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CBD Dream Blanket by Curfew – All That Money For…?

Dream Blanket

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Since CBD appeared on the market, companies have kept finding new ways to deliver CBD – over tinctures, gummies, drinks, vaping oils, chocolate, and more. It was just a matter of time before someone found a way to insert CBD into bedding because, well – CBD is all about relaxation and sleep.

So far we’ve heard about CBD mattresses and pillows, but Curfew is the first (and still the only) company to sell a blanket infused with CBD. They are using a patented technology that keeps CBD oil among the threads until the blanket gets onto your skin. 

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Curfew Dream Blanket.

– It’s breathable
– There’s no CBD smell to it
– It lasts for two years (with regular use)
– Comes with a free salve (limited time offer)
– Machine washable
– You have to line dry it
– The effect is very mild
– 80% polyester

These lists show a 2-year lifespan as a pro, which may seem counterintuitive – a normal blanket should last longer than just two years, which means this should be a disadvantage. 

Actually, Curfew’s blanket does last longer than two years – it’s just the CBD properties that stay for about two years of regular use and regular washing. After that, you have a normal throw blanket. We think two years is great – and if you believe it’s not – can you point at any CBD product which can last for 2 years (with frequent use) and cost below $300? Probably not, as people spend hundreds of dollars every couple of months on new CBD products. On top of that, the blanket comes with a free Curfew Nightly Soothing Salve (priced at $75).

The Dream Blanket has no CBD smell even when it’s brand new – which is a sign that the technology behind it really doesn’t allow the oil to escape until used. The effect that this blanket produces is quite mild, so it’s perhaps best for those who are already highly sensitive to CBD.

We like that the Dream Blanket is more like a throw blanket – lightweight, thin, and breathable; so you can use it in any season. For more warmth, just top it with the blanket you generally use. 

What we don’t like is the 80% polyester label. Let’s say you have a skin condition and want to use this blanket for a soothing effect. How will your sensitive skin react to all that polyester? It just doesn’t go together.

Another point we included in cons is the fact that you have to line dry the blanket. This is just because we thought about all those people who live in apartments and don’t have the option of line drying any large fabric, let alone a blanket. It is machine washable in cold water, so there’s at least one easy-maintenance feature.

Buy Now: Dream Blanket, $295 from GetCurfew.com

Folded Dream blanket
Dream Blanket is soft and durable even after the CBD wears out

How Does Dream Blanket Work?

Dream Blanket releases teeny tiny droplets of CBD oil from its threads as a result of the warm skin rubbing against the fabric. 

Probably the most effective way to feel the CBD working is through the skin. This is why CBD tinctures and salves have been widely used for the topical treatment of sores, aches, and pains. With the CBD blanket, however, you won’t receive large amounts of CBD onto a specific area, but rather absorb it through the skin from various parts of your body. 

Which brings us to the next point – if you want to feel better results with Curfew’s Dream Blanket, you should give up your pajamas, or at least wear a sleeveless top and shorts. This will give you a relaxing feeling, although still very faint.

Don’t expect too much from this blanket, it’s supposed to simply help you get a gentle “push” into relaxation – not produce big results.

Moreover, you get a Nightly Salve (500mg broad-spectrum) for free, so you can put the cream on any areas that give you more pain. This is a limited-time offer. If you want to read a full review of this topical by Curfew, click here

When CBD is applied topically, onto the skin, the substance is effective on the very spot that you put it on. CBD blanket will not have an impact on your brain – the most you can feel is the slight ease on your skin, and if you’re lucky, it could help your body relax.

Buy Now: Dream Blanket, $295 from GetCurfew.com

Dream blanket is extremely cozy

Technology Woven Into the CBD Dream Blanket

CBD is encapsulated and infused into the blanket fibers on a microscopic level. This means that CBD oil droplets are all over the blanket and they are wrapped in a special coating that keeps the oil intact. 

This way the CBD will remain clean and fresh for a long time, and only release tiny amounts of CBD as a result of friction and body warmth. 

This micro-encapsulation technology is patented and used only for the Dream Blanket.

Technical Information

The blanket is dark grey in 50×60 in size. 


  • 80% Polyester
  • 13% Cotton
  • 7% Rayon
  • CBD infused

Dream Blanket by Curfew is a product made using the USA-grown hemp only, but the company doesn’t mention where the blanket is sewn. 

It is third-party tested for safety and quality.


Wash your blanket in the machine on a cold gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry – only line dry. The CBD blanket can go through about 20 wash cycles before it loses its properties. At Curfew, they say that it is an equivalent of two years of use. 

About the company 

Curfew was founded by Bear Mattress founder and CEO, Scott Paladini. There really isn’t much information about the company on the website, which is quite typical for CBD-related brands – but also raises suspicions for an average buyer who wants to learn more. 

Curfew sells a CBD salve, a tincture, and a CBD-infused blanket which is their signature product. They are the only company to have produced such a product (although there are a few brands making CBD-infused pillows) and it has drawn attention on the internet.
You can reach customer service by filling a form on their website.

Buy Now: Dream Blanket, $295 from GetCurfew.com

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