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CBD Pillow – use coupon code sleepline to save 10% – is a company that was founded with a simple goal: to help you sleep better by combining the benefits of CBD – the trendy hemp-derived substance found in everything from edibles to dog treats – with a gel memory foam pillow. The company accomplishes this by infusing their pillowcase with millions of microcapsules filled with CBD that are designed to release micro doses throughout the night while you sleep.

Here at Sleepline we’re huge believers in the benefits of using CBD for sleep, so I was definitely excited to give this product a try. In this review we’ll take a look at the features of the CBD Pillow – firmness, construction, durability, warranty, and return policy – so you can make an informed decision about whether this pillow is right for you.

Should you buy the CBD Pillow?

CBD Pillow designed their product to meet the needs of people who want the benefits of using CBD for sleep without the need to ingest an oil or edible product. If you like the idea of passively absorbing micro doses of CBD throughout the night while you sleep, then this is definitely the pillow for you.

We rate CBD Pillow as being a firm pillow. Firm pillows are great for you if you require extra head and neck support while you sleep, and we think that side sleepers will get the most benefits. The fill is easily removable, so if you don’t like the firmness level and want something softer you can adjust this pillow until it’s soft enough for your needs.

You should buy the CBD Pillow if:

  • CBD helps you fall asleep and you want to micro dose throughout the night
  • Enjoy firm pillows (or don’t mind spending 30 seconds adjusting the fill to make it softer)
  • Are a side sleeper
CBD Pillow

Features of the CBD Pillow

The standout feature of the CBD Pillow is that it’s filled with millions of CBD-infused micro capsules that release micro doses throughout the night. This is much different from other brands who simply infuse CBD oil directly into their pillow. What exactly is a microcapsule and how does it release the CBD?

Microencapsulation is a process in which the company takes microscopic droplets of CBD and wraps them with a layer of protective polymeric coating. These microcapsules are then applied to the fabric of the pillowcase and the friction from your hair and skin breaks the capsules while you sleep, releasing the CBD.

CBD Pillow is a gel memory foam pillow with a firm feel that lets you dial in your firmness level by easily unzipping the cover and removing the fill material. It’s certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold to ensure that there are no chemical emissions that will harm your health.

You’ll get free shipping when you order from the official CBD Pillow website. The company backs their product with a 10-year warranty designed to protect you from manufacturer defects.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the features of this pillow.


We rate the CBD Pillow as being a firm pillow. Firm pillows are primarily best for side sleepers, but if you’re a back or stomach sleeper who prefers a more supportive feel then this could be a good choice. Luckily you can easily remove some of the filling to make it softer if that’s your preference. This means that while the pillow is best for side sleepers right out of the box, it only takes a couple minutes to customize it and make it great for all different sleeping positions.

Durability and Construction

The outer liner of the CBD Pillow is made out of bamboo-derived rayon that is designed to be breathable and offers cooling benefits.

Underneath the outer liner is a zippered inner chamber containing the fill material. The fill is made out of hypoallergenic shredded memory foam and plush microfiber that gives this pillow a firm feel.

The pillowcase is the part of the pillow that is infused with the CBD microcapsules. Each pillowcase contains 150mg of CBD that is bonded to the fabric. These pressure-sensitive capsules are designed to gradually burst as you apply pressure to the pillowcase, which causes the CBD to release and absorb into your skin and hair follicles (similar to the way CBD topicals work).

The CBD Pillowcase is queen-sized and, although it’s specifically designed to fit the CBD Pillow, it should fit any other queen-sized pillow that you already have.

Care and Maintenance

If you’re like me you’re probably wondering how long the CBD in the pillowcase lasts. Capsules containing 150mg of CBD can’t last forever, right?

The company claims that the CBD in their pillowcase lasts an average of 3-6 months depending on how you sleep. This means that you’ll have to replace the pillowcase about four times per year to continue receiving the benefits of micro-dosing CBD.

The company recommends that if you need to wash the pillow cover or pillowcase that you do so in cold water on a delicate cycle. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach and make sure you air dry to prevent shrinkage. To help maintain the integrity of the CBD capsules, don’t wash the case and cover more than once every two weeks.

If you need to clean the inner pillow, remove the cover and secure the zipper using a safety pin to ensure the fill doesn’t leak out while in your washing machine. Use the delicate cycle and wash with cold water. You’ll have to let the pillow air dry for 24 hours or tumble dry on low until the inner fill is completely dry.

CBD Pillow instruction
Instructions included in the package

How much does the CBD Pillow cost?

The CBD Pillow is priced competitively with other premium pillows.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to replace the pillowcase about four times per year if you want to keep receiving the micro dose of CBD. If you don’t replace it the pillow will still function perfectly, just without the benefits of CBD.

Warranty and Trial Period

CBD Pillow guarantees that the CBD will remain active for six months after using it with up to 20 washings.

The pillow itself is covered by a 10-year warranty that protects you against defects in material and workmanship, beginning on the date of purchase. You can read the full warranty terms here.

The company accepts returns within 30 days of purchasing your pillow. The pillow must not be stained or abused and must still be in good condition. To initiate a return visit the CBD Pillow Returns Center here.

About CBD Pillow, LLC

Customer satisfaction

CBD Pillow is a new brand and has limited customer reviews, but as of this writing there are 30 reviews from real customers on their website and all of them are excellent.

Physical stores

There are no physical stores where you can buy the CBD Pillow. You can only buy it online at CBDPillow.com.

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-888-362-6745

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