Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers – Leading Brands Tested and Reviewed

Last updated: April 7, 2019

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Sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended sleeping position. Medical experts warn about the disadvantages of stomach sleeping. However, some of us are unable to sleep comfortably if we are not lying on our stomach. This is why it is important to know everything that will make stomach-sleeping less detrimental to our health. Some of us go the extra mile and purchase a mattress for stomach sleepers. However, buying a foam mattress for stomach sleepers may not be the most economical thing to do. So, we do the next best thing and get a pillow for stomach sleepers. The same way that there are tons of side-sleeper pillows available, there are also a wide variety of pillows for stomach sleepers out in the market. You have memory foam pillows, buckwheat pillows, or latex pillows. So which one is the best pillow for stomach sleepers? I’ve compiled a list of the best pillows available right now so you can compare and decide for yourself which one is the best for you.

Top Picks for Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Sable – Best adjustable loft pillow

eLuxury – Best no-flat pillows

Hankey – Best neck support pillow

Elite – Best pillow for spinal alignment

Deluxe– Best pillow for snore-prevention

Belly Gel – Best cooling pillow

#1. Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping Side Sleepers

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Sable Pillow on blankets

Although its name suggests that this pillow is for side sleepers, the Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is also ideal for stomach sleepers. The shredded memory foam filling that they use is soft yet firm enough to provide adequate support while you sleep. The shredded foam filling is also meant to help better distribute your head’s pressure so you can have that elusive good night’s sleep.

Another standout feature of these pillows is their adjustable loft. All that you need to do is open the cover and add or remove filling as you see fit. You no longer have to gamble on a pillow that may or may not have the right height because you can customize the Sable to your liking. Adjusting the loft of the pillow also enables you to adjust the level of softness or firmness of the pillow. Our kids cannot stand firm pillows so we usually have to purchase extra soft pillows for them but the Sable took take of that problem. Three kids with different pillow preferences can be a headache which is why an adjustable loft pillow is a godsend to us.

Speaking of kids, we all know how sensitive the skin of our young ones can be. This is why it is a plus that the Sable only uses materials that are CertiPur-US certified. This certification means that the materials used in these pillows are free from any harmful substances. Some pillows use formaldehyde, mercury, lead, heavy metals, and flame retardants in their manufacturing process. Sable doesn’t use these health hazards so they are safe for your children. These pillows are also hypoallergenic. We are lucky enough that our children don’t have any allergies but we know many parents whose children have multiple allergies. Some kids are allergic to pollen, or dust. These pillows help deter allergens so your children are safe even while they sleep. These pillows also help combat pet dander, and bacteria. This is especially helpful for those who let their pets sleep inside their bedroom. With the help of these pillows, the likelihood of waking up with a stuffy nose, itchy skin, or watery eyes is almost eliminated.

The cover of these pillows uses a unique combination of 60% Memory Foam, 24% Polyester, and 16% Rayon derived from Bamboo. This unique combination results in a cover that is soft to the touch while being durable. The bamboo fiber also helps make the cover breathable so you can avoid perspiring while sleeping. Sable also uses the finest material even for the zipper of their pillows. They use a YKK #3 zipper that slides open or closes without any hiccups. If you’ve used a zippered pillow cover before, you know that the zipper is something that causes more than its fair share of problems. When you have a substandard zipper, the filling or fabric may get caught in the zipper and damage it. YKK is a trusted global brand and you won’t encounter such issues with their zippers.

Lastly, these pillows are machine washable and can be tumble-dried without affecting their quality. On top of that, Sable also provides a lifetime guarantee with their pillows.

Why is the Sable an ideal pillow?

  • The loft is adjustable
  • They provide a lifetime guarantee
  • They are CertiPur Certified
  • They use hypoallergenic materials

#2. eLuxury I AM Low Density Stomach Sleeper Pillow

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eLuxury pillow with "I am a stomach sleeper" written

Stomach sleepers need excellent support for the head, back, and neck while they sleep, and that is precisely what the eLuxury I AM Low Density Stomach Sleeper Pillow provides. These pillows have a soft/medium rating so they have that perfect balance of softness and support that we all want in our pillows. Unlike other pillows that use memory foam, or latex, these pillows use a premium cluster fiber as filling. With just the right amount of the said filling, these pillows make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed. They also offer the right amount of support to the critical areas of the body. We find the firmness level more towards the medium level but that may just be because we are used to firm pillows. However, if you want your pillows firm, these pillows may not be the ones for you. They may be too soft for your taste. When we used them, we worried that our heads will just sink into the middle of the pillow because they felt too soft but we were  surprised to find that they were able to hold up our heads when we lay down on them.

