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Baxter Blue Light Glasses Are a Great Way to Protect Your Sleep From Nighttime Screen Usage

blonde woman with glasses sleeping in front of computer

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Are you having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Maybe you have been feeling lethargic and/or inexplicably tired all the time. If you have ruled out any illnesses and you still have not found the cause, you might want to take a look at how much time you spend in front of a screen. The amount of time you spend in front of a computer or your phone could be causing you to lose much needed sleep and blue light blocking glasses from Baxter may just be the solution.

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain is a very real, very common condition – especially now where much of everyday life is spent looking at screens. Phones, computers, e-readers, your tv set and even that seemingly harmless LED lightbulb all emit blue wavelength light. But before we bore you with all the scientific nitty-gritty, know that blue light isn’t all bad. In fact, all living things need light to grow. But prolonged exposure to (and by exposure we mean looking at and into) high intensity visible light, such as the sun and yes, electronic devices, can cause not only eye strain but retinal damage. This can lead to a disease called solar retinopathy which can be irreparable.

Although solar retinopathy is usually caused by the sun, recent studies by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) have shown that the blue light in LED lighting can cause significant retinal damage due to prolonged and unprotected exposure.

To top it all off, exposure to blue light – and any kind of light, for that matter – way beyond waking hours can cause the circadian rhythm to go out of whack. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. All living things have circadian rhythms and in lay speak, this is known as our biological clock. One of the most important processes that our circadian rhythms control is our sleep-wake cycle which directly correlates to how our bodies respond to light. Simply put, when it gets dark, the brain secretes melatonin which lets us know that it’s time to sleep. When it gets light, melatonin production stops, signalling that it’s time to get up.

In a perfect world, these rhythms should run smoothly but life, as we know it, isn’t at all perfect and we find ourselves staying up later than we should be, be it by choice or not. And in this digital age , it can sometimes be impossible. One might think that poor sleep health will not cause us any long-term damages but matter of fact, it can – a whole lot of damage from a compromised immune system to dementia and just about everything else in between.

While blue light glasses are not meant to cure what’s already broken, they CAN help prevent any future damage. Studies have shown that they have notable levels of effectiveness against the health effects of blue light. As the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Baxter Blue Light Glasses

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Woman wearing Baxter blue light glasses in tortoiseshell
Baxter Blue Light Glasses in Lane

Protection but make it fashion (sorry, couldn’t resist). Baxter Blue Light blocking glasses come with lenses that are specially treated to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to blue light coming from either your phone or your computer screen.

While some blue light glasses come with only a superficial coating, Baxter utilizes a proprietary technology (Blue+) that is embedded right into the lens, filtering out as much as 80% (!) of the highest energy wavelengths that are known to cause eye strain.

Baxter Blue Light glasses also come with a premium, anti-reflective coating that eliminates 100% of glare. You can see colors and contrast just as they should be – crisp and clear. They also come with a Super Hydrophobic coating which can help minimize scratches and smudges. The Baxter Blue Light glasses blocks out 100% of UVA and UVB rays so eyes are protected, even when outdoors.

You can opt for either prescription lenses (should you need them) or non-prescription and the Blue Light glasses come in a wide variety of frame styles (I am partial to the Lane tortoiseshell) that can be custom fit to any face shape.

All Baxter glasses come with their own protective case and are backed by a 12 month warranty. You can try the Baxter Blue Light Readers for 90 days, risk-free. Prices begin at $79.00 AUD.

Buy: Baxter Blue Light glasses, $89 (Lane) from

Baxter Blue Light Readers

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Man wearing Baxter blue light readers in matte black
Baxter Blue Light Readers in Crane

For those of us who only need glasses when reading, the Baxter Blue Light Readers are for you. Meant for people who don’t necessarily need prescription glasses but need the extra help, the Baxter Blue Light Readers come in a wide variety of styles including crystal frames. They also offer large options for those who have bigger heads (like me).

Reading glasses are not meant to correct vision and are typically needed by those who suffer from presbyopia, an age-related eye condition that decreases a person’s near vision over the years (not saying that you’re old, but you get the gist). Most people don’t even realize that they need a pair of reading glasses and can suffer from unexplained headaches when they let their symptoms go unchecked.

The Baxter Blue Light Readers offer reading magnification with the added protection from blue light exposure. Eye strain symptoms can come from both blue light related exposure and not using reading glasses when needed so these Readers are like a one-two punch.

The adult frames for the Blue Light Reading glasses come in magnifications of +0.5, +1.0, +1.5 & +2.0. All Baxter glasses come with their own protective case and are backed by a 12 month warranty. You can try the Baxter Blue Light Readers for 90 days, risk-free.

Buy: Baxter Blue Light Readers, $89 (Crane) from

Baxter Sleep Glasses

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blonde woman wearing Baxter sleep glasses
Baxter Sleep glasses in Nat

Designed to be worn when the sun goes down, Baxter Sleep glasses are for those who live their lives online. 2020 is the year when we saw a seismic shift in the future of the digital workplace and most jobs now – if not all – require a computer and a stable internet connection. At a time when online gaming, blogging or creating online content can be a lucrative career and international time zones are continually crossed, it’s imperative that we take extra steps in ensuring good sleep health.

