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Best Sleep Mask – Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

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Light. It’s impossible to live without it during the day and impossible to sleep at night with it. When your sleeping area is too bright, the best thing you can do to get some quality shuteye is to wear a sleep mask. Sleep masks work by covering your eyes and blocking out light, which allows you to get a night of quality sleep no matter how bright your surroundings are.

Top picks for Sleeping Masks

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold – best value and editors choice

Pwugwes Sleep Mask – lightweight, affordable with no pressure eye shades

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask – suitable for any sleeping position

PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask – great for adults and kids alike

Unimi Sleep Mask – comfortable and comes with a travel pouch


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Looking for a sleeping mask ideal for insomnia, and migraine sufferers? Well, you are in luck. This eye mask is what you are looking for. Made from top quality natural mulberry silk, the material is super smooth to the touch. This assures you of comfort as you sleep.

Not only that. It is breathable and cool on your eyes. As the perfect travel accessory, it is hypoallergenic. This is great for people with sensitive skin. The two straps are also made from mulberry silk. Both are adjustable and latex free. This means no velcro snagging at your hair or pillowcase as you sleep. Also, the straps prevent the eye mask from slipping off.

I loved the ingenious flap around the nose. When you flip the flap upward, it acts as a seal. No light can stream below the mask and distract you as you sleep. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a total blackout. Whether you are traveling, sleeping at home or in a hotel room, enjoy a restful sleep.

Best Features:

  • Use of natural mulberry silk – it is smooth and soft to the touch
  • Comes with dual tension adjustable bands – offers the best and prevents the eye mask from slipping off
  • No velcro– no snagging at the pillowcase or your hair
  • Does not mess with your night cream or moisturizer – thanks to the smooth silk
  • Available in black – blocks out all light

How a Sleep Mask Can Help

Light, whether it comes from the sun or artificial source, can affect your natural production of the hormone melatonin. If you are travelling or do not have the ability to set up your room with blackout curtains, than a sleeping mask can help facilitate your sleep-wake cycle.

#2. Pwugwes

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Suitable for men and women, the Pwugwes Sleep Mask is a stylish and 3D contoured eye mask. Designed with soft polyester fabric on both sides, the material blocks out all light. This creates a dark zone around your eyes. As a result, you can enjoy a good night sleep.

To allow for free eye movement, the eye space is wide and deep. Unlike a conventional flat mask, this Sleep Mask allows for free eye movement. Also, it never smudges your make-up. Breathable and lightweight, it has two air vents on each side. This keeps air circulating in and out. As a result, your sleep is enhanced keeping you relaxed.

Anti-fade and antibacterial, the sleep mask meets OEKO-TEX standards. With fully adjustable straps, adjustments range from 18 to 25 inches. Available with 3 noise-canceling earplugs, the eye mask is suitable for an afternoon nap, and meditation. It is also great for dry eye, migraine and insomnia sufferers too.

Available in black, cleaning the eye mask is easy. I hand washed mine in cool water. To remove makeup and other stains, use a mild detergent like I did. Afterward, place on a flat surface to dry. Due to the 3D contoured design, I felt the inside seam on the side of my face. This is uncomfortable.

Best Features of this Eye Mask

  • Comfortable – the 3D contoured design and adjustable straps allow for the best fit
  • Easy to clean – hand wash and use a mild detergent
  • Wider eye space – allows for comfortable eye movement
  • Breathable material – allows air to circulate close to the eyes
  • Black in color – blocks out all night. This allows for a good night sleep

#3. Jersey Slumber – 100% Silk

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Want to enjoy a deep sleep, anywhere, anytime? You can do so with this mask. Specially designed with top quality natural silk, the eye mask is soft to the skin. I actually loved how it keeps your eyes relaxed as you sleep.

Designed to block out all the light, you can get a full night sleep waking up energized.With rub minimum comfort, the mask blocks light without compressing your eyes.

Fitted with pain-free adjustable straps, it is comfortable and fits well despite the sleeping position. Also, the adjustable strap prevents the mask from slipping off when adjusting your sleeping position.

