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Baloo is a Great Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket, But There are Some Downsides

Baloo Weighted Blanket

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Baloo weighted blanket is the real deal for all lovers of eco-friendly products. It’s natural, it hugs you tightly, and makes you sleep like a baby. 

Baloo helps ease anxiety and improves the sleep of people who have a variety of disorders that cause poor sleep, including restless leg syndrome and PTSD. Weighted blankets can also be used by those of you who don’t have any particular problems, just want to fall asleep faster and be more refreshed in the morning.

Buy: Baloo Weighted Blanket, $169 from Amazon.com

– 100% cotton, even the filling
– Double-stitched so weight is kept secure
– Glass microbeads
– Regulates temperature well
– Only comes in one color
– Made in China
– Pricey
– Only flax linen option for cover

Does Baloo Weighted Blanket Improve Sleep?

It actually does. Well, at least for the great majority of its users. Baloo is hypoallergenic, thermoneutral, and offers well-distributed weight throughout the blanket.

Weighted blankets are known to lessen anxiety, ADD and PTSD-related problems, it relieves stress and restless leg syndrome, to name a few. Weighted blankets produce a psychological effect – those who use them feel safe and relaxed. It’s assumed that a weighted blanket imitates a hug or reminds us of the time when our mothers held us when we were babies.

Probably for this reason our bodies produce more serotonin and melatonin (substances that make us relax and fall asleep). At the same time, stress hormones drop in volume. All of these factors result in more deep sleep

Stressful life, hectic schedules, and personal issues typically result in barely any deep sleep. This is why we wake up feeling unrested and unable to shake off the need to go back for more sleep. Healthy shuteye means that you had a good ratio of light sleep, REM, and deep sleep. During deep sleep, the brain gets completely refreshed, hormones replenished, tissues and any injuries recovered. The immune system also becomes stronger and more able to fight off illnesses. 

This is why a Baloo blanket can help you wake up feeling fresh and well-rested. With plenty of deep sleep every night, a person is more optimistic, less stressed, healthier, and more mentally and physically stable.

However, Baloo isn’t the ideal option for everyone. Look below to see who it is for.

Here’s Who Should Use The Baloo Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are recommended to anyone who has:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Stress

Baloo is not recommended for:

  • People who are on a budget (there are more affordable blankets, like Luna)
  • Children below 50 lb weight 
  • People with joint pain, weak knees, hips, or back

Buy: Baloo Weighted Blanket, $169 from Amazon.com

Folded Baloo Weighted Blanket

What Baloo Blanket Feels Like

Baloo feels soft, smooth to touch, and comfortable, but you can feel its weight. If you toss and turn a lot, you may have slight trouble moving it around. 

It’s thermoneutral, which means that it shouldn’t make you hot. This is because it is very breathable and contains no materials that could accumulate heat. However, it does depend on the individual. If you’re a larger person who typically sleeps hot and the blanket makes you hotter, just lower the temperature in the room by a degree or two. 

Baloo also makes the cover and matching pillowcases. If you opt for the cover, you should know that there isn’t a cotton option, only French flax linen. This is a fantastic choice by the company because it makes the blanket even more breathable. On the downside, the flax linen is the only thing you can get to cover your blanket (the alternative being to try your luck elsewhere). The flax linen feels slightly coarser than cotton but it’s so worth it. Another downside is that the linen is really expensive – $129 for a Full/Queen size.

What’s It Made of?

Baloo weighted blanket is made of cotton and glass beads. That’s it. As far as we’re aware, this is the only blanket that uses exclusively cotton, with no polyester filling inside the blanket. The beads are made of lead-free glass, as opposed to plastic which was previously popular with weighted blankets.

It’s sewn into 5” pockets and there’s about 1” spacing between those big pockets, so it’s basically double-stitched to prevent bead leaks and to keep them in place better.

Baloo Blanket – How It Fits the Bed

Baloo Blanket is made to fit the top of your bed. Literally, when you lie it flat, it just covers the surface. When you cover yourself, the blanket will hug you on all sides and there won’t be much of the blanket left. This is simply how weighted blankets are made. 

If you want a wider one, get a comforter. It is the same in everything except it has extra fabric on the sides. This fabric makes it look better on the bed and it’s not weighted. So the only part that’s weighted on a Baloo comforter is the middle part that covers your bed. The hanging sides are there just for the looks and extra comfort. 

Baloo Sizes and Weight – Choose The Right One for You

Size and Price List

Full/Queen Size: 60”x80”

  • 15 lbs $169

Full/Queen Size: 80”x80”

  • 15 lbs $219

Full/Queen Size: 60”x80”

  • 20 lbs $169

Full/Queen Size: 80”x80”

  • 20 lbs $219

King Size: 92”x108”

  • 25 lbs $259

Here’s a helpful diagram Baloo uses to help its customers pick the right weight.

How to choose the right weighted blanket
Image source: balooliving.com

Baloo says that the 25 lb King feels like a smaller blanket of just 20 lb because its weight is distributed over a large area. So if you opt for a King, rest assured you won’t get too squished into your bed.

Buy: Baloo Weighted Blanket, $169 from Amazon.com

Care and Maintenance

Baloo blankets can be washed in a machine on a low gentle cycle but the company says it’s only safe to maintain them in commercial washers and dryers because Baloo blankets are big and heavy. Commercial washers/dryers are much sturdier than residential ones. 

Also, bear in mind that the 15 lb comforter is actually heavier than a 15 lb blanket. This is because the comforter contains extra fabric around the edges to make it look more traditional. The additional fabric adds about 4 lb. Although the comforter still feels like a 15 lb blanket, it actually weighs about 19 lbs.

About Baloo

Baloo was founded in 2018 by Elizabeth Grojean, who is the current CEO. She had many different jobs before she decided to quit everything and take a break in Bali. There she learned just how beneficial weight blankets are and within a year, her first company – Baloo – took off. 

It’s based in the US but the products are made in China. They are Vegan Awareness Foundation certified. They donate to the Pajama Program and have a partnership with SeaTrees.org, which makes them a carbon-neutral company. They support fair trade and are working on ditching all plastic from the packaging. 

Free shipping, exchanges, and returns on orders to the 40 Lower States. Baloo offers a 30-day return window and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

Contact Baloo:

Buy: Baloo Weighted Blanket, $169 from Amazon.com

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