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Should You Buy or Pass on Moonbow Bedphones?

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Moonbow Bedphones are the thinnest, least noticeable wireless headphones for sleeping on the market. With a memory wire to go around the ears and cushioned speakers to lie flat on the ear, Moonbow (DubsLabs) BedPhones have been a widely requested product for years now.

With the most common issue lying in durability, some users have reported an improvement in the design of Generation 3 as compared to the previous generation. 

Those who prefer to listen to music, podcasts, or relaxing sounds before sleep or need earbuds on through the night for whatever other reason typically find BedPhones a product worth a shot.

They are the most lightweight of the options on the market – they are not built in a headband which means they won’t make your head hot or ruin your hairstyle. They aren’t perfect, though. Take a look at these pros and cons.

– Soft foam-coated speakers are comfy and allow the ears to breathe 
– The battery lasts for about 10-13 hours 
– Built-in buttons with mic to answer phone calls or play/pause/skip tracks
– Great sound (considering the thinness)
– Excellent customer support
– Expensive
– Not so durable, wires may break easily
– These are often uncomfortable for side sleepers (those who sleep on one side for a big portion of the night)

Buy Now: Moonbow Bedphones Sleep Headphones, $89 – $149 from DubsLabs.com

We are happy that the speakers don’t cover the ear canals 100%, but there’s room for the ear to breathe. This is super important for the health of the ears because when we keep earbuds in the ears for hours, the concentration of unfavorable microorganisms grows dramatically in the hot and wet environment, which can ultimately lead to an ear infection. BedPhones won’t give you that problem.

As for the battery, it lasts long enough to go through the entire sleep cycle or several, if you tend to listen to a limited amount of content, just enough to get you to sleep. We support the second option more because having something on all night long (especially if it’s something complex, such as a podcast, as opposed to sounds of nature) can do more harm than benefit. Instead of letting your brain rest, the tracks/podcasts keep going and could even cause you to sleep lightly all night long.

If you get to a song you’re not particularly fond of, you can easily skip it by pressing a button on the cable. This is great because you don’t have to pick up your phone at night. You can also answer phone calls, a feature that’s perhaps most useful when using the BedPhones outside of the bed. 

The sound and bass aren’t the same as you can get with a super-expensive computer headset, of course. We do believe that the sound you actually get from these headphones for bed is fantastic considering how thin and unnoticeable they are.

Finally, if you need to reach customer support (as many customers have – but we’ll get into this in a minute), you’ll find fast-responding staff who are happy to help you or offer a no-fuss refund/replacement if necessary.

The first point that could be off-putting is the price – $149 for a pair of wireless BedPhones makes you think, “this better be worth it”. And the second negative point is, sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t.

There’s a significant (quite significant) number of customers who either received a faulty pair or had to replace them within the first two months. Although there’s an improvement in quality, the BedPhones are still noticeably fragile. The main problem is that one earphone stops working completely or loses contact/makes a cracking noise when the wire is moved. 

Regardless of the soft and unnoticeable design, side sleepers tend to complain about the BedPhones. They say that either the wire behind the ear or the speaker on the ear gets painful and causes soreness. This is worse of a problem if you sleep on one side throughout the night than if you turn from time to time – turning will relieve the pressure on one side. 

Buy Now: Moonbow Bedphones Sleep Headphones, $89 – $149 from DubsLabs.com

Woman wearing Moonbow Bedphones
Moonbow Bedphones are so comfortable!

Who Needs BedPhones, Anyway?

The bed earphones are made with several groups of people in mind:

  • Those who listen to podcasts, audiobooks, music, and meditation guidance before falling asleep. Whether people simply like to have some kind of sound going or just need instructed relaxation, they surely need a comfortable replacement for regular earbuds.
  • Those who want to watch shows or other kinds of videos at night without waking up the partner.
  • Those who need to block out snoring or other noises. The BedPhones do mask the outside sounds and make them bearable but are not 100% soundproofing your sleep.
  • Those who need tinnitus relief because ringing in the ears is less noticeable when you’re listening to something.

These are not the only uses; as we’ve been able to learn, BedPhone users are quite creative. They may put them below noise-canceling headphones while they are working, Taking them traveling, use them not for falling asleep, but for waking up to an alarm without disturbing the partner, or simply as normal headphones. 

Buy Now: Moonbow Bedphones Sleep Headphones, $89 – $149 from DubsLabs.com

Moonbow Bedphones contents
Everything you get in your BedPhones package.

The Design Of BedPhones – Earphones For Sleep

The BedPhones contain ear hooks made of adjustable memory wire coated in rubber. These go behind the ears and hold the speakers in place by providing a snug fit. The speakers are covered in soft foam padding which lay flat on the ears. 

On the right cable sits a small battery, while on the left one is a multi-functional “box” which contains a mic, charging port, volume, and track controls with the option to answer calls. Since there are so many options packed in this single piece, it could be the reason why the left phone is the one that fails most of the time.

Finally, there’s a cable slider that goes at the back of the head and is used to adjust the BedPhones to fit securely. 

Buy Now: Moonbow Bedphones Sleep Headphones, $89 – $149 from DubsLabs.com

Smiling woman wearing Moonbow Bedphones
Many of our reviewers state that they’re sleeping better than ever after using Moonbow products.

What Are You Paying For When You Buy BedPhones?

The box which arrives at your doorstep contains the BedPhones in a pouch (wireless option) or a sturdy box with a zipper (wired option), USB cable for charging, two pairs of replacement foams for the earphones, and a really nice touch – a satin eye mask. 

Apart from the product itself, you’ll get a one-year warranty during which you can replace them pretty easily. There’s also a 30-night guarantee during which you can ask for a full refund without providing the reason.

US shipping is free and international shipping is at a flat rate of only $10. 

Finally, you’re paying for restful sleep and relaxation which can help you drift away after a hard day. 

Buy Now: Moonbow Bedphones Sleep Headphones, $89 – $149 from DubsLabs.com

About The Company

Eric Dubs got the idea for sleep-comfortable earphones when he was still a student of mechanical engineering. Years later, while he was on his full-time job as an engineer, this idea came back to him as a fun alternative for a job he was doing. It became a reality after his friends supported him. Today Moonbow (or DubsLabs) is producing several sleep products, like eye masks and weighted blankets.
You can contact the company through a form on their website or email: info@dubslabs.com.

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