Another thing that will appeal to sleepers is the Never Flat Fiberfill of these pillows. Most pillows flatten out after some time and they lose the ability to support our head or body. Either that or they become so compact that they lose any semblance of softness. This is something that you don’t have to worry about when you have an eLuxury pillow. Just wash them and they fluff back as if they were new. These are machine washable and dryable pillows so you don’t need to exert extra effort to keep them clean. This makes these pillows economical since you don’t have to purchase new pillows if they lose their fluffiness or if they get dirty.

These pillows also come in two sizes, standard and king. This gives you the chance to purchase a pillow that it just the right size for whoever needs to use them. Some pillows come in just one size and they may be too big for children or too small for adults.

What makes these pillows unique?

  • They have Never Flat Fill
  • They have Soft/Medium firmness
  • They are machine washable
  • They come in two sizes

#3. HANKEY Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Pillow with Breathable Cover for Back, Side & Tummy Sleepers

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Hankey Orthopedic Pillow with images showing use

Orthopedic Pillows are specially made to cater to sleepers who have medical conditions that prevent them from sleeping comfortably. The Hankey Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Pillow is one of the best orthopedic pillows available in the market right now. These pillows are made to make sleeping more comfortable and relaxing. They are contoured to the shape of the sleeper’s head, neck, and shoulders. They have a massaging effect on the arms to help make you sleep comfortably. The said massaging effect also means that you wake up pain-free and energized. The butterfly shape of these pillows provides maximum support to your head and upper body while you sleep. Add to that the high-density memory foam material that they use and you have a pillow that makes sleeping comfortable whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. What these pillows do is they make sure that you have spinal alignment so you don’t have any tension on your neck, shoulders, and back. They also soothe your muscles so you don’t experience any stiffness often associated with staying in one position for a long time.

On top of the orthopedic design, these pillows are also hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about allergens that can cause itchy skin, watery eyes, or coughing fits disrupting your sleep. This feature makes them appropriate for use even for small children or those who have sensitive skin. These pillows also use thermo-regulating technology which makes one side breathable and gives it moisture-wicking properties. The reverse side is extra-thick and soft which makes it ideal for chilly weather. These pillows are perfect for use whatever weather you are experiencing. Just flip them over and you have an excellent pillow to use, no need to change pillows each season.

Each pillow also comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty. This is a testament to the quality of materials that they use for these pillows.

Why should I get these pillows?

  • They are ideal for any weather
  • A 3-year comprehensive warranty covers them
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They are ergonomic

#4. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

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Elite Rest Pillow on white background

Not everyone likes pillows that are lofty, and for those who want their pillows thin then the Elite Rest Ultra Slim pillow might just be the one that you’re looking for. When I say thin, I mean really thin. These pillows are just 2.5 inches thick which makes them ideal for those who like sleeping on their backs or their stomachs. The thin profile means that your head and neck receive support without the cramping feeling that you get when you use lofty pillows. When you sleep on your stomach using thick pillows, you end up with your head resting higher than your body and you usually wake up with a stiff neck.

One distinct feature of these pillows is their Half Pillow Design. One side is completely flat while the other side is normal. This means that you have a normal side that you can use to completely support your neck and head while you sleep. On the other hand, the flat side keeps the pillow completely anchored to your bed. The flat side also gives stability to the pillow, so it doesn’t move around even if you unknowingly move your head while you sleep.

The memory foam that they use in making these pillows is hypoallergenic. This means that while you are relaxing in your sleep, these pillows also work to keep you protected from allergens that may trigger allergic reactions. With the help of these hypoallergenic pillows, you don’t have to worry about waking up sneezing or wheezing because of allergies. They also have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties so you don’t have to worry about diseases brought about by harmful organisms that love to cling on pillows. On top of these, these pillows are also bed bug resistant.

What makes these pillows unique?

  • They repel bed bugs
  • They have thin profiles
  • They use hypoallergenic memory foam

#5. Deluxe Comfort Bed Pillow Stress Free Side Sleeper

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Deluxe Comfort Pillow with person on bed

The Deluxe Comfort Bed Pillow is another highly-recommended pillow for stomach sleepers. What makes me uncomfortable when I sleep on my stomach is the suffocating sensation that I get with my face pressed down on my pillow. This is something that the Deluxe Comfort pillow has remedied. These pillows have dimples that cradle your head while you sleep. These dimples are indentations in the middle of the pillows where you can rest your head. Since the middle part has a depression, the pillow doesn’t press upon your mouth and nose so you can breathe freely when you sleep on your stomach. These indentations also work great in keeping your head in place while you sleep.

Besides, this design also encourages proper airway alignment while you sleep. These pillows make sure that you get enough air when you sleep so you can avoid snoring or sleep apnea. The manufacturers anatomically designed these pillows to provide comfort to your neck and shoulders. They also facilitate proper sleeping posture. This is a big deal since that cramped feeling, and aches and pains upon waking up usually stem from sleeping in a bad position. It is important to sleep with the spine and neck adequately aligned so you have a clear air passage that lets you get all the healthy oxygen that your body needs. Great sleeping posture also means that your muscles are more relaxed and they don’t get any unwanted pressure while you sleep.

