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Top 5 Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers in 2021

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Stomach sleepers tend to get a lot of flak and as much as I hate to admit it (being a proud stomach sleeper myself), it’s with good reason. Sleeping on your stomach can throw your spine alignment off balance, pushing it out of it’s natural, neutral curve. Not to mention, the added pressure on the hips, shoulders, belly and neck (and if you’re female and amply endowed then that too), it’s a wonder how we can still stand upright. Studies have shown that the only benefit of stomach sleeping is that it appears to help those with breathing problems such as sleep apnea and snoring, but only very slightly.

So.. what are we to do?

First of all, don’t ever feel guilty that that you are unwilling to make the switch from sleeping on your stomach. You do you.

Secondly, sleeping on a mattress specifically designed to support and optimize your sleeping position is key. Fortunately for us belly rebels, companies have not forgotten nor overlooked the very small percentage (16%) we belong to. Stomach sleepers get the most comfort and support from mattresses that go from medium firm to extra firm.

Last but not the least, read on for the latest roundup of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers available right now.

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are:

  1. Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid
  2. Amerisleep AS3
  3. GhostBed Flex
  4. Zenhaven
  5. Layla

1. Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid

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Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress for stomach sleepers
Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid

While most mattresses are technically flippable, especially the all foam ones, not many are double sided. Idle Sleep’s Latex Hybrid mattress is one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers right now; offering two firmness levels for the price of one 100% certified organic mattress.

Idle Sleep’s Latex mattresses come with a few pivotal options that lets you customize your mattress to be the bed of your dreams: Dunlop latex or Talalay latex? Medium firm and/or Luxury firm? This last option allows you to have a mattress that flips to either Medium firm on one side and Luxury firm on the other. Or if you want both sides to have the same, uniform firmness then you can opt for that too. It’s like your own little collab with Idle Sleep.

If you’re a strict stomach sleeper and are a little bit on the heavier side, the Luxury firm will be your best bet or if you’re a lightweight stomach sleeper, then you’ll find the Medium firm to be the one for you.

Featuring 1000 (60% more than the usual hybrids) edge to edge individually wrapped coils sandwiched top and bottom with layers of pure, organic latex, you get the bouncy effect of innersping mattresses without compromising the all-important factor of motion isolation – vastly important if you share a bed.

All of Idle Sleep’s mattresses come with an 18 month risk-free trial, free shipping and returns as well as what Idle Sleep calls, a warranty without end. Is your mattress sagging ever so slightly just from normal use? They’ll change it for you. And just in case it hasn’t hit you yet, warranty without end means Idle Sleep is with you for life.

Oh, and one more thing, every mattress purchase comes with two free memory foam pillows.

Buy: Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress, from $1329 (Queen) at Idlesleep.com

2. Amerisleep AS3

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Amerisleep AS3 mattress for stomach sleepers
Amerisleep AS3

Currently the bestseller out of Amerisleep’s very impressive lineup, the AS3 is well loved by many for one reason and one reason alone: it is the perfect bed for all types of sleepers. Just for that, this makes the AS3 one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers in our book. Why, you might ask? Let’s delve a little deeper.

Available in both all foam and hybrid options, the AS3 provides both comfort and support no matter what type of mattress you choose. While the differences between an foam mattress and a hybrid are quite distinct – the addition of pocketed coils for one – it all boils down to a matter of preference. Those who prefer the more body contouring support of a memory foam should opt for the all foam version; while those who prefer the bounce and extra cooling ability of an innerspring mattress could go for the hybrid. Again, it’s all up to you.

If you are a stomach sleeper who tends to sleep hot, the AS3 could help you stay cool (and stay asleep) throughout the night. Along with its Celliant outer cover, the AS3 also features a proprietary memory foam alternative called BioPur as its comfort layer. BioPur’s large, open-cell structure allows for more air to flow freely. This prevents heat buildup which tends to be a common problem with traditional foam.

Both the all foam version and the hybrid provide excellent motion isolation thus making it an ideal mattress to share with a partner.

All of Amerisleep’s mattresses are made in the USA. They also offer free shipping and returns within the continental United States. Amerisleep offers a risk-free 100 night trial and a 20 year warranty for all their mattresses.

Buy: Amerisleep AS3, from $1049 (Queen) at Amerisleep.com

3. GhostBed Flex

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Ghostbed Flex mattress
GhostBed Flex

Hate feeling like you’re sinking into the bed? Love the bouncy support of an innerspring mattress but want the added comfort of a memory foam? Then the GhostBed Flex is the mattress for you.

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid mattress offers 7 layers of pressure relieving comfort – this includes a cooling gel memory foam, a proprietary Ghost Bounce layer that mimics the responsiveness of latex, as well as individually wrapped and reinforced coils.

GhostBed is also big on the cooling front. The GhostBed Flex features a plush, quilted cover that instantly feels cool to the touch. Woven directly into the cover is 1 inch of cooling airflow technology fiber. If that’s not enough for you, the GhostBed Flex also features a patent pending Ghost Ice layer which is designed to sense heat and adjust to it throughout the night. How cool is that?

But what makes the GhostBed Flex a perfect mattress for stomach sleepers is its ability to hug and contour the body while providing solid support with its medium firm feel.

All of GhostBed’s mattresses are produced in the USA and they offer an industry leading 25 year warranty on all their mattresses. If you want to try the GhostBed Flex out for yourself, you have 101 nights to do so, risk-free. They also offer free Ghost pillows with every mattress purchase.

