don’t have a white noise sound machine or cannot bring the one you use at home on your travels, earplugs are practical alternatives. Just pop them into your ears and block out loud and disruptive noises. These are great additions especially if you live in an area with noisy neighbors or loud vehicle traffic.

Pros and Cons of PrettyCare

What We Liked

  • Contoured shape leaves make-up untouched
  • The material used is light and airy
  • Sleeping mask completely blocks light
  • Comes with 2 ear plugs
  • Anti-fade, anti-bacterial and anti-mite

What We Didn’t Like

  • The strap occasionally gets tangled in hair
  • The design doesn’t appeal to everyone

About PrettyCare

Pretty Care is a Hong Kong-based company that produces a wide range of products. The company aims to provide customers with the best possible quality. Their products range from essential oils to sleeping masks to silicone baking cups.

Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Pretty Care has more than 1,500 customer reviews on Amazon. The average rating that customers gave them is 4.3 stars. In their reviews, customers expressed their satisfaction with the sleeping mask. Customers love how effective the product is. One customer even mentioned how he loves that the product fits snugly without any gap in the nose area that can let light in.

BBB Rating

This company is not a BBB accredited business.

Physical Store

Pretty Care doesn’t have any physical store. They sell their products in their online store. They also have partner online stores that carry their products like Amazon.

Contact Pretty Care

Email: [email protected]

Accolades & Praise for PrettyCare

Our Verdict

The Pretty Care 3D Sleep Mask is different from other sleeping masks. Unlike traditional sleeping masks that use silk, the primary material used in these sleeping masks is memory foam. This means that the mask fits users perfectly without pressing down on their faces.

It also means that the foam follows the natural shape of the nose, eyes, and cheeks. These foam sleeping masks also don’t deform even after storing them on your handbag during travels. They have 3D eye cavities that block entirely light without uncomfortably pressing down on the eyes. They are also lightweight and easy to bring during travels.

The travel pouch that comes with the product lets you store away the mask after each use. With so many sleeping masks available in the market today, it is hard to have something that will make a product stand out.

This is something that the Pretty Sleep mask has managed. The 3D contoured sleep mask can block light with its soft and breathable fabric. This sleep mask and earplugs bundle is indeed a value for money purchase and worth trying.

PrettyCare Compared to Other Sleep Masks

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How We Rate Sleep Masks

Sleep eye masks are judged by 4 standards: 

  1. Comfort & Fit  
  2. Material Quality
  3. Blockage
  4. Hygiene

Learn more about how we rate sleep masks.

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