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Best CBD Products for Sleep (Top 5 Brands)

CBD for sleep and insomnia

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With all the different cannabis products available on the market today, consumers may be wondering- what is the best CBD for sleep? After all, a good night’s sleep is the first step to a successful day. Luckily, several products out today can help ensure a peaceful night of sleep. That said, if you have trouble sleeping or want to learn more, keep reading as we go over some of the best CBD products for restful sleep. Our Editor’s Choice is the First Crop Sleep Gel Caps.

Best CBD Products for Sleep in 2022

  1. First Crop Sleep Gel Caps – Editor’s Choice
  2. Level Select CBD Oil with Melatonin – Best high-potency
  3. Just Live Sleep Gummies – Best gummies for sleep
  4. Wonderfeel Evening CBD – Most relaxing CBD oil
  5. Neurogan CBN Calm Oil – Best oil for a restful night’s sleep

#1. First Crop Sleep Gel Caps

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first crop sleep capsules in bottle
First Crop Gel Sleep Capsules


  • Full-spectrum CBD absorbs quickly
  • Made with organic ingredients like MCT oil and lavender
  • Free from any harmful solvents


  • Expensive when compared to other CBD brands
  • It takes around an hour to feel the full effects

Our Experience With First Crop Sleep Gel Caps

This sleep CBD product is made with full-spectrum, organic hemp-derived CBD designed to help relax the mind and body. Since they are gel capsules, they were effortless to take and didn’t have any aftertaste. Similarly, they are absorbed quickly into the body, and the effects occur fast. About 40 minutes after taking this product, I could feel the calming effects.

Along with quick absorption, these capsules are made with great ingredients. For example, they contain certified organic, hemp-derived CBD. That said, First Crop also uses safe hemp processing methods, like CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction helps preserve natural hemp terpenes and does not contain harmful chemical solvents.

Although this product is overall excellent, there were a couple of downsides. For example, the price is relatively high if you compare it with similar products from other brands. Along with that, although the CBD absorbs quickly into the body, it takes around an hour to feel the full effects. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a product that is easy to take, made with quality ingredients, and helps with falling asleep, check out this product.

Buy: First Crop Sleep Gel Caps

#2. Level Select CBD Oil with Melatonin

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level select cbd oil in bottle
Level Select CBD Oil with Melatonin


  • It contains 40 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving
  • Completely THC free
  • Suitable to use daily for sleep issues


  • Only one flavor available for this CBD dose
  • The product gets used up quickly

Our Experience With Level Select CBD Oil with Melatonin

Level Select’s CBD oil with melatonin was an excellent product for sleep for several reasons. First, most CBD oils on the market aren’t made with very high potency. However, this oil is! There is around 40 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in one serving, which is much more than most brands offer. Also, despite the high dose per serving, this product can be used daily to help improve sleep issues.

Another positive aspect of this product is that it’s made with zero THC. Since the cannabis plant produces both CBD and THC, some products contain small (and legal) amounts of Tetrahydrocannabidol (THC). That said, Level Select does not have any, so it’s safe for almost anyone to use.

Although this product was overall pretty great, there were a few downsides. For example, the oil only comes in one flavor option for this dose. So, you don’t really get to choose what flavor you’d like. Along with that, I noticed that the product gets used up rather quickly, meaning you’ll likely have to buy another bottle.

Buy: Level Select CBD Oil with Melatonin

#3. Just Live Sleep Gummies

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just live cbd sleep gummies in berry tea
Just Live Sleep Gummies


  • Gummies contain zero THC
  • Promotes REM sleep cycle
  • Provides an overall sense of calm and peaceful sleep


  • It contains a small dose of CBD per serving
  • It has an unpleasant aftertaste
  • Only one flavor and dose size is available

Our Experience With Just Live Sleep Gummies

Just Live sleep gummies were another hit in this list of CBD products. Since they contain no THC, just about anyone can enjoy these gummies. Along with that, if you have trouble sleeping, you’ll definitely want to check them out. Just Live works to help you naturally achieve a peaceful night’s sleep without interruptions.

Along with helping your REM sleep cycle, these CBD gummies also provide an overall sense of calmness and peace while sleeping. However, there were a few cons to this specific product. For example, the dose of CBD per serving is relatively small, and only one size is offered. Additionally, the aftertaste of the gummies is not the best.

Overall, if you are looking for a lighter product to test out for better sleep, check out Just Live’s Sleep Gummies.

Buy: Just Live Sleep Gummies

#4. Wonderfeel Evening CBD Oil

Check Current Price | Most Relaxing CBD Oil | Review

wonderfeel evening cbd extra strength bottle
Wonderfeel Evening CBD Oil


  • It contains rare cannabinoids like CBN and CBL
  • Made with organically-grown hemp and naturally occurring CBD
  • High CBD potency


  • It has a somewhat small dose per serving
  • It does not have a flavor, so it tastes like hemp

Our Experience With Wonderfeel Evening CBD

Wonderfeel’s Evening CBD oil was one of the most relaxing products I’ve tried. With a high mg of CBD and other rare cannabinoids per serving, this product offers fantastic calming effects. Some of the unique cannabinoids in this oil include CBVD, CBN, and CBL, all of which were chosen for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another great thing about this full-spectrum CBD oil is that it’s made out of high-quality ingredients. It contains organically-grown hemp oil, naturally occurring cannabidiol and terpenes. Similarly, all the ingredients are non-GMO and grown without pesticides in the United States.

