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Best Bed Frame for a Memory Foam Mattress (Top 5 Brands)

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So you’ve gotten yourself a new memory foam mattress. Although most mattresses can technically be placed on any flat surface, a mattress’ full potential can only be experienced by using the right bed frame for a mattress type. The best bed frames are the ones that offer proper support for both yourself and your mattress. Memory foam mattresses are all-foam mattresses that can be used with almost any type of bed frame from an adjustable bed frame to a platform bed frame and even zero gravity beds. We have narrowed down the 5 best bed frames for your memory foam mattress. Our Editor’s Choice is the Saatva Copenhagen.

Top 5 Best Bed Frames for Memory Foam Mattresses

  1. Saatva Copenhagen – editor’s choice
  2. GhostBed All-in-One Foundation – best for heavy individuals
  3. Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame – best for couples
  4. The Purple Bed Frame – best for hot sleepers
  5. WinkBeds Platform Foundation – best for kids

#1. Saatva Copenhagen

Check Current Price | Editor’s Choice

saatva copenhagen bed frame with mattress
Saatva Copenhagen Platform Bed Frame

Pros and cons

No box spring neededOnly comes in 3 sizes
With adjustable base optionCan be a bit pricey
Can accommodate heavier individuals

Our experience with Saatva Copenhagen

Inspired by the clean, modern lines of Scandinavian furniture designs, the Saatva Copenhagen bed frame is a minimalist’s dream bed. Scandinavian furniture is known the world over for its elegant simplicity and functionality. There are no bells and whistles here, no unnecessary extras. But there’s a reason why it’s Saatva’s bestselling bed frame to date – it just works. There’s a completeness in its simplicity hence why it is our top pick for the best bed frame for memory foam mattresses.

Saatva even gives you the option to add their Lineal adjustable base which essentially turns your platform bed into an adjustable bed frame. If you do choose to add the adjustable base, you get remote-controlled options to customize your bed’s head and feet to however you like. It comes with both preset and manual settings with the option to save your favorites. There is no need for a box spring even when you opt for the Lineal adjustable base.

While most adjustable bed bases are a tad noisy when you shift between settings, we found the Saatva Lineal base to be one of the quietest adjustable bed frames we’ve tried thus far. This is crucial if you share a bed with a light sleeper or if you want less of a hospital bed feel and want something a bit more refined.

As a bed foundation, the Saatva Copenhagen bed frame offers great mattress support, even for thicker and heavier memory foam mattresses. It is also durable bed frame that can support any type of mattress including an innerspring mattress.

Made from sustainably sourced, kiln-dried hardwood, the Copenhagen bed frame was built to last. The bed features fortified bolts and brackets to help keep attachment points stable and durable. There’s noting loose or shaky about the Copenhagen bed frame at all, making it a good option for heavier individuals.

The Saatva Copenhagen bed frame also features multiple support feet and a wide vertical center support that helps add stability to the premium wooden slats for enhanced support. Metal bed frames have a tendency to be quite creaky but because the Copenhagen bed is made from hardwood, the squeaky and creaky factor is zero.

If you are looking for a stylish upholstered bed frame, then you should look no further. The Saatva Copenhagen comes in 3 different fabrics to choose from: taupe vintage velvet, graphite vintage velvet and natural linen. It also comes with a fully upholstered back that gives you the option of a freestanding bed.

If we have one complaint about the Saatva Copenhagen bed frame, it’s that it only comes in three sizes: Queen, King and California King. It would have been nicer if they were all inclusive but maybe in the future, they may offer different sizes as well. The Copenhagen bed frame is compatible with any mattress type and brand as well as, of course, Saatva’s very own line of mattresses.

Saatva offers a 180 night, risk-free sleep trial for all of their bed frames. They also offer free in-room delivery as well as free assembly, which is pretty standard for Saatva. The Copenhagen bed frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy: Saatva Copenhagen Bed Frame

#2. GhostBed All-in-One Foundation

Check Current Price | Best for Heavier Individuals | 30% Off Coupon: SLEEPLINE

ghostbed all in one foundation with ghostbed mattress
GhostBed All-in-On Foundation

Pros and cons

Great for heavier individualsNo sleep trial
Removable and washable cover

Save 30% with coupon code “SLEEPLINE”

Our experience with GhostBed All-in-One Foundation

If you want foundation you can play around with and customize, you might want to take a look at GhostBed’s All-in-One Foundation. It works as a box spring, a metal bed frame and a foundation hence the all in one moniker. These also means that it can work with any type of mattress.

