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Bedroom Design Guide: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern bedroom

Mid-century modern design starting becoming popular in – as the name suggests – the 1950’s and 1960’s. This timeless aesthetic never really went out of style, but it’s been enjoying a resurgence in the past few years when style-conscious people started realizing that the clean lines, elegant functionality, and classic looks associated with mid-century modern (MCM) are a great way to get that “homey” feeling in a tasteful way.

Mid-century modern’s minimalist approach makes it great for bedrooms. If you’re thinking about decorating your bedroom in an MCM-inspired style, then these design elements are critical. We’ve also included pictures of pieces that you can use as an inspiration when coming up with your own unique look for your bedroom.

Mid-century modern design elements

Wood and LOTS of floating furniture

The most distinctive aspect of mid-century modern design are the slim, tapered legs at the bottom of the furniture. Manufacturers tend to position the legs at an angle, giving it that floating feel that MCM is famous for. If you’re living in a small place, the floating furniture can help make it seem more spacious.

If you love wooden furniture, you’ll love this aesthetic since it’s heavily inspired by Scandinavian design. MCM furniture is frequently made out of unstained wood, commonly in teak. You can include other materials in your mid-century modern bedroom, but wood will be the defining characteristic.

Natural colors

One of the main differentiating factors associated with the mid-century modern styling is the use of natural, earthy colors. Sage green, deep brown, rust, and orange are all commonly used in this aesthetic. You can add pops of color for personality by using yellow, blue, or red when picking out accent pieces like chairs, throw rugs, and pillows.

Geometric patterns

Bold, geometric patterns were a hallmark of the MCM era. Shapes and patterns played a major role in mid-century decor, and by playing with this unique – and less-commonly utilized – aspect of the design movement you can inject personality into a decor style that can sometimes be a little bit too paint-by-numbers.

Unique geometric wallpaper, area rugs, and contemporary art fits in very well with mid-century modern. Consider art with lots of triangles, rectangles, and circles to really nail the vibe.

Types of materials

Seamlessly combining man-made and natural materials is a hallmark of this aesthetic. MCM designers are experts at utilizing texture to really bring a room alive.

The middle of the twentieth century was a time when technology was increasing at an exponential rate and designers eagerly took advantage of the the widespread availability of plastic, metal, and other unique materials when constructing their furniture. To really nail the vibe, make sure that your bedroom contains plastic, metal, and glass in addition to natural wood. MCM has a bad reputation as being a paint-by-numbers style but in reality it’s the best way to let your natural creativity shine.

Accent colors

Mid-century bedrooms can sometimes seem very bland if you only use neutral colors. You can really make your bedroom stand out if you add pops of color to the sheets on your mattress and other areas scattered throughout your room.

The best way to accent your mid-century bedroom is by using an accent chair. There are quite a few funky chair designs out there that will really make your room seem uniquely quirky.

Consider an Eames lounge chair or Barcelona chair. You can coordinate the color with some eclectic artwork that displays the same color to really nail the vibe.

Mid-Century Modern bedroom inspiration album

Don’t try to replicate these pictures. Instead use them as an inspiration. Once you start really feeling that mid-century vibe you’ll be able to start getting creative with it and come up with your own unique decor ideas.

Mid-century modern with accent chair
Mid-century modern platform bed
Don Draper from Mad Men
Mid-century modern chairs
Mid-century modern house
Family watching TV in the 50's
Mid-century nightstand style
Artwork in mid-century style
1950's bedroom

Links to recommended mid-century modern bedroom decor

Zinus Tricia platform bed

Zinus Tricia platform bed

Tricia is a platform bed that will really help you nail those MCM vibes. This surprisingly affordable bed is actually a phenomenal alternative to more expensive pieces from other brands.

Better Homes and Gardens Mid-Century Wood Chair

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is Walmart’s line of furniture that replicates high-end aesthetics at low price points. This linen-upholstered chair is a great choice to add an accent color to your bedroom without taking up too much space.

ChristianiModernCo Stacked Nightstand

ChristianiModernCo Stacked Nighstand

ChristianiModernCo is a small brand that makes high-end handmade furniture. This stacked nightstand includes a glass tabletop with an LED light underneath. It’s made out of 60 individual pieces of wood and is a true “buy-it-for-life” purchase.