These pillows are manufactured in the USA. They use hypoallergenic materials so you need not worry about your allergies flaring up while you sleep. They also use dust mite resistant materials so they shield you from the nasty effects of dust mites.

These pillows are also easy to maintain and clean. You can wash them using your washing machine. Just make sure that you wash them using the gentle settings on your machine. You can also machine dry them using the low heat dry function.

What makes the Deluxe Comfort Pillow unique?

  • They promote proper sleeping posture
  • They promote airway alignment
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They are machine-washable

#6. Belly Sleep Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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Belly Sleep Gel pillow white background

The first thing that attracted us to the Belly Sleep pillow is the design specifically made for stomach sleepers. These pillows feature a curved contour so you can place your head and face on the pillow without your entire face pressing down on the pillow. They also feature ergonomic edges that help reduce head and neck rotation so you can breathe better while you sleep. Not only do these pillows help make stomach sleepers more relaxed while they sleep, they can also help prevent sleeping disorders associated with improper breathing like snoring or sleep apnea. Aside from the head support these pillows provide, their flat design also makes these pillows effective in providing support to the spine. This is an excellent benefit because when you sleep with proper spine support, you can sleep better and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The material that they use in these pillows is dense Polyurethane memory foam. This material gives these pillows proper volume and density so that they can deliver the right amount of support that your head and neck needs. One thing that we noticed is that there is a slight “foamy smell” when you open the new pillows. However, the said smell quickly disappeared after airing it out for a day. It’s not really a deal-breaker for us since most new pillows do have a slightly chemical smell on them. It also probably helped that we also washed the bamboo cover to make sure that there is no “new pillow” smell  before we use them.

What sets these pillows apart from other memory foam pillows is they use gel-infused foam. While other memory foam gets warm, the gel infusion technology that they use in these pillows helps keep you comfortable by regulating your body temperature. Add to that the moisture wicking property of the cover and you  will always feel refreshed even during muggy summer nights. The said cover is also removable so you can wash it if it gets dirty or stained.

Why should I get the Belly Sleep Memory Pillow?

  • They have a cooling gel infusion
  • They can help prevent snoring and sleep apnea
  • They have an ergonomic design

Is stomach sleeping bad for your health?

Stomach sleeping is the least recommended sleeping position. There are health hazards associated with sleeping on your stomach. This is the best position if you want to diminish snoring or if you have sleep apnea. However, this position also puts pressure on your spine and neck. Most stomach sleepers complain about back pains upon waking up. This is because most of the weight of the human body is in the middle part. When you sleep on your stomach, the body finds it difficult to maintain a position where the spine is not unduly pressured. When your spine is in stress, the stress on other parts of your body also increases. And since most of the nerves of the human body are connected to the spine, any pain in the spine can also radiate to other parts of the body.

Stomach sleeping can also cause pain in the neck. When you sleep on your stomach, you need to turn your head to the side so you can breathe properly. This means that your spine, head, and neck are out of alignment. Neck and shoulder pain may not immediately present itself but you will notice it after sleeping on your stomach for some time.

Unfortunately, some of us are unable to sleep properly unless they’re sleeping on their stomach. If you’ve tried other sleeping positions but stomach sleeping still is the best sleeping position for you then you just need to find ways of minimizing the health hazards associated with it.

Here are some of the things that you can do to make sleeping on your stomach more comfortable:

  • Sleep without a pillow if you can. If you cannot do without a pillow, then use the thinnest one you can find. The loftier the pillow is, the more inclined your head and neck are. This means that you’re more likely to put stress on your neck and head while sleeping. You can try using a pancake pillow or a water-based pillow. The Chiroflow Water Pillow is an excellent example since it lets you decrease or increase the loft of the pillow until you have the perfect pillow to get a good night’s rest.
  • Use a pillow with an indentation in the middle. This kind of pillow will help you breathe easier without having to turn your head to the side. You can also use a body pillow or a pregnancy pillow that you can twist or bend to provide you pressure relief whatever sleep position you prefer.
  • Use a pillow in your pelvis area. Placing a pillow under your pelvis will help you maintain a neutral position for your spine. When your spine is in a neutral position, you put less pressure on it and you’re less likely to experience back pains in the morning.
  • Perform stretching exercises. Stretching exercises upon waking up will help your body get back into its natural alignment. These exercises will also help you limber up for the grinds of the day ahead.

How We Rate Pillows

There are many different types of pillows. In general, we rate pillows by 6 standards:

  1. Firmness and Support
  2. Loft & Adjustability
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
  5. Comfort
  6. Structural integrity & Durability

View our full rating process for pillows.