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Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs Review


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Getting a good night sleep is important to your health. If you are not getting enough sleep, you must find the problem(s) and fix them. Many people don’t enjoy a good night sleep for various reasons related to sounds. A snoring partner, loud engine noise and loud sounds from neighbors among others.

As a simple solution, Mack’s have an ergonomic shape for a secure fit. They will not fall out during sleep.

In the market, hundreds of brands and models of earplugs are available. Selecting the best hearing protection to use near bedtime is difficult. 

Mack’s Features

Mack’s has a solid track record that spans over 50 years. Many people have use soft foam earplugs to protect themselves against hearing loss. For starters, Lois Nochman, a renowned swimmer, broke 18 records. He used Mack’s comfortable hearing protection to prevent swimmer’s ear. Also, the brand’s renowned plugs were first used at a World Series baseball game. But, how do they stack up for getting some quality shut eye?

What are these earplugs made of?

They are made of urethane foam. Designed with comfortable foam, the earplugs can block out wind noise and other noises too. For instance, if you are studying for your exams, using earplugs lowers the noise level. This allows you to concentrate.

You can block noise and enjoy sound sleep when traveling on trains or airplanes. Also, they lower the harmful effects brought by loud engine noise.

Can the earplugs be cleaned?

No, they cannot. Once soiled, you should dispose of them. The good news is that Mack’s earplugs are available as a pack of 50 pairs. This assures you of ultra-protection and preserves your hearing too.

We recommend the product to spouses or roommates with partners who snore. Also, you can use these plugs to travelers, shooting and motorsports.

Pros and Cons of Mack’s

What We Liked

  • Well-crafted for a secure fit
  • Designed with high-quality materials
  • Provides safe hearing protection in a noisy environment
  • Multi-purpose – used by travelers, hunters, motorsport enthusiasts, spouses and roommates
  • Available in a pack of 50 pairs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot be cleaned
  • Foam earplugs cause discomfort for some users

About Mack’s

Customer Experience and Service Rating

Since Mack’s specialized in earplugs, it is not surprising that the small company gets very high marks from their customers. They have maintained this by years of improving their products and adapting to their customers ear protecting needs. Whether the plugs are needed for sleep, swimming or riding your motorcycle – this company is one of the best.

History of Mack’s

Mack’s earplugs has a rich history dating all the way back to 1962 when Raymond Benner and his wife purchased a small earplug company from a elderly pharmacist. The company was doing $1400 in sales per year at the time. The company has grown to be one of the most unique and best earplug brands in the world.

Physical Stores

Mack’s does not have any brick and mortar stores, they do have distribution to both online stores and physical stores though.

BBB Rating

Mack’s does not currently have a BBB rating. 

Contact Mack’s

 1-(586) 427-7560 | macksearplugs.com

Mack’s on Social Media

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 

What is noise reduction rating?

First, it is a measurement unit. Experts use it to determine how effective hearing protection devices are in reducing noise. The NRR of the device determines your level of exposure to noise. Measured in decibels, the higher the NRR, the higher the potential of noise reduction. For instance, at a music concert with a noise level of 80db+, your choice of earplugs would be NRR 32db. This means your exposure level is 67db.

What do experts consider as high levels of noise?

Experts define excessive noise as exposure to more than 85db over an 8-hour period. If you or your employees are exposed to 80db+ in a 2-hour period, then hearing protection is a must. Each earplug must meet the ANSI S3.19-1974 testing as directed by OSHA. Want to ensure you and your workers are protected from loud noise? Have a continuous program to preserve hearing.

Is it safe to wear hearing protection every night?

Today, a good night sleep is elusive. Without proper rest, one wakes up fatigued. As a result, your stress levels rise and this allows insomnia to set in. If you have a partner or roommate who snores, sleeping is difficult.

To reduce noise and enjoy a sound sleep, wearing earplugs is a must. Problem is, it is not advisable to wear them on all nights. Why? They push the wax back into the ear canal leading to a build-up. This can cause health problems such as temporary hearing loss. Also, they have the potential of causing an ear infection. So, do not wear them on all nights.

Accolades & Praise for Mack’s

Our Verdict

With an NRR of 32 dB, Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs offer peace of mind which assures you of a good night sleep. We highly recommend this product for sleeping. Great value.

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How We Rate Earplugs

We judge all earplugs by 5 metrics:

  1. Noise Reduction Rating
  2. Comfort
  3. Fit
  4. Durability
  5. Ease of Use

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