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Casper’s New Glow Light Makes Going to Bed and Waking Up Easier Than Ever

Casper Glow Light on a dresser

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As the title suggests, Casper’s Glow Lights are designed to help you get ready for bed time and wake you up without fuss – and they successfully fulfill their purpose. In my opinion, these are some of the best bedside lamps you can buy (unless you want voice control).

Before we go into explaining how exactly Casper Glow works and why it’s truly amazing, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons.

– Easy to use
– Sleek design
– Promotes sleepiness in the evening
– Provides stress-free waking up
– Pricey
– Not many features

Buy: The Glow Light, $129 from Casper

Review: How Does Casper Glow Light Work?

Technically, Glow is very easy to use and recharge. You should simply put it on a saucer-like deck that charges the light wirelessly. Ideally, the deck should be beside your bed and the light kept on it – so whenever you feel like carrying it around, you can be sure the battery will hold.

To turn the light on or off, just flip it. It then gets into a 45-minute “drift mode”, which means it will be getting dimmer and dimmer until it’s completely off. You can change the dimming period on your app to whatever time works for you – from 15 to 90 minutes. There are two identical buttons on the top and bottom sides of the lamp. If you like the current level of light and you don’t want it to get darker, just tap the button to pause the dimming process and keep the light you like. Tap again to resume.

You can change the brightness by twisting the lamp – twist it to the left to dim the light and to the right to increase the brightness.

Casper Glow also thought about people in your household when you wake up in the middle of the night. Just shake the lamp and it will glow at the bottom only. This light is just enough for you to see in the dark and do what you need to do, but not bright enough to wake anyone up. It’s great for those who need to check on their babies and small children as well as for those who just don’t want to wake up their partner while they are paying a visit to the toilet. 

The battery holds for about seven hours, which is more than enough because this lamp is primarily made to be kept by the bed but it’s also portable. 

Casper Glow Light on a nightstand
The Glow Light fits perfectly on all nightstands.

Casper Glow App and Wakeup

The app isn’t necessary for this product but it does give you some of our favorite features. If you want to be able to wake up in a completely natural-like environment, where the lamps imitate the sunrise just at the time when you are supposed to wake up, you do need the app.

Just set it up for your desired wake-up time and the lights will turn on 30 minutes before that time and gradually increase the brightness until the light wakes you up. The lights will reach peak brightness exactly at the time of your wakeup and will stay so for another 30 minutes. 

One trick here, though, is if you have only one light, it may not be enough to wake you up if you end up sleeping facing away from the lamp in the morning.

So apart from the sleep schedule, the app allows you to choose the dimming time, the overall level of brightness (how bright you want it at its peak), and check the battery level and status – how much time is left to dim away.

If you’re too far away from the lamp but want to pause the dimming process, you can do so with the app.

You can also use the app to connect several lights, so whenever you turn on one of them, they all turn on. The same goes for dimming and turning off, but not when you use it as a nightlight (shaking the lamp to help you see while walking around the house).

The app is the only thing that allows you to turn the lamp on remotely by tapping on the lamp icon. This device doesn’t support Google or Alexa, which means no voice control. This isn’t a big thing, but the option should be available for the price at which they are selling these lamps.

Casper Glow smartphone app
You can control The Glow Light using an iOS or Android app

Science Behind The Glow Light

The reason this light dims at night and gradually increases brightness in the morning lies in the science and recent research findings. We wrote about the harmfulness of bright blue light in the evenings. This light tricks your mind and body into not producing melatonin – a hormone that is naturally produced as it gets dark. It helps us sleep and has a role in the restoration of the body. 

The light inside the Casper Glow is a warm 2700K LED light which means it imitates the natural light and will help get you sleepy in the evenings. If you are extremely sensitive to light, you can set its maximum brightness to a lower point. 

This warm light gets dimmer – the process which imitates the sunset triggers the production of relaxing and soporific chemicals in the body. Falling asleep in such an environment increases the time people spend in deep sleep – a very important sleep stage.

As the morning approaches, the light slowly sends the wake-up signals to the body, so your brain will slowly take you into lighter sleep stages and you’ll wake up with no stress. This is because our eyes have light sensors (melanopsin-containing cells) which register light before we’re awake and they start the whole process of waking up. 

Sleeping in a completely dark room and being woken up by an alarm clock every morning puts a great amount of stress on the body. Some scientists believe that sudden violent wakings day after day, year after year, eventually lead to people having a heart attack. This may add to the fact that there are the most heart attacks in the morning.

Finally, the Casper soft night light will not leave us disoriented as turning on the normal lights does. It will also not confuse and completely ruin the sleep cycle of your infants if you go to their room at night. 

Casper Glow 2-pack
Casper sells The Glow Light in a two-pack or as a single unit

Price, Shipping, Trial

The Casper Glow is not a cheap product. With $129 for one lamp and $229 for two, it’s much more expensive than other options on the market (some of which have many more options than Glow). 

You can try it for 30 days for free and shipping is free for all Casper products.

Buy: The Glow Light, $129 from Casper

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