Foldable for easy storage with adjustable legs that can even be removed should you wish, the GhostBed foundation also works with any type of headboard or footboard. Brackets are actually included so you won’t have to worry about fiddling about with where to put your headboards.

While we did mention earlier that metal bed frames can sometimes be flimsy – especially if they’re poorly made – we found the GhostBed Foundation to be very sturdy. So sturdy in fact that it can hold up to a mind-boggling 2000 lbs! Now, bear in mind that that capacity includes the mattress you shall be using as well, but 2000 lbs. is A LOT. We have not yet come across another bed frame that boasts that high of a weight limit. Another quality bed frame that we highly recommend for heavier individuals or for those who share a bed.

Because of its all-metal construction and basically an open style frame with wide slats, air circulation would not be a problem for your memory foam mattress, especially if you’ve got the old school traditional one. Although the GhostBed Foundation has a fabric cover, we found it to be fairly breathable and what’s more, it’s removable and washable.

But wait, you might ask, a mattress foundation that’s foldable? Yes. We have not seen anything like it either. Should you need to, you can fold and tuck the GhostBed Foundation away for a bit of extra space. This makes it a good option for those who live in smaller spaces or a guest room bed.

We also found the GhostBed Foundation to be fairly simple to assemble. An Allen wrench is included when you purchase the foundation and that is all you need. All we had to do was unbox, unfold, connect the corners and place the slats on top, which conveniently snaps into place. The legs need to be screwed on and with a little elbow grease, you have a stylish bed frame within minutes.

Should you need extra storage space under your bed, the GhostBed Foundation’s leg heights can be adjusted to your liking. Again, a great option for those who live in a tiny home or for those just starting out.

The GhostBed Foundation comes in 7 sizes that can fit all standard American mattress sizes, including a Split King.

GhostBed is pretty much on top of the mattress foundation game, if we do say so ourselves. Their zero gravity bed is also one of our favorites. All of GhostBed’s mattress foundations and bed bases are made in United States and the GhostBed All-in-One Foundation is actually patent pending. This means GhostBed is the first among mattress brands to produce something like this.

Unfortunately, unlike their mattresses, GhostBed does not offer a sleep trial for their All-in-One Foundation but it does come backed by a 20 year warranty. They also offer free shipping within the continental United States.

Buy: GhostBed All-in-On Foundation

#3. Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame

Check Current Price | Best for Couples | 30% Off Coupon: SLEEPLINE

amerisleep platform bed frame bar
Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame

Pros and cons

Great for couplesNo underbed storage
Easy assemblyOnly 1 year warranty
Works with thicker mattresses

Save 30% with coupon code “SLEEPLINE”

Our experience with Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame

While it’s easy to think that it’s a mattress that makes or breaks a bed, the wrong bed frame can make things worse. In the same vein, the right bed frame can make a mediocre mattress feel categorically amazing. It seems as though Amerisleep’s Platform bed frame can make any mattress feel like a high-end hotel bed.

Platform bed frames are able to withstand heavier mattresses and heavy weight without any danger of dipping or sagging. When we tried out Amerisleep’s Platform bed frame, it felt solid and very sturdy – even with 2 people and a pet. This is why we recommend this platform bed for those who share a bed with a partner. The general consensus, among almost all of the verified reviews, is that the Amerisleep Platform bed frame is the bed frame that lends itself beautifully to non-sleep activities. Enough said.

The base of the Amerisleep Platform bed is actually made out of wide, thick slabs of wood that provides a solid surface. While this may sound like a bad thing for heat-retaining memory foam mattresses, there’s enough open space between the wood slabs for ample air circulation. We’re pretty sure Amerisleep built their Platform Bed frame to be used with their BioPur mattresses but memory foam mattresses these days are made with a more open-celled construction, thus doing away with the heat retention.

