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Instagram is Going Crazy for Nurse Jamie’s Age Defy Pillow: Does Instafamous = Instagood?

Black Nurse Jamie pillow

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Admit it. You’ve purchased something just because you saw it on Instagram. It could be just once or twice or it could be, well… too many to remember (don’t worry, I won’t tell), but we’ve all been Insta-influenced at one point or another. Jamie Sue Sherill, better known as Nurse Jamie, self-proclaimed Celebrity Skin Expert, released her Beauty Bear Age Defy Memory Pillow to high accolades coming from both the celebrity and influencer community alike.

Based in Los Angeles, California, land where “the beautiful people” run wild and free, Nurse Jamie also runs Beauty Park Medical Spa; a spa catering to the likes of the Kardashians to  the Hollywood elite and everyone else in between. Already renowned for her expertise in non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic enhancements, Nurse Jamie has also released a wide range of what she calls ‘Beauty Tools’ to aid people in their beauty journey, with the Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow as one of her bestselling items. With poor sleeping habits cited as number 3 on the hit list for causes of premature aging, it seems only natural for Nurse Jamie to get on the anti-wrinkle pillow bandwagon.

Relying heavily on social media marketing with a little help from celebrity PR, Nurse Jamie’s products have a reach that goes far beyond just recommendations and  word of mouth.  With branches in Los Cabos, Mexico and Dubai, United Arab Emirates and more in the works, it just goes to show that social media influencer culture is here to stay, whether we like it or not (for a couple more years at least).

Buy: Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow, $79 from Amazon.com

Delving into the analytics

Measuring 18”x3”x9” with a choice to go for a larger size at 22”x11”, the Beauty Bear Age Defy Memory Foam  Beauty Pillow promises to deliver a more comfortable way to fight wrinkles while you sleep.

Shaped in a way that benefits both back and side sleepers alike, there have been reports that stomach sleepers found that they could sleep comfortably on it as well (although this completely and utterly defeats the purpose of the pillow).

Out of all the anti-aging pillows in the market, the Beauty Bear Age Defy Beauty Pillow has the most interesting design – a smaller U-shape on the edge for side sleepers (to keep their cheeks and faces free of contact) and a larger U-shape in the middle for the back sleepers (which also helps to provide neck and lumbar support), on a pillow shaped like a giant magic bean. To me, it looks like a piece of a puzzle with your face and neck essentially providing the corresponding pieces. While a lot of people laud the design, quite a few, especially those with larger heads and faces, found that the curves were too small for their cheeks to comfortably and securely fit through. This could potentially be a bigger problem – not everyone has Hollywood-ready facial shapes and it seems Nurse Jamie has overlooked that one tiny detail.

One more thing of note is that while the memory foam core conforms to the shape and weight of the head, some people have found that it was a little too hard and thin for their liking, making their heads slide off while they sleep. While others have found that stacking the Beauty Pillow on top of a regular pillow provides an alternative solution, some feel that they shouldn’t be looking for ways to rectify something that already is supposed to work.

With all that said, the Beauty Pillow does make a great travel pillow – compact enough to not be too conspicuous or too cumbersome to carry and pretty enough for a before you fly Instagram photo, with 3 styles of silky, satin covers to choose from: white, black and leopard. The newer and larger sized Beauty Bear Age Defy Memory Foam Beauty Pillow also offers satin pillowcases to choose from, to be purchased separately.

Nurse Jamie vs. conventional pillow comparison
Nurse Jamie vs. conventional pillow

Upvotes vs Downvotes


  • Unique U curve design that benefits both back and side sleepers
  • All natural and non-invasive skincare, can benefit those who use nightly topical treatments by training one to lie on their backs hence avoiding face to pillow contact
  • A selection of removable and washable pillow cases to choose from
  • Celebrity endorsed (which, understandably, could be a selling point for some)
  • Some have found that the satin outer cover helps keep their hair follicles lie flat because of less friction while they sleep


  • Can be expensive compared to other pillows in the market with the same price point but comes at a larger size
  • Some have found the memory foam to be too thin, too flat and too hard
  • U shape on the edges for side sleepers could be a bit small for those with larger heads and faces
  • Some have found that the cover can stain easily when it comes in contact with any face creams or face oils
  • Celebrity endorsed (some people may find that products that are heavily endorsed by celebrities and influencers may have hidden incentives hence authenticity and effectiveness cannot be fully guaranteed)

Buy: Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow, $79 from Amazon.com

Welcome to my TED talk

In a world where curating the perfect Instagram theme can become a lucrative career, it’s not too hard to wonder why some people have lost more than a few brain cells thinking a few IG lives here and a few TikTok dances there can make one the next big thing. We put too much faith into these influencers that sometimes, it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, the lies from the truths, the fakery from the authenticity.

While I definitely can understand how our favorite influencer/beauty guru/skincare expert/Hollywood actress can make things look all shiny and sparkling that you just have to have it (fallen for this one too many times), I have also learned that not everyone has your best interests at heart. Sleep on it. And if you still want it, then by all means, go and get it.

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