Available in black, Jersey Slumber is perfect for migraine and insomnia sufferers. To keep dry air out, the mask is hypoallergenic. This allows oxygen to circulate in, out and around your eyes.

The adjustable straps are comfortable and pain-free. Problem is the plastic adjuster comes off easily. With no way to replace it, the mask loses meaning.

Best Features:

  • Top quality natural silk – smooth to the touch, it is breathable and keeps dry air out around your eyes
  • Lightweight and comfortable – comes with adjustable straps for the best fit. It is pain-free too
  • Multi-use – can be used at home, train or when traveling by air
  • Ergonomic design – does not tangle your hair nor does it place pressure around the eyes
  • Helps improve your energy levels – it blocks all light out allowing you to enjoy your afternoon nap or night sleep

#4. PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask

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With large eye cavities made with advanced 3D technology, this sleep mask does not compress your eyes. Instead, the eye mask fits all sizes and offers room for eye movement. Weighing 0.4 ounces, it is lightweight and comfortable. That is not all. It blocks out all light creating a dark zone. This allows you to enjoy a good night sleep.

For the smooth edges, PrettyCare uses precision CNC lathes. This creates a firm joint for added comfort. Built to meet OekoTex standards, the mask is anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-fade.

When it comes to cleaning, I loved how easy it was. All I did was place the eye mask in a laundry bag and into the machine. The reason I used a laundry bag is to prevent deformation. As you already know, the PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask has a 3D no oppression design. To maintain this, place the mask in a laundry bag.

Apart from how easy it is cleaning the mask, you can clean it repeatedly without fear of deforming it. Although low rebound memory foam is used to provide a 3D design, it is a bit stiff around the eyes.

What I liked about this Eye Mask

  • Easy to fit – comes with an adjustable long strap with a 3.5-inch range
  • Spacious – available in a 3D design that allows eye movement as you sleep. No dark circles or puffy eyes
  • Lightweight – weighs 0.4 ounces
  • Blocks out all light – the eye mask comes with a low rebound memory
  • Masks distract noises – comes with 2 earplugs allowing you to enjoy a good night sleep anywhere

#5. Unimi Sleep Mask

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As a third generation 3D contoured sleep mask, Unimi has a stealth nose. This allows for best fit on the bridge of the nose regardless of the wearer. The nose section has an invisible foam preventing light from streaming in.

As a dual layer eye mask, one layer is made from elastic polyester while the second layer from low rebound memory foam. Thanks to the dual layers and the elastic soft strap, it does not snag your hair.

With an improved blinder, there is more space for eye movement. Unlike conventional eye masks which compress your eyes, this model does not affect your eyelashes. Most traditional eye masks I have come across are either suited for adult males or females.

For the Unimi Sleep Mask, it is ideal for adults and kids too. Whether the wearer is napping at home or on the plane, it creates a dark zone allowing you to enjoy your nap.

What I liked

  • Comfortable around your eyes – the 3D contoured shape allows for a wider and deeper space
  • Soft and smooth to the skin – the eye mask is made of skin-friendly low rebound foam and fine fabric
  • Allows you to sleep better – the mask is made of two layers blocking out light from your eyes
  • Ideal for adults and kids alike – ideal for your home or when traveling
  • Does not snag your hair – comes with a soft trap and a hidden velcro for fast attachment
  • As you sweat at night, the black color can bleed on your sheet. I haven’t found a good solution for this but you need to be aware especially if you have white cotton sheets.

What to look for when buying a sleep mask

When choosing a sleep mask that is best for your unique needs, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

  • Material – The biggest difference between different types of sleep masks is the material used to make them. Memory foam, cloth, silk, and foam composite are the main types of materials used. The best type of material will vary depending on your personal preferences, but in general a thicker and softer material will be vastly superior to the thin and abrasive materials used in many cheaper products.
  • Light blocking – Obviously this is the reason why you’re buying a sleep mask in the first place, thus making it the most important factor to consider when choosing which one is best for you. Some masks are poorly designed and allow light to leak in through the sides or through thin see-through material. If your sleep mask isn’t actually blocking light, it’s time to get a new one.
  • Customized fit – Everyone has a different head shape, so it’s important that your mask allows you to make adjustments. If it’s too loose, it’ll slide off of your face and let light in. If it’s too tight, light can leak in through openings on the side (plus it’ll be extremely uncomfortable).