The Amerisleep Platform bed frame comes encased in a sleek, slate gray fabric that would suit any type of minimalist bedroom aesthetic. Those who wish to incorporate color can do so by dressing up their beds with colorful bedding that can cover the entire length of the bed.

The Platform bed frame is a standalone bed frame and does not need a headboard or a footboard but if you really want one, you can certainly buy a headboard that sticks to your wall.

Setup and assembly is fairly easy as well. It took us a total of about 10 minutes to set everything up and there was no need for any intricate tools. Those who live solo can definitely put together the Amerisleep Platform bed frame without the need for an extra pair of hands.

The Amerisleep Platform bed frame is compatible with most mattress types including innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses. It works excellently as a memory foam bed frame, even thick ones.

If there’s one slightly negative thing we have to say about the Amerisleep bed frame, it’s that the legs sit fairly close to the floor. It depends on how much space you need but if you are looking for underbed storage, you might want to look at storage bed frames.

The Platform bed comes in 6 different sizes, including a Twin XL. Unlike their mattress warranty though, Amerisleep only offers 1 year warranty for their bed frames. They also offer free shipping within the United States.

Buy: Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame

#4. The Purple Bed Frame

Check Current Price | Best for Hot Sleepers

purple bed frame with purple mattress
The Purple Bed Frame

Pros and cons

Good for hot sleepersNot for couples or heavier individuals
Color options
Underbed storage

Our experience with Purple Bed Frame

Much like their famed Purple Mattress, the Purple Bed frame is made for those who tend to sleep hot. But instead of the Purple Grid, the Purple Bed frame features bed slats that look like purple crates. Yes, crates.

Not your ordinary, run of the mill plastic crate material (of course) – the slats that make up the Purple Bed frame’s base are made out of a stronger and sturdier material of which they are closely guarding the ‘recipe’ for, by the way.

What’s special about the crate-like style is that there are numerous pathways for air circulation – especially crucial for a memory foam mattress or an all-foam mattress. Memory foam beds need frames that offer solid support and good air flow – two things that we found the Purple Bed frame to do well. If you’re a hot sleeper and prefer to sleep on a memory foam mattress, the Purple Bed frame would be a good choice.

Although the upholstered sides aren’t that raised on the Purple Bed frame, we found that it held the mattress firmly in place. You just have to make sure that you have the right frame size for your existing mattress. Always double check your mattress dimensions when shopping for a new bed frame.

Purple gives you the option to choose a color for their upholstered bed frame, which we know a lot of people would appreciate. They offer a range of neutral colors to match your bedroom decor, as well as varying shades of purple. You also have the option to choose whether you want to add a headboard or just opt for just the foundation. We do like the fact that Purple gives options since different people have varying tastes and needs. The upholstered fabric cover can also be removed and washed which is a feature not many beds have.

We found that the wooden legs that support the frame offer really good support for the bed as a whole but if you are heavier than 250 lbs., or sleep with a partner and have a mattress that’s also a bit on the thicker side, you might want to opt for a bed frame that’s specifically made for heavier individuals. A lot of verified reviews have stated that the Purple Bed frame feels a bit creaky when slept on by two people.

For those needing extra storage space, the Purple Bed frame can comfortably fit low storage drawers or compartments underneath.

As for assembly, Purple includes an allen wrench with each Purple Bed frame purchase and we found setup to be very easy.

The Purple Bed frame comes in 6 sizes, including a California King. Purple offers a 5 year warranty for all of their bed frames, as well as free shipping within the continental United States.

Buy: Purple Bed Frame

#5. WinkBeds Platform Foundation

Check Current Price | Best for Kids

winkbeds platform foundation bare
WinkBeds Platform Foundation

Pros and cons

Good for kidsAssembly is a bit tricky
Good for heavier individualsOnly 1 year warranty

Our experience with WinkBeds Platform Foundation

Bed frames couldn’t get any simpler than a classic platform foundation. The best durable bed frame is one that not only offers a good, strong base but one that can withstand the most finicky/active/craziest sleeper of all – kids.