Buy: GhostBed Flex, $1384 (Queen) at GhostBed.com

4. Zenhaven Latex Mattress

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perfect mattress for stomach sleepers
Zenhaven Latex Mattress

Non-toxic, 100% organic and all natural – these three alone could be the main selling points for the more environmentally inclined stomach sleepers. But the Zenhaven Latex mattress is more than just that.

Another reversible mattress on our list of best mattresses for stomach sleepers, the Zenhaven Latex mattress gives you the option to choose between two comfort levels within one mattress.

  • Luxury Plush – if you want a softer, zero gravity feel. The Luxury Plush also contours to your body to relieve pressure points and with stomach sleepers, that is usually the hips, shoulders and neck.
  • Gentle Firm – is 18% firmer than the Luxury Plush giving stomach sleepers a more uplifting, pressure-free support.

Made up entirely out of organic, pesticide-free Talalay Latex and cotton, the Zenhaven Latex mattress also features organic New Zealand wool in its top layer. Wool is a natural flame retardant and has the ability to help regulate your body temperature for extra breathability.

Made by Saatva, the Zenhaven Latex mattress has a 20 year non-prorated warranty and a 180 night trial.

Buy: Zenhaven Latex Mattress, $2199 (Queen) at Saatva.com

5. Layla

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Layla mattress soft side
Layla Mattress

You may have begun to notice a pattern here. And rightly so, flippable mattresses make for some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. With Layla mattresses, you have two chances to find the right fit for you. One side is soft, for those of you who prefer a more body hugging feel while the other is firm, for those who prefer increased support with less sink.

Infused with copper, the Layla mattress is cooling, antimicrobial and provides variable support for deep compression areas so stomach sleepers won’t have to worry about waking up with any aches and pains.

Made with premium memory foam, the Layla mattress is also available in a hybrid variant that features the same benefits of the all memory foam Layla mattress mattress but with the added support of pocketed coils for maximum motion control. This is excellent for those of who sleep with a partner.

Layla offers a lifetime guarantee with all of their mattresses. They’re that confident with the quality of the Layla mattress. They have an extensive 120 night trial so you can decide, worry-free, if the Layla mattress is right for you. Currently, Layla offers a free mattress protector, a microfiber sheet set as well as a pair of memory foam pillows with every purchase of the Layla mattress.

Buy: Layla Mattress, from $899 (Queen) at Laylasleep.com

Best mattresses for stomach sleepers compared

BrandIdle Sleep Latex HybridAmerisleep AS3GhostBed FlexZenhavenLayla
Thickness (inches)1412131010
FeelMedium and Luxury FirmFirm/Soft blendMediumLuxury Plush and Gentle FirmSoft and Firm
Motion TransferMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal Minimal to none
Edge SupportExcellentExcellentExcellentGoodExcellent
Sleeping PositionStomach sleepers and Back sleepersStomach sleepers and combo sleepersStomach sleepers and Back sleepersStomach, Back and Combo sleepersStomach, Back and Combo sleepers
Trial (nights)547 (!)100101180120
Warranty (years)Lifetime202520Lifetime
Price (Queen)$1329$1049$1384$2199$899
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Sleep tight, stomach sleepers

What is it about sleeping on your stomach, also known as the prone position, that feels so comforting? Sure, side sleeping while hugging a body pillow can somehow feel like a cuddle, but there’s just something about stomach sleeping that is appealing on so many levels, especially compared to sleeping on your back (for me at least).

It feels, for lack of a better word, safe. Cozy and secure.

Psychologists have long tried to analyze the connection between sleeping positions and personalities. The quite conflicting analyses I have come across during my research has been funny at best and somewhat alarming at the very least.

Apparently, if you are a stomach sleeper you:

  • tend to fall between the parameters of being a Gen Exer or a Millenial
  • are brash, loud and outspoken
  • are bold, sociable and confident but also thin-skinned and insecure
  • tend to be a heavy drinker
  • are tensed, focused and stubborn
  • like to shock people
  • are passionate about everything you do
  • tend to be selfish
  • hold strong beliefs and try to have everything done precisely the way you want them

The amount of checks I mentally ticked as I wrote down this list is worrying me ever so slightly. How did you do?

So, you don’t want to be a stomach sleeper anymore

If you are tired of all the hate directed towards stomach sleepers or are beginning to feel the effects, you may want to consider training yourself to sleep in other positions.

I, for instance, have been a stomach sleeper since I was a child. In my late teens, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, albeit a mild form. I never really put any thought to it or to my sleeping position until I got older – way older – when I started waking up with unexplained neck and back pain. Nowadays, I consider myself a combo sleeper although I do fall back to stomach sleeping time and again, especially when I need extra comforting. Old habits really do die hard.

A few tips on how to train yourself to stop sleeping on your stomach

  • If you are big on the comfort factor that stomach sleeping gives, slowly wean yourself away by investing in a body pillow or if you already have an extra large and long one, that’ll do too.
  • If you sleep with a partner, enlist their help. Ask them to nudge you whenever they see you reverting back to your tummy. Unsolicited tip: This works for snorers too.
  • If you want to train yourself to sleep on your back, try out the corpse pose or Savasana. A yoga pose of the mind as well as the body, you begin by lying down flat on your back. Let your arms and legs splay out gently. Close your eyes. Calm the mind. Let the thoughts come and go but don’t hold onto them. This, simple as it may sound, is actually a bit difficult owing to the fact that humans these days are constantly bombarded with stimuli from every direction. One thing I like to do is to focus on the sounds of my surroundings with my eyes close. I find that this helps lull me to that state between sleepiness and wakefulness.
  • If all else fails, fret not. With the right mattress and the right pillow, you can help alleviate the less pleasant effects of stomach sleeping and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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