Why you should use a sleep mask

  • Great for traveling – Traveling is a nightmare for a variety of reasons but most relevant to this site is the lack of sleep that you get. Airplanes, hotel rooms, and other common travel sleeping environment tend to be much brighter than what you’re used to in your dark bedroom. A sleep mask will help you get quality shuteye regardless of how bright your surroundings are.
  • Less exposure to light when sleeping during the day – If you work the graveyard shift you know how difficult it can be to get high-quality sleep while the sun is shining. Even many blackout curtains let a small amount of light in around the edges. If this bothers you, a sleep mask will help you sleep when the sun is up.
  • Lower anxiety – People who have a regular and consistent sleep schedule report having lower levels of stress and anxiety than people who sleep irregularly. A sleep mask will ensure that your circadian rhythm stays intact, ensuring that you sleep at the same time and for the same amount each night without waking up due to light exposure.
  • Improved cognitive function and memory enhancement – Getting a bad night of sleep can have a devastating effect on your memory. If you want peak cognitive function, it’s extremely important that your mind is fully rested. When you use a sleep mask to help you get high-quality sleep, you’ll notice that your memory is sharper and your ability to process complex information is enhanced. If you have to perform at a high cognitive level throughout the day, it’s absolutely imperative that you use a sleep mask to improve your sleep cycle.

Does an eye mask actually help you sleep better?

Yes, an eye mask can help you sleep better. As you know, light can distract you when sleeping. Whether it is from a car passing by or the airplane cabin lights, this interrupts your sleep.

To prevent this, I recommend a good sleep mask made from natural silk or polyester. As a soft and smooth material to the touch, it prevents light from streaming in allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep.

Okay, but why is sleep so important?

Sleep plays a crucial role in your physical health. For starters, it allows your body to heal and repair muscles and blood vessels. This is important especially if you lift weights at the gym. Sleep helps to lower the risk of certain health conditions. They include heart problems, diabetes, and others. Also, it helps to reduce stress, improve your mood and allows you to rest and rejuvenate your energy levels.

Why is having less melatonin a bad thing?

Melatonin is a neuro hormone produced by the body to facilitate sleep. It works by regulating the sleep-wake cycle. If melatonin is insufficient in your body, it leads to sleep disorders. Melatonin is affected by light – natural or artificial like LED lights. Since melatonin loves darkness, a good sleep mask is recommended.

Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

  • Improves your sleep quality
  • Helps you fight migraines and insomnia
  • Safer than sleeping medication
  • Prevents dry eyes by improving circulation
  • Affordable than blackout curtains

Whether you are traveling on an airplane or sleeping in a hotel room, exposure to light suppresses your melatonin levels. This keeps you awake all night meaning no sleep at all. To counter this, sleep experts recommend the use of natural silk mask.

Sleep Masks Compared

ProductComfort & FitBlockageOur ReviewBuy Now
ALASKA BEARGreatTotalRead Full ReviewCheck Price
PwugwesGreatTotalRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Jersey Slumber – 100% SilkGoodAdequateRead Full ReviewCheck Price
PrettyCare 3D Sleep MaskNot for all sleeping positionTotalRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Unimi Sleep MaskGreatAdequateRead Full ReviewCheck Price

If you travel a lot, you can enjoy restful sleep even on a plane. All you need is a light blocking mask blindfold for complete darkness. These are made from many materials like natural silk or polyester. There are also some that are hypoallergenic. This is beneficial to people with sensitive skin and dry eye sufferers. Eye masks like these work to help improve your sleep-wake cycle.

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