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Customers Have a Love/Hate Relationship with LaMetric Time Clock: Find Out if This Smart Alarm is a Good Choice for You

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LaMetric Time Clock has been around for years. It has more features than any of its users can enumerate and to be honest, looks quite cool.

LaMetric has collected a number of negative reviews because some apps aren’t working properly (or at all) and the Wi-Fi connection tends to disconnect randomly. They fixed a lot of the software problems by now, but when it comes to Wi-Fi, it’s still a hit or miss. 

One thing everyone agrees on is that this product is unique and it’s fantastic how many things it can do for you so you don’t have to keep checking your phone.

Pros and Cons

– Dozens of plugin apps
– Elegant look
– Can be used with Android or iOS, compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
– Loses signal randomly
– Some apps are glitchy
– Expensive

Buy: LaMetric Time WiFi Clock, $199 from Amazon.com

Review: LaMetric Time Clock in Our Eyes

LaMetric Time has a matte screen. It’s so sleek that you can’t really say where it begins and where it ends when the device is off. The whole design is quite simple and elegant. The speakers are built in the sides of the clock and it features three buttons on top. 

Left and right buttons are used for swiping between the apps and the middle one (Action button) does whatever it’s programmed to do in a certain app. There are three more buttons on the sides – an on/off button and a -/+ button for sound level adjustment. 

There are dozens of available apps that you can browse from the LaMetric smartphone app, and five apps are already “in-built”. They are the clock, weather, radio, timer, and stopwatch. 

The screen only shows pixelated letters, numbers, and images. You can personalize the clock face with any emoji, logo, or any other image of your choice. Your personalized image will appear on the left side of the clock. This can add a nice touch to your office or room. 

Other apps you can choose from include follower and subscriber counters for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, live viewers, and more information from your social media. It can also show calendars, reminders, Google Alerts, top news, email notifications with the subject line, messages, the name of the caller, and various analytics. For a full list of apps, visit the All Apps page on their website.

LaMetric allows independent developers to make their own apps for this clock. Consequently, the number of apps for the Time clock keeps growing. 

The main problem with the LaMetric clock is that some apps may not work if they aren’t regularly updated or simply if they have unaddressed bugs. Another possible problem is a choppy Wi-Fi connection. It could make apps appear as if they don’t work when the actual problem lies in the connection. 

Those Wi-Fi problems could come from you if your router is too far away or if your internet provider isn’t a good one. Unfortunately, the majority of people who had connectivity problems with LaMetric Time had fully functioning Wi-Fi at home. The clock just kept losing signal and they had to restart their router many times. This is obviously a big issue. For a price of $200, you shouldn’t have to gamble on quality but if you’re a big fan, go for it.

LaMetric Wifi Clock on a desk
LaMetric makes one of the sleekest looking alarm clocks

How to Set An Alarm On LaMetric Time Clock

You can set the alarm on LaMetric Time directly, via the app, or over Alexa/Google Assistant.

Set the alarm directly on LaMetric Time. When in the Clock mode, click the Action button to see whether an alarm is on or off and which time was set. Shuffle through the alarms until you find the screen with the Add alarm icon (a bell with a plus sign). Here you’ll be able to change the time, repetition, and choose between the alarm sound and radio to wake you up. When you’re done, long-press the Action button to save the settings. 

Set the alarm in the LaMetric app. Open the Lametric app and find the clock. Choose Alarms and tap Add alarm. Choose the time you want to wake up, whether you want it to repeat, and select the sound of the alarm. You can also choose to wake up with the radio instead of the alarm sound. Tap Save and you’re good to go.

Set the alarm using Alexa or Google Assistant. If you have a smart home device, you can just tell it to set your alarm. Say “Alexa/Hey Google, tell LaMetric to wake me up at 7 am tomorrow with a radio”. This is super easy and takes less time than the first option – that is, if your LaMetric isn’t disconnected at that moment.

As long as you’re connected to a smart device, you can use the alarm on LaMetric as a trigger to start your morning routine. For example, your LaMetric alarm goes off, and this prompts your lights at home to turn on, room temperature to increase, and any other action you may have chosen. 

Buy: LaMetric Time WiFi Clock, $199 from Amazon.com

LaMetric Time Clock App

Ok, so what does this simple-looking alarm clock have to offer? You can play around with clock faces and choose which icon appears in the clock app. You can also schedule the icons to automatically change for holidays, so you can have a Christmas tree appear on the day of Christmas. 

LaTime clock can show the clock in two modes – 12 and 24 hours. Going into more details, you can choose whether you want the clock to show hours and minutes, or hours, minutes, and seconds.

You can choose Day of the Week to see seven lines at the bottom which represent days of the week. If it’s Tuesday, the second line is highlighted. You can also choose whether the week starts on a Monday or a Sunday. 

Finally, you can also choose to see the current date on display. 

LaMetric alarm clock closeup
LaMetric Time Clock has a simple, clean-looking display

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