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Avantek White Noise Sound Machine Review

Avanteck blue white noise machine

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People who have restless sleep feel unfocused and will likely end up being unproductive at school or their workplace. And the most common causes of disturbed sleep are outside noises like noisy neighbors or street traffic. Snoring partners can also disrupt our sleep or prevent us from getting to sleep. Some even turn to the use of Binaural beats as a form of sound therapy to learn how to cope with a noisy environment. This is why white noise fans have been gaining popularity these past few years. Avantek White Noise Machine is one of these machines that use white noise to help usher us to a good night’s sleep.

This white noise generator has 20 non-looping sounds and a memory function. This device uses a high-quality speaker to deliver sounds that are crisp, natural, and realistic. We can tell that the Avantek produces excellent sound quality because are also free of scratches. These will help you create an environment ideal for sound sleep even if you live in an area where the neighborhood is noisy. It can even help you sleep soundly beside a loud snorer.

Carefully Packaged Device

We love the compact design of the Avantek. We thought it’s going to be bulky because we received the device in a box that’s quite large compared to its size. The device came heavily padded and boxed during shipment. Two things came to our minds because of this. One, the company takes good care of their products and wants to make sure that their shipment reaches customers unscathed. Two, and we hoped it’s not the case, they know that the product gets easily damaged.

Thankfully, we found the product quite sturdy considering its size. The device measured just 4x4x2.5 inches and can easily fit in our palms. We love how light it weighs without it feeling too plasticky. With its size, we didn’t have any problem finding a space for it in our nightstand.

One thing that we didn’t like about the Avantek is the power adapter. The cable is attached to the underside of the unit. The said positioning still lets the unit sit flatly but you have to turn the device upside down if you need to remove the AC adapter. In this regard, we like the LectroFan Evo better because its power cable is at the side. It is easier to remove and re-attach. If you’ll just be using the Avantek at home then this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you travel a lot, then this may be a bit of a hassle.  

Another thing that the LectoFan has and is missing in the Avantek is the headphone jack where you can connect sleep headphones. This would have been great for those who have partners who are not fond of a noise canceling machine like this.  

We also would have liked if there is an option to power the device with the use of AA batteries so we can use it even during long interstate drives.

How does it work as a sound machine?

Just like any other white noise machines, the Avantek uses white noise to help users sleep by blocking out distracting noises. This machine produces soothing sounds that can help you drift off to a restful and rejuvenating sleep. The soothing sounds that this machine uses include white noise, fan sounds, and ambient sounds. The ambient noises used by this device replicates nature sounds like stream, wave, rain, bird, crickets, campfire and clock. We noticed that unlike the Lectrofan Evo, the Avantek doesn’t have the different types of white noises like the pink noise and brown noise.

On top of this wide variety of sounds, this device also features a memory function that other such machines lack. Through the use of the said memory function, you can program the machine to remember the settings that you last used. This includes the volume you chose, the timer options and the sound that you selected. The next time that you power on the machine, it will use the same settings until such time that you change them. We find this to be very handy since it saves us the trouble of having to select the same settings each time we use the Avantek. It saved us a few extra minutes that we meant a lot for people like us who can use every precious second of sleep we can get.

Does It Have a Timer?

This white noise generator also has a timer that you can set from 1 to 7 hours per duration. This is a helpful feature especially if you only need the machine to work until you get to a state of deep sleep and don’t need it to run all night. If you share your bed with someone prone to loud snoring, we recommend that you just leave the machine on continuous play and just power it off in the morning. The volume control function has 30 different settings you can choose from. With such a wide range of volume sound choices, you’re sure to find a setting that will suit your needs and give you that elusive night’s rest. Be extra careful when choosing the volume level if the machine is for a baby since they have delicate ear canals and eardrums that get damaged by loud noises.

We noticed that the machine gradually reduces its volume before it powers itself off. The said feature won’t matter if you just want to power it off in the morning but may come handy when you have the device on timer mode. The sound will just slowly fade away instead of abruptly getting cut off. It’s like preparing your sleeping mind to get used to the lack of white noise and not just yanking off the sound that brought you into that deep sleep you are enjoying. This feature is especially useful for those who plan to use it on babies or children who easily get startled by the abrupt powering off of the machine.

How Do I Use This Device?

Even if the Avantek uses modern technology, it is effortless to use and operate. Just power on the machine and select the sound that you believe will put you in a state of relaxation. You also need to choose whether to use the timer feature or just let it play until you switch it off in the morning. The last thing you need to do is to access the outside noises and choose the best volume to drown out those noises. It is essential to choose a volume that will block out background noises without the white noise being too loud to let you get to sleep. As soon as you finished with these simple steps then you’re good to go.

If you have used the Avantek before and you liked the settings you previously used then the machine will just use the last settings you selected. It will immediately play using your last known settings.

Who will benefit from this kind of machine?

White noise generators like this can be useful for a lot of users. Light sleepers like us are the most likely benefactors. This is especially crucial if you live in an area where there are loud noises all the time. The Avantek can help drown out the noise of loud neighbors or dogs who love barking at everything they see. This is also a great way to mask traffic noise if your room is facing a busy street.

This is also a great help to those who work during graveyard shifts. Sleeping during the daytime is always more challenging because the world outside your room is bustling with activity. With the use of a white noise machine, you can cancel out the outside noises and hopefully bring it to levels that are acceptable and can make you comfortable enough for sleeping. It might even help you stay asleep even during unnatural sleeping hours.

Those who have babies or small children will also find this device helpful. Some babies are hard to put to sleep and the sounds of this machine can calm them down until they fall asleep. The nature sounds of this machine can soothe babies to prepare them for a nap or a full sleep. Think of it as a soundtrack for your young ones. We recommend that you don’t use the sleep timer if you intend to use this device for babies. Babies have sensitive hearing and even a slight change in the environment can wake them up. We all know how irritable sleepless babies are. They can disrupt the sleep of an entire family when they start crying so a peacefully sleeping baby can also mean a restful sleep for the entire family.

If you think that the Avantek is only for those who want to sleep then you’re mistaken. You can also use this device in your workplace or your study area. The soothing sounds of this machine can help people focus on what they are doing. This is also a simple way of ensuring privacy and making sure that conversations don’t disturb other people.

Pros and Cons of Avantek

What We Liked

  • Timer feature
  • The sound gradually fades when powered off
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of adjustable volume levels
  • Memory function

What We Didn’t Like

  • The position of the power cable
  • Lack of 3.5mm jack for headphones

About Avantek

History of Avantek

Avantek is a company created by a group of passionate young people dedicated to developing products that bring more convenience and style to life.

Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

Avantek has hundreds of reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.3 stars. There were several complaints from customers who didn’t receive a power adapter with their order.

BBB Ratings

Avantek is not a BBB accredited company.

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[email protected]

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Our Verdict

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