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“Stress Was Ruining My Sleep – Until I Bought a Luna Weighted Blanket”

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Luna blanket surprised us with the quality sleep it offers. At the same time, it is cheaper and less noisy than other weighted blankets. 

Luna is an excellent choice for anyone whose poor sleep is primarily caused by stress. It puts light pressure on your body – this produces a relaxing and soothing feeling. 

Buy: Luna Weighted Blanket, $59.99 from Amazon.com

– More affordable than other weighted blankets
– Glass beads instead of plastic
– A variety of sizes and designs
– Can improve sleep
– Doesn’t make you hot
– Inside contains microfiber/polyester blend
– Seams are sensitive, could break after washing

Luna Blanket for Better Sleep

Does Luna really make you sleep better? Let’s just say that some of the reviewers used sleep trackers and measured double the amount of deep sleep after only one night with this blanket!

Luna weighted blanket is made to provide stress relief. You know how kids and babies like to be hugged and how it helps them fall asleep faster? Well, the same is true for adults. We feel safer and more relaxed when we’re held tightly. Luna weighted blanket ensures the tight hug feeling, which results in more serotonin (a happy chemical in our brain), less cortisol (stress hormone), and more melatonin (a hormone that helps us fall asleep and heals the body). Using a weighted blanket is actually known as a type of therapy called Deep Pressure Touch or Deep Pressure Stimulation.

All this amounts to more deep sleep. Deep sleep is one of the sleep stages during which our body is super still, breathing gets slow, and some of the processes crucial for our wellbeing take place. The brain clears of harmful chemicals, the immune system is boosted, blood pressure lowers down, and the tissues in the body get restored and healed. 

Every time you get plenty of deep sleep, you wake up refreshed, feeling good, and with a clear mind. Luna weighted blanket is recommended for numerous psychological problems which impair sleep quality.

With all this in mind, we could easily say that the Luna Weighted Blanket can improve sleep for many poor sleepers.

Buy: Luna Weighted Blanket, $59.99 from Amazon.com

Folded Luna Weighted Blanket
The stress-relieving properties of Luna Weighted Blanket make the price tag worth it

Who is Luna Weighted Blanket Made For?

Luna blanket can help people who suffer from:

  • Sleep Disorders/Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Nervous System Disorders
  • Asperger and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

They are also intended for anyone who wants better sleep – adults and children alike.

Luna doesn’t recommend the blanket for people with joint pain and anyone who has weak or sensitive knees, hips, or back. If you do have any of these issues but still want to give the blanket a try, ask your doctor whether Luna would be appropriate for you.

What Luna Blanket Feels Like

Luna’s weighted blanket has a soft cotton shell. The company recommends you get a blanket that weighs about 10% of your body weight. So if you are 160 lbs, your blanket should be about 16 lbs. This way you’re not squished by the blanket and you won’t have a hard time moving it around. 

The weighted blanket doesn’t accumulate heat and it gives you a pleasant hugging feeling which makes falling asleep rather quick.

Most weighted blankets are noisy due to the filling, but Luna is the quiet one. Heavier blankets may produce more noise, but on average it’s quite unnoticeable. 

What’s It Made of?

Luna blanket is made of several materials. The outer shell is 100% cotton, 300 thread count. There’s also a bamboo version. The shell is sewn through from top to bottom and from side to side, forming 4” squares which help with even weight distribution. 

The inside filling contains microfiber made of recycled plastic bottles. The fibers are infused with medical-grade glass beads which add weight to the blanket. 

Luna blanket has OEKO-TEX 100 certification which means it is free from harmful materials. It is hypoallergenic and naturally dyed.

Finally, the blanket features 8 loops – 4 on every corner and 4 on every side so you can easily attach it to a cover and not worry about the blanket getting all messed up inside of the cover.

Buy: Luna Weighted Blanket, $59.99 from Amazon.com

Materials – the good and the bad

Most people insist on having glass beads because the alternative would be plastic beads/pellets offered by many other producers. However, most of them only focus on the cotton shell and glass beads, stating they’re happy to have found an eco-friendly blanket with no plastic used. 

This is not true! Although glass and cotton are cool, the soft filling contains a microfiber/polyester blend and that does not make it eco-friendly. 

Woman holding coffee mug while wrapped in a Luna weighted blanket

The Unusual Stuff About Luna Weighted Blanket

You may not get adjusted to a weighted blanket right away. Luna recommends allowing 14-21 days before you finally decide if you want the blanket or not. The company also says you should start by only covering your legs with Luna and the rest of the body with your usual comforter for the first couple of nights. Then slowly work your way up, covering the waist and finally the whole body. 

Another unusual thing about this blanket is its size – it’s not made to hang from the sides of the bed. You’ll see that it perfectly covers the top part of the bed, but doesn’t hang. This is because the blanket is supposed to hug and cover only the sleeper, not the bed.

Luna Sizes and Weight – Choose The Right One for You

Luna recommends getting a blanket that’s about 10% of your weight. For example, if you weigh about 150 lbs, you should get a 15 lbs blanket. If you’re somewhere in between, for example, 230 lbs but there are only 22 lbs and 25 lbs blankets, you should choose the lighter one. 

Couples can get a King size as that’s the only size meant for sharing. They should choose a blanket that most approximately corresponds to both of their body weights (people who weigh 90-160 lbs should get a 20 lbs blanket, those who are 110-190 lbs can get 25 lbs, and 140-240 lbs weight is good for a blanket of 30 lbs). If unsure, get a lighter option.

Size and Price List

Kid Size: 36W” x 48L”

  • 5 lbs $36.99

Twin Size: 41W” x 60L”

  • 7 lbs $44.99
  • 10 lbs $56.99

Full Size: 48W” x 72L”

  • 12 lbs $59.99
  • 15 lbs $64.99
  • 20 lbs $74.99

Queen Size: 60W” x 80L”

  • 10 lbs $66.99
  • 15 lbs $74.99
  • 17 lbs $74.99
  • 20 lbs $72.99
  • 22 lbs $79.99
  • 25 lbs $86.99

King Size: 80W” x 87L”

  • 20 lbs $139.99
  • 25 lbs $112.99
  • 30 lbs $164.99

Buy: Luna Weighted Blanket, $59.99 from Amazon.com

Blue Luna weighted blanket
Luna comes in several beautiful colors

Care and Maintenance

The company recommends washing on a low gentle cycle and hang drying if possible. If not, dry on low heat.

Sleepline Tip

We recommend washing the blanket as rarely as possible because it is weighted after all. Its own weight could damage it at the seams and then you could end up with unevenly distributed beads. The heavier blankets could even be too heavy for a standard washing machine. Think about using double casing to make washing less frequent and to keep your blanket live longer. 

About Luna 

The idea of Luna started in 2017 and the company was launched soon after, in 2018. The co-founder Eddie Huai has found a solution to his sleep problems in weighted blankets. Robin Zhao helped start the company and until now Luna has become one of Amazon’s best sellers.

They don’t have any brick and mortar stores, just an Amazon shop and a website. Luna makes all their blankets in China. They are shipped to the US and Canada for free and have a 30-day trial and a 1-year warranty.

You can contact them over the phone or the email: 

Buy: Luna Weighted Blanket, $59.99 from Amazon.com

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