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Deconovo Blackout Striped Thermal Insulated Curtains Review

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Deconovo Blackout Curtains

We’ve tried multiple blackout curtains but these are the best blackout curtains that we have tried so far. Solid colors can be boring so we love the striped design. The Deconovo Curtains also have silver grommets that make them easy to hang, open and close. On top of their light-blocking properties, these curtains also have sound-reducing properties.

Why should I buy these curtains?

Eye-catching design

When we talk about grommet blackout curtains, we usually have this vision of plain curtains made of thick fabric. This is not the case with the Deconovo Curtains. The striped design of these fashion curtains is a breath of fresh air. We liked how the broad stripes made such an impact when we hung it in our living room. We got the champagne colored ones and they made our living room look lively and chic. They don’t look cheap like some window curtains that look more like shower curtains. They also have grey, and black curtains if you want your curtains in a darker shade. The white stripes are not pure white but are closer to gray. We know some are wary about white curtains since they quickly get dirty so the gray stripes are a plus for us.

We also liked the grommets since they made the curtains look classy. They look more fashionable compared to tie backs or those with Velcro ties.

They help block out light

These curtains are not true blackout curtains so don’t expect your room to be pitch black when you close your curtains. However, they still do a great job of blocking out sunlight. Our living room has big windows and it can get really bright during the day but these curtains blocked out about 90 percent of the light coming in. These curtains have about the same light-blocking properties as the Marjun curtains or those curtains we got from West Elm. We’re still able to see around us and move around without knocking down any of our small furniture. These darkening curtains would work great for those who love to sleep during the day. In addition, these also help protect your family against harmful UV rays from the sun. These are value for money curtains because you don’t need to spend money on additional window treatments just to insulate your home.

They help reduce noise

These grommet curtains also did a great job of reducing outside noises. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet but there are still times when the barking of our neighbor’s dogs can get loud. We immediately noticed how much quieter it became and we were able to enjoy watching movies without outside noises interfering with the dialogue. We’re pretty sure that we will easily have a good night’s sleep once we install our blackout curtain set in our bedroom. Those with babies will love this since we all know how hard it is to keep babies asleep in a noisy environment.

They help insulate against heat and cold

Since these are thermal curtains, they can help insulate your homes. We mentioned before that our living room gets a lot of sunlight so it also gets hot during the summer. The Deconovo Blackout Curtains that we installed helped keep the temperature in our living room at tolerable levels. These curtains also help keep rooms warm during chilly winter days. What we like about this is that we can save money since we don’t even have to turn on our AC even when the day gets hot. These energy efficient curtains also mean that you don’t have to crank up your heater when during cold nights.

They are easy to install and maintain

These curtains come in different lengths and widths so we’re sure that you can easily find a curtain panel that will fit your windows. There are length options from 45 inches up to 84 inches. They also have curtains that range from 38 inches up to 42 inches wide. These window curtains have grommets so you don’t have to struggle with the installation.

Deconovo Curtains are 100% polyester and they are silky, soft, drapery and elegant to the touch. They look expensive yet durable. What we love about the polyester blackout fabric is that they are tough and are machine washable. Just wash them in water under 86 degrees Fahrenheit and do not bleach them. You can also tumble dry them for faster drying. These insulated blackout curtains are safe to iron at low temperatures so you can remove unsightly creases. They are easy to keep clean so you can keep your family safe from dirt and bacteria.

Pros and Cons of Deconovo

What We Liked
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Soundproof curtains
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Stylish design
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not for those who want true blackout curtains
  • Limited color choices

About Deconovo

History of Deconovo

Deconovo is a fast-growing company that specializes in Home and Kitchen products. They design and manufacture an ever-expanding range of home products like curtains, cushion covers, tablecloths, and sofa covers. They have designers in both Europe and the USA and they use their own factory to produce their products. The company employs stringent quality control measures to ensure that all of their products meet international standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Deconovo Products has an average of 4.5 stars customer satisfaction ratings in Amazon.

BBB Ratings

Deconovo is not a BBB affiliated company.

Physical Stores

Deconovo doesn’t have brick and mortar shops but their products are available online on their website as well as through their online retail partners like Amazon.

Contact Deconovo

Address: Wyntex LLC 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958 United States

Phone Number: (480) 409 4480

Email Address: info@deconovo.com

Deconovo in Media

Facebook | Instagram

Accolades & Praise for Deconovo

Our Verdict

Deconovo Blackout Striped Thermal Curtains are great alternatives for those who want chic and modern-looking blackout curtains. Although they don’t completely block out light, they block more than enough light to make it easy to sleep even during daytime.

We love that they used soft polyester fabric instead of the faux silk used by other brands. Our only gripe is that it would have been better if they offer these curtains in more color options.

The noise-reduction and thermal insulation properties of these curtains are quite useful and the best we’ve seen so far. Just like what we’ve mentioned at the start, these are the best that we’ve tried so far and we know you would agree with us when you’ve tried them yourselves.

Deconovo Compared to Other Blackout Curtains

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How We Rate Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are judged by 3 standards:
  1. Blockage
  2. Material (polyester – dust mite resistant) & Safety
    1. dense material to drown out the noise
    2. Insulated material to keep the heat and cool inside (energy saver)
    3. Chemical coat to make it last longer? Is it safe?
    4. Triple-weave Fabric
  3. Insulation
    1. Layers of acrylic foam?
    2. Thermal abilities

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