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Lenovo Smart Clock is a Great Way to Get an Alarm Clock With Google Assistant on a Budget

Lenovo Smart Clock

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Let’s get this out of the way – Lenovo Smart Clock isn’t something to be crazy about. It’s a small gadget, quite simple for a modern alarm clock. The main options? It tells time, wakes you up, and can brighten the screen with the sunrise and dim it with sunset.

The Lenovo clock uses Google Assistant and works pretty well. In fact, well enough to be on our Top 5 Smart Alarm Clocks list. 

Buy: Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant, $39.99 from Lenovo.com

Pros and Cons: Our Review

We’ll start off by stating our most and least favorite things about Lenovo Smart Clock.

– Small size, fits anywhere
– Very affordable-
– Variety of clock faces
– Smack to stop the alarm 
– Nice design
– Can’t receive calls
– The clock/alarm doesn’t work without Wi-Fi
– It doesn’t play YouTube or Netflix videos

Lenovo Smart Clock in Our Eyes

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a very sleek, cute design and can fit any nightstand. The screen is just large enough to fulfill its purpose as a clock. Like many other smart clocks, it has no built-in battery and completely relies on being plugged in. It also needs a constant Wi-Fi connection in order to work. 

The smart clock by Lenovo has many clock faces that you can choose from. You can also pick ones that feature Google’s images with small numbers in the corner. You can change the colors in every clock face design to make it brighter and colorful.

The display has three themes – light, dark, and auto. Light mode is normal and dark makes the screen completely black and invisible. You can play with brightness level to make the numbers on the clock face barely visible so that you can check the time if you wake up at night. Auto mode switches the screen between light and dark modes based on the time of sunrise and sunset as well as the ambient lighting.

The clock doesn’t support YouTube or Netflix, but with a screen of only 4”, you probably wouldn’t be watching many videos on it anyway. It can cast videos from security cameras though, so you can see whether your child is sleeping or just keep an eye on the porch. 

The Google Assistant system allows you to do almost anything by voice command. For example, you can ask it to tell you a joke, inform you about the weather, or make phone calls. You can’t receive calls with this clock, which can make it slightly confusing if you tend to make and receive numerous calls on a daily basis.

Lenovo Smart Clock on desk
Lenovo Smart Clock is one of our reviewers favorite alarm clocks

How to Set An Alarm On Lenovo Smart Clock

You can add a new alarm by your voice, just say something like “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:30 am tomorrow” and you’re done.

The second way is to swipe the clock screen to the left and you’ll see existing alarms and an option to set a new one. You can toggle the existing alarms on or off. If you choose to set a new one, just choose the time and recurrence. Here you can also change the alarm tone, although there aren’t many sound options to choose from. You can also enable the sunrise and sunset options which we’ll describe below.

You’ll see an alarm icon at the top corner if there’s an enabled alarm, and any upcoming alarm will be shown at the bottom of the screen with a short description. Let’s say you wake up before your alarm. To disable the upcoming alarm, simply click on the description.

When your alarm does go off, you can just say “Stop”, click “Stop” or “Snooze” on the screen. Finally, you can also snooze or stop the alarm by smacking it on top – Google calls this “Hard Tap”. Go to settings to choose whether the hard tap snoozes or turns the alarm off.

Buy: Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant, $39.99 from Lenovo.com

Google Assistant Routines

You can have a routine start automatically when you dismiss your alarm clock. 

“Routines” is the name for a Google Assistant option that starts multiple actions as a result of another “trigger” action. In settings, you’ll have to choose a starter and an action. 

For example, if you want your Lenovo Smart Clock to tell you the weather as soon as you wake up, choose dismissing the alarm as a starter and telling the weather as the action. This way, every time you turn the alarm off, Lenovo will know it’s time to inform you about the weather and will do so automatically.

You can also set a phrase as a starter. When you say “OK Google, good morning” it can read the news, play music, and inform you about the traffic on the way to work.

The routines option allows you to get creative. You can connect your Lenovo Clock to other smart devices in your home and have it turn the lights on for you, start the coffee maker, read the news, or any other of numerous possibilities.

Sunrise/Sunset Options 

You can use the sunrise and sunset times of your location to make your clock do certain things. For example, you can choose the Auto option for your screen brightness. It will automatically adjust the brightness and become gradually brighter as the sun rises until it reaches the full 100% brightness. It can also do the opposite in the evening. This is a useful feature as you don’t have to adjust the screen. Larger smart alarms could even wake you up with this feature as their screens cast more light, but with a 4” screen, Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock isn’t really effective in this manner.

In your routines, you can choose the sunrise time to be a trigger for, say, turning on the lights at your home, playing music, or whatever you want to be woken up to. 

Buy: Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant, $39.99 from Lenovo.com

Lenovo Smart Clock’s AI is powered by Google Assistant

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