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Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream: Can an Affordable Night Cream Actually Work?

Garnier SkinActive Night Cream

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While sleeping creams may sound like some sort of filler product beauty companies release to fluff out their brand lines, there is a good reason why they sell out like hotcakes. With every other woman (and man) over the age of 30 (and sometimes even younger) wanting to wake up fresh faced, bright eyed and bushy tailed but not wanting to fork over a kidney for a night cream that actually delivers long lasting results, Garnier is France’s answer to an American drugstore beauty aisle equivalent to the higher end offerings in the market. And their SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping cream is almost always sold out to the point that people have begun paying double (even triple!) the suggested retail price on reselling sites such as Ebay.

Founded in France in 1904, Garnier was first introduced as a haircare brand and has been one of the leading pioneers in the world to produce botanical based hair dyes and shampoos. A little over a hundred years later (but not too late in the game), in 2016, they ventured into skin care and never looked back and they have won numerous beauty awards for current cult favorites such as their micellar waters and facial moisturizers.

Buy: Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Night Cream, $32 from Amazon.com

Sleeping Beauty

Encased in a no-nonsense deep blue jar that is somehow visually calming as it is perfunctory, the SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping cream promises to recharge skin while you sleep; infusing dry, dull skin with essential moisture. For something that costs just a tiny fraction of the world’s current leading night creams’ prices, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Containing hyaluronic acid (a naturally occuring powerful humectant), salicylic acid (a BHA which is clinically proven safe for daily use), a potent blend of oils (Jojoba – moisturizing, non comedogenic, promotes collagen synthesis; Castor – moisturizing, anti-acne, anti inflammatory and Lavender – anti-acne, reduces wrinkles and brightening) in a glycerin base, the SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping cream leaves skin looking glowy and luminous upon waking. Gold star for the calming and relaxing properties of Lavender and one quite unexpected ingredient – Albizia julibrissin bark extract, more commonly known as the Persian Silk tree or the Mimosa, which is used in herbal medicine to treat depression, anxiety and you guessed it, insomnia.

How’s that for a one two punch?

Some people have found the lavender scent to be a bit too strong and powdery (Grandma’s boudoir, as one put it mildly) with a staying power that lasted through a day’s shower. So if frolicking about and rolling around a lavender field isn’t really your thing, then I suggest you look at other night cream offerings.

While the texture is somewhat rich upon first glance, once it hits the skin it turns into a lightweight, almost velvety cream that melts right in, providing the deeply hydrating power of a facial mask with the light, airy feel of a daily moisturizer. Think of it as an invisible power facial mask that helps magnify and enhance your skin’s own natural ability to heal and repair itself while you sleep. Coupled with an anti-wrinkle pillow, who needs a Prince Charming to wake us up?

Garnier Sleeping Cream on white background
Garnier SkinActive Miracle Sleeping Cream is an affordable alternative to pricy beauty products

To frolic through the lavender fields or not?


  • Very affordable
  • Can easily be found at most drugstores and supermarkets
  • Features Lavender essential oil which helps calm and relax the mind while providing anti-acne properties to the skin
  • Combines the hydrating power of a facial mask and a moisturizer
  • Studies have shown that after one week of continued use, skin is looking firmer, with more elasticity, looking refreshed and younger
  • Contains Persian Silk tree/Mimosa extract which helps in easing depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • Works for all skin types


  • Lavender scent may a bit too overpowering for some
  • Always sold out and can be hard to find due to popularity

Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream: Cheap and Cheerful

While cheap almost always has a negative connotation, we also always look for it. The best deals, the most bang for buck, the black friday sales, the generics versus brand names, you name it – if the prices are slashed, we are there with bells on. And I am no exception. I live for a good deal; I love the haggle and then the chase then the little act of pretending to walk away with surreptitious backward glances and then the subtle but inevitable courting/grovelling until a price is met. 

But with skincare, we oftentimes think the more expensive the product is,  the more it should (probably) work and more often that not, it does. Yet not all of us have the skincare shopping budget of a Hadid sister and a product that’s not only affordable but one that actually works can be a godsend, especially in times like we are in now. Right then, race you to Amazon.

Buy: Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Night Cream, $32 from Amazon.com

Garnier sleeping cream - tub and tube
Garnier’s sleeping cream comes in both tub and tube variants

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