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Brendan Schaub Says This CBD Oil Brand Cured His Son’s Seizures

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What brand of CBD does Brendan Schaub use?

Pure Spectrum – This is the *exact brand* that Brendan Schaub takes. The comedian claims that he takes this oil every single day. He also stated that his son – who suffers from epilepsy – stopped having seizures after taking this brand.

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What did Brendan Schaub say about CBD?

Brendan Schaub is a comedian and former fighter who is best known for hosting The Fighter and the Kid and The King and the Sting podcasts.

As a former professional athlete and someone who has a son who suffers from seizures, Schaub is a huge advocate of the benefits of CBD oil. Schaub’s son suffers from epilepsy, and the podcast host claims that giving him CBD completely eliminated his seizures.

Here’s what he said about CBD:

My son is seizure-free since he started CBD oil. He used to have one or two, he was more on the mild spectrum of things.

But if you know your shit, you can just kind of figure where to get CBD oil at. Especially from a legit place where you don’t have to go through a pharmacy or a doctor. This thing with my son, there’s some medication they can give him, you know. And for some kids who have it really bad you can give them these medications, but they’ve found that CBD oil does way more wonders than these other prescribed medicines. It’s way more healthy for you. Because there’s some crazy side effects with the drugs that they want to give kids. It’s crazy. Lethargic, it changes their mood, their personalities. It can cause a bunch of problems. But since we fired up this CBD oil zero problems so far.

– Brendan Schaub, The Fighter and the Kid – Episode 406

Brendan Schaub isn’t the only famous comedian and podcast host to jump on the CBD trend. His friend Joe Rogan takes 1000mg of CBD oil every single day as part of his sleep routine, although he prefers a different brand. CBD is completely legit and has helped millions of people relieve pain, insomnia, seizures, and other problems.

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