Lullies Earplugs Review

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lullies ear plugs (silicone)

As you can tell from the name, Lullies Earplugs comes with optimization for sleeping. The first thing we noticed after unboxing these earplugs is their long form factor. This feature, as we later came to find out in our tests, was crucial in ensuring that the plug penetrates deep into the ear canal. Thanks to this feature, these earplugs proved to be effective in keeping out noise. They also gave us the capability of making them shorter given their pre-molded design. In our side-sleeping test, this design came in handy by allowing them to adjust accordingly to the extra pressure exerted to them in the sleeping position.

Lullies are quite comfy and have a high Noise Reduction Rating of 29 decibels. We tested them out around different types of noises, and they significantly drowned out most of them. For this reason, we would highly recommend a pair of Lullies for anyone seeking for peace and quiet for various reasons, including meditation, reading, and sleeping. They are ideal for sleep as they easily keep out external noise such as vehicles and the irritating sound of construction. Indoors, they do a good job of cutting off snoring, loud music, and even children playing. During sleeping, they are adjustable lengthwise to ensure maximum comfort for the perfect lull.  For the build material, we can confirm that the Lullies feature silicone, which feel premium to the touch. They are highly comfortable, thanks to the high quality silicone, which also happens to be non-toxic hypoallergenic. According to the manufacturer, these plugs are reusable and can serve you for an extended period something that we could feel upon touching them. They also come with a nice-looking small plastic carrying case if you ever need to carry them around. The case also comes in handy as a way to store the earplugs without exposing them to any kind of dirt. Furthermore, this case will help in ensuring that you do not lose your earplugs.

Pros and Cons of Lullies Earplugs

What We Liked

  • Really soft and feel good in ear canal
  • Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Great option if you are allergic to foam or have smaller ear canals

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not block out noise as well as foam earplugs. If you are dealing with very loud noises, go with foam.
  • These plugs will not work well if you have a larger ear canal as they will fall out in bed.

How do they feel in your ear compared to foam?

Lullies are very comfy to most users. We found them very soft while in the ear canal. They are a little bit less malleable than foam so if they don’t fit well at the beginning they likely will never fit. If you shift back and forth a lot during sleep these may fall out.

About Lullies

Customer Experience and Service Rating

There is limited knowledge of customer experiences directly with Lullies. However they seem to be owned by a parent company called X-Trend. This company has a very high service rating on Amazon.

History of Lullies

Lullies seems to only sell earplugs and is owned by X-trend.

Physical Stores

Lullies does not have any brick and mortar stores. They are only available to purchase online.

BBB Rating

Lullies does not currently have a BBB rating. 

Contact Lullies

[email protected] |

Lullies on Social Media

We were unable to locate any social media presence for Lullies.

Will they protect against the sound of a barking dog?

Lullies will not block out loud noises as well as HEAROS or MACK’s. This means if your neighbor has a puppy barking all night, or if you are a pet owner yourself, it may be best to go with a foam solution.

We could feel how stiff yet comfortable these earplugs were, meaning they should retain their shape during the entire period of usage. Furthermore, the build material allows for washing to ensure that they remain clean given the fact that they will serve you more than once. The reusability aspect is quite economical, as you will not have to purchase earplugs every now and then. You can stick to a single pair for an extended period and only replace them when they wear out. According to the user reviews we saw on Amazon, most users praise the Lullies’ comfort and ease of use, though some pointed out that they were not as good as foam earplugs.

Accolades & Praise for Lullies

Our Verdict

Lullies Earplugs
  • Noise Reduction Rating
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use


Upon comparing Lullies Earplugs against foam earplugs, we found the latter to have a slight edge. However, this slight advantage does not take anything away from the Lullies. The ear plugs still allow most to get a good night’s sleep. They work well enough for us to recommend them, and given their economic value, we believe it would be a worthwhile investment. Using them in the right manner will ensure you have a pair of earplugs that should serve you for many months without you having to fork out extra bucks for a replacement.

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