A few downsides to this product were the small dose amount per serving and the flavor. Unfortunately, this CBD oil has no flavors to choose from, meaning it tastes like hemp. Also, mg of CBD per dose is relatively small, so you may need to take more than one. That said if you’re a beginner looking to ingest CBD to help with sleep, check out this oil from Wonderfeel.

Buy: Wonderfeel Evening CBD

#5. Neurogan CBN Calm Oil

Check Current Price | Best Oil for A Restful Night’s Sleep | Review

Neurogan CBN Oil


  • It’s made with a high dose of CBD oil per serving
  • It contains CBN for a unique calming effect


  • People without CBD experience should use this product carefully
  • It’s expensive compared to other similar products

Our Experience With Neurogan CBN Calm Oil

Another high-potency CBD product that I enjoyed testing out was Neurogan’s CBN Calm Oil. When it comes to CBD sleep products, this one was particularly great. Since it contains nearly 33.3 mg of CBD per 1/2 serving, it’s great for people who are seasoned cannabis users.

Another great thing about this product is the ingredients. It contains CBN and CBD, which, when used together, are incredibly calming and relaxing. Similarly, it contains MCT oil, another beneficial ingredient for product users.

However, there were a few downsides to this CBD oil as well. For example, since the potency is so high, people who aren’t experienced in using cannabis products should be cautious. Along with that, the price of this oil is relatively high compared to other brands and similar products. Overall, if you’re an avid CBD user and you’re looking for a high-potency oil to help with sleep, check out this one from Neurogan.

Buy: Neurogan CBN Calm Oil

How Can CBD Help With Sleep?

CBD has many health benefits, including helping with poor sleep, insomnia, or other sleep disorders. Some people use CBD oil as a natural sleep aid and take it daily before bed. However, you can use CBD oil in different ways, like to decrease anxiety or help with chronic pain. That said, let’s go over how CBD can help you get a good night’s rest.

First, it’s crucial to figure out what’s causing you to get poor sleep. Unfortunately, many things may be the cause of inadequate sleep cycles. For example, insomnia may be caused by:

  • Mental health disorders, like anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Physical conditions, like chronic pain or illness
  • Caffeine, which may affect quality sleep if you consume it later in the day
  • Environmental factors, like a noisy room or uncomfortable mattress
  • Medications, as some of them can disturb your sleeping cycle

According to research, if you struggle with poor sleep quality due to outside factors, CBD products may help by treating specific causes of sleepiness. That said, each person reacts differently to cannabis, so look to your doctor to provide medical advice.

If you want to take CBD oil for sleep, keep reading while we go over what to look for when choosing a CBD product to help with proper sleep.

What Should I Look for When Choosing CBD Products for Sleep?

Since there are so many products available on the market today, it can be challenging to find one that’s perfect for you. That said, if you’re taking CBD oil to help you fall asleep, there are a few key things to look for while choosing a product. Let’s go over a few.

First and foremost, before you choose a product, you’ll want to check out the reviews and description of the brand. Ensure that the cannabinoids are sourced from hemp grown in the United States, and the product has less than 0.3% THC. Additionally, it would help if you looked at the other ingredients in the product to make sure they can be used as natural sleep aids.

Finally, pay attention to the potency of the CBD oil you choose. The higher the strength, the higher concentration of CBD. Typically, most products contain around 20 mg to 40 mg of CBD per serving. We recommend starting with a small dose if you are a beginner. Then, work your way up to a larger quantity as needed. If you are experienced with using CBD, continue taking your typical amount if it works well with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take CBD and Melatonin Together?

Yes, CBD and melatonin are safe to take together. Many CBD companies have started to create CBD for sleep with added melatonin to increase overall benefits. After all, mixing natural sleep aids can be an extremely enticing solution for people who have trouble sleeping.

That said, if you struggle with sleep disorders or would like to experiment with a new sleep aid solution, consider checking out the benefits of CBD mixed with melatonin.

Does CBD Help You Sleep?

CBD can help you sleep by treating the causes of sleepiness. For example, if you struggle with anxiety, CBD may help you feel calmer, allowing for a better night of sleep. Similarly, if you can’t fall asleep due to pain, CBD can help soothe pain and allow a better night of sleep. Overall, CBD can help you sleep by tackling insomnia at the core.

With that, there are tons of different methods of taking CBD to help with sleep. In today’s CBD market, there are vape concentrates, gummies, capsules, oils, and more. Most people experiment until they find a preferred method. If you are interested in taking CBD to help with sleep, check out some of the diverse products above.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take to Fall Asleep?

It may be different for each person when it comes to how much CBD you should take. However, if you are starting out or taking CBD for the first time, take a small dose to begin with. Then, if you feel like you didn’t feel the effects enough, increase your amount for the next time.

Essentially, when taking CBD gummies, look at the recommended dose on the bottle. Typically, the directions will prompt you to take one or two for maximum effects. That said, if you take prescription medications or other sleep aids, talk to your doctor before experimenting with CBD.

Our rating process for CBD

CBD can be used for a number of reasons, but for now, we are focusing on its ability to give you your much-needed sleep at night. We have come up with a buying guide so you can be certain you’re getting the best quality CBD.

  1. Tested by a 3rd Party Accredited Laboratory
  2. Quality of Ingredients
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Range of Concentration

Read our full methodology and rating process for CBD here.

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