So, put down that energy drink, eat your greens and invest in some sleep glasses (no, you do not wear them to sleep, k?). As we’ve previously mentioned, extended screen time can result in throwing your circadian rhythm off the loop, greatly affecting your ability to get a full, good night’s sleep. But if life and work requires you to be in front of a screen more than usual, a good pair of sleep glasses can help keep your rhythms in sync.

Baxter Sleep glasses have been specifically developed to filter out the 450-500nm blue light wavelengths that can hinder the release of melatonin which means you can look forward to a good night’s sleep. Sleep glasses usually come amber-colored but unlike other amber sleep glasses in the market, Baxter Sleep glasses use a proprietary filter technology that is embedded right onto the lens whereas others come as a coating. This means maximum protection with minimal distortion so you can work, game and scroll to your heart’s content (but within reason, please).

As with all of Baxter’s lenses, the Sleep glasses come with block out 100% of UVA and UVB light as well as featuring an anti-reflective coating that eliminates 100% of screen glare and digital eye strain. They also come with a super hydrophobic coating to minimize scratches and smudges.

All Baxter glasses can be prescription or non prescription. They come with their own protective case and are backed by a 12 month warranty. You can try the Baxter Blue Light Readers for 90 days, risk-free.

Buy: Baxter Sleep Glasses, $89 (Nat) from

Baxter Sun

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Man wearing Baxter sunglasses
Baxter Sunglasses in Carter

Temperatures are currently heating up and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably dreaming of sun, sea and surf (it’s going to happen). But even in the dead of winter, the sun never takes a vacay so the same amount of UVB and UVA rays can cause significant damage. Eye protection is key. Plus, everyone just looks cooler with sunglasses, don’t you agree?

Baxter Sunglasses feature advanced polarized lenses and offer 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. They also come with blue light filtration so that means added protection. Baxter’s polarized lenses all come with an anti-reflective coating allowing you to see better and in full color without the annoyance (and danger!) of the sun’s glare.

Currently, Baxter Sunglasses come in 6 different styles to choose from for both men and women and more are being added soon.

All Baxter glasses come with their own protective case and are backed by a 12 month warranty. You can try the Baxter Blue Light Readers for 90 days, risk-free.

Buy: Baxter Sunglasses, $89 (Carter) from

Baxter Blue for Kids

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young boy wearing Baxter blue glasses
Baxter Blue Glasses Kids in Addison

Just like how adults are working mostly online nowadays, kids are too, with classes being conducted over Zoom. That, plus the PS5s and the Ipads and the smartphones – it appears kids are spending even more time than adults online!

Protect their delicate peepers with blue light blocking glasses like the Baxter Kids. Featuring exactly the same embedded blue light pigment technology in the adult version, the Baxter Kids blue light glasses help protect the eyes against the highest energy wavelengths that are known to cause digital eye strain. We cannot stress enough that prevention is better than cure and if you can start your kids early then best to do so.

What’s more is that you can pry the Ipads and consoles from their hands and tell them to go out and play because the Baxter blue light glasses can filter out 100% of UVB and UVA rays. And you can stop worrying about scratches and smudges – the superhydrophobic coating will take care of that.

Baxter Blue Light glasses for Kids come in a variety of styles and fun colors and can be customized to fit different tiny faces. They come in both prescription and non prescription.

All Baxter glasses come with their own glasses case and are backed by a 12 month warranty. You can try the Baxter Blue Light Readers for 90 days, risk-free.

Buy: Baxter Blue Light Glasses for Kids, $79 (Addison) from


Do blue light glasses really work?

A: Studies have shown that blue light glasses provide significant amounts of effectiveness against the harmful effects of blue light, especially if the glasses are optimized and made with quality materials.

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

A: Blue light blocking glasses work by filtering out high energy wavelengths of light that can come from electronic devices such as computers and smartphones as well different types of LED lighting.

What are blue light blocking glasses used for?

A: Blue light blocking glasses are used for filtering out harmful high energy wavelengths of light that can be detrimental to not only eye health but sleep health as well and overall health in the long run.

How to test blue light glasses?

A: The only way to successfully test blue light blocking glasses is to try them out in person. Companies that offer a trial period is a good way of being able to test out blue light glasses to gauge their effectivity for a longer period of time.

Are blue light blocking glasses bad for your eyes?

A: Blue light filtering glasses are as safe as regular eye glasses or spectacles. In fact, the added benefit and protection may just give them a slight edge over normal glasses.

How do you clean blue light blocking glasses?

A: Most glasses come with a cleaning cloth along with a protective glasses case. You can clean your blue light glasses just like you would normal eyeglasses. Some glasses companies even enhance their lenses with a protective coating to prevent scratches and smudges.

About Baxter

Based in Sydney, Australia, Baxter Blue Light Filtering Glasses was borne out of necessity – just like all other great inventions are. By combining the need for protective and corrective eyewear with style and fashion, Baxter also stresses the importance of Science and sustainability.

Baxter has a program that pledges one pair of glasses for every pair purchased. Everyone in the world deserves to see clearer.

Contact Baxter

Baxter’s online general inquiry form is open 24/7. For shipping and returns, you can contact them there.

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