Featuring a center support beam made up of a really thick slab of premium hardwood, the WinkBeds Platform foundation does not need extra support such as a box spring. Compatible with any mattress type, it works well with a memory foam mattress since the birchwood slats offer optimal air circulation. This makes it a great option for those who tend to sleep hot. Wooden slats, used in most bed frames, offer proper mattress support while allowing air to move freely around the mattress.

The WinkBeds Platform foundation also feature some of the thickest legs we’ve ever seen on a bed frame. And when we say thick, it’s thicc thick. Let’s face it, strong legs make for an extra, extra strong bed. Important especially when you have kids. Now, we do not recommend that you let your children jump on the WinkBeds Platform foundation, but if they would (and you know they would), there’s no danger of the bed buckling.

Designed entirely in the USA (as is their mattresses), the WinkBeds Platform foundation comes encased in upholstered twill fabric that can match any bedroom decor.

Assembly and setup was a bit fussy and you may need some help setting up the WinkBeds Platform foundation. That said, the screws and corner connectors stay firmly in place once they’re locked in.

Although we do recommed the WinkBeds platform foundation for kids, that’s not to say it isn’t for adults – it’s great for all types of sleepers, including heavier individuals.

The WinkBeds Platform foundation comes in 6 different standard sizes, including a Twin. WinkBeds offer free shipping and on year warranty for their platform bed.

Buy: WinkBeds Platform Foundation

What makes a good bed frame for memory foam mattresses?

The best bed frames for a memory foam mattress are the ones that provide the best support as well as the best air circulation. Traditional memory foam mattresses are notorious for retaining heat. This could spell trouble, especially for those who tend to sleep exceptionally hot.

A bed frame that blocks air flow could add to the memory foam mattress’ heat. Slatted bed frames are the best bed frames for memory foam mattresses as they offer the most air flow. Usually made of wood, wood hybrids or metal, slats provide a firm, stable base while providing a bit of give for your mattress. Although a slatted bed frame is the ideal bed frame for a memory foam mattress, a poorly made one may not be able to offer enough support (for both yourself and the mattress) – especially if you have a thicker, heftier mattress. In this case, it would be best to choose a frame that has a solid platform base.

Types of foundations

These are the standard types of bed foundations used the world over:

  • Platform bed frame – A bed type that comes with a solid foundation. It provides the most support and stability for your mattress. Platform beds are best for thick and heavy mattresses such as memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and hybrids. The downside to a platform bed frame is that it would not be able to provide any air flow to your mattress since its base is usually one thick, solid plank.
  • Slatted bed frame – Made from either wood or metal, a slatted bed frame can also come with a metal frame but not all metal frames come with slats. Slats, in the context of beds, are narrow strips of wood or metal that act as base support for a mattress.
  • Metal frame – As the name states, metal frames are bed frames that are made out of metal, usually iron or steel. They usually need to come with a separate base in the form of slats or boards.
  • Box springsTraditional box springs used to come with actual spring coils within their frame but nowadays box springs are defined as a sturdy platform made from either wood or metal and covered in material. These types of beds are usually meant to be used with innerspring mattresses.
  • Bunkie board – Not necessarily a bed frame per se but bunkie boards provide additional base support for any type of bed frame.
  • Adjustable bed frame – Adjustable bed frames are bed frames and bases that can be both manually or automatically controlled with the use of a remote. Chunkier than most bed frames due to the mechanisms involved, adjustable bed frames are akin to hospital beds with a ton of extra features like an anti-snore mode.
  • Floor – In many parts of the world (such as in Japan, for instance), sleeping on a mattress on the floor is still very much the norm. In fact, the love for Japanese style futons have made their way to this side of world.


Are memory foam mattresses OK for slatted beds?

Slatted beds are the best frames for memory foam mattresses since they allow for more air flow.

Can a foam mattress go on a metal bed frame?

Foam mattresses can go on a metal bed frame provided that the metal bed frame has a center support beam and can offer sturdy support. A poorly made or cheap metal bed frame can be flimsy and dangerous.

Are platform beds good for memory foam mattresses?

Platform beds provide extra support as well as a solid foundation for memory foam mattresses. This is especially good for mattresses that are thick and heavy.

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