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Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask Review

Alaska Bear sleep mask in leopard print

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Alaska Bear Natural Sleep Mask

Getting a good night’s rest has become increasingly difficult these days with all the distractions around us. There are nighttime noises, bright lights, and even interruptions from electronic devices like the sound of mobile phones or our neighbor’s cable television. This is why it’s no longer surprising to see the influx of sleeping aids that promises restful sleep to those who use them. There are earplugs to block out noises. There are also sleep masks like that of Cabeau Midnight Magic, Bedtime Bliss or Dream Essentials. There are also memory foam pillows like the Biosense memory foam pillow that promises to make users comfortable enough, so they can get a good sleep. We even have bonchotan charcoal eye relaxers.

If you cannot sleep if you are not in total darkness, then there’s nothing to worry about because that is just natural. The hormone Melatonin regulates the day-night cycle of our body. Our bodies need sufficient darkness to produce Melatonin. Even a hint of light coming from electronics like laptops, digital alarm clocks, or mobile phones can disrupt the human body’s Melatonin production. This is why using a sleep mask while sleeping can help us naturally increase Melatonin levels and increase REM sleep. Sleep masks are also helpful for those who suffer migraines triggered by bright lights.

What is your first impression of it?

Alaska Bear are natural sleep masks that feel soft against the skin. Not only that, but they are also hypoallergenic so they are great for those who have sensitive skin. These sleep masks use a Mulberry fabric called the fabric of emperors because of their top-notch quality. This fabric is of unrivaled elegance among all the silk fabrics.

When we received our Alaska Bear, it came in a gold mesh bag that excited us. The storage bag lent some elegance to the sleeping mask and it certainly felt expensive even though it is very affordable. Upon opening the bag, what we had in our hands is a sleeping mask of unbelievable softness. The Alaska Bear sleeping mask is Amazon’s top-selling sleep mask with over 10,000 customer reviews. After feeling how soft the mask is, we’re starting to understand why customers love it.

This comfortable sleep mask is the epitome of simplicity. This is not a fancy contraption, just a sleeping mask promising better sleep for anyone who uses it. They come in multiple sizes to make sure that all users get the mask they needed.

Do they use high-quality materials?

We’ve mentioned earlier that the Alaska Bear uses 100% natural mulberry silk but what we failed to mention is that they use it on both sides of the mask. This means that you can quickly reverse it and still have a fully-functional mask. This is not always the case with sleeping masks since most have a designated inner side and an outer part that are not interchangeable. The materials used in this sleeping mask are hypoallergenic which makes the masks, not just a sleep aid. These masks also act as a frontline protection against allergens that can make sleeping uncomfortable.

Although some might not think of this as too much of a big deal, we find the anti-allergy properties quite useful. We live in the suburbs and we have plants in our garden and our neighbors have their gardens as well. Pollen is a significant allergen and the extra protection is something we definitely welcome. Although the mask won’t protect us during the day as we go around our business, we often leave our bedroom windows open during the night so an additional line of protection from pollen and other allergens, while we sleep, is a big plus for us.

Can you adjust the strap of this sleeping mask?

The strap on the Alaska Bear is another thing that sets it apart. Most sleeping masks have straps that are not adjustable. Some have adjustable straps because they use Velcro but we find Velcro inconvenient. Velcro gets stuck in our hair or our pillowcases. And since we have two dogs, we often find fur or other pieces of dirt in the straps. This sleeping mask uses a fully adjustable strap that kind of looks like the ones they use on bras. They are easy to adjust and they are not dirt magnets. The adjustable straps also make this sleeping mask ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers.

This sleeping mask is large enough to cover your entire face. They are even big enough to your forehead, the sides of your face and your temples. Some may find the size uncomfortable but we liked it because it meant that there is no chance of even the tiniest sliver of light getting through it. Thanks to its soft fabric, we didn’t feel any pressure on our faces that can make wearing sleeping masks uncomfortable. The natural fibers used in this mask are breathable and doesn’t cause any discomfort even during hot nights. This contoured sleep mask fits perfectly and did not obstruct our noses. Some sleep masks have poor cuts and cover our noses depriving us of healthy oxygen while we sleep.

One minor complaint is that the materials used can smudge facial make up, but it didn’t bother us because we’re not big fans of napping when we just had our faces done. It can be an issue though for those who would want to use this to take naps during office lunch breaks.

Pros and Cons of Alaska Bear

What We Liked

  • Made from 100% natural silk
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Breathable mask
  • Hypoallergenic materials

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can smudge makeup
  • No other special features

About Alaska Bear

History of Alaska Bear

Alaska Bear is a company that focuses on the retail and wholesale of natural silk items and other accessories. They provide high-quality products that are popular and sold worldwide. Aside from their signature sleeping mask, they also sell nightcaps, thermal glove liners, and travel sheets. Alaska Bear is a China-based company and they listed their company address as Room 1302 Futian Building Shennan Road Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Customer Service

Alaska Bear has more than 10,000 customer reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars. There are customer inquiries left in Amazon but the responses to those questions were from fellow customers and not from Alaska Bear’s own Customer Service Team.

BBB Ratings

Alaska Bear is not a BBB accredited company.

Physical Store

Alaska Bear doesn’t have any physical stores. Their products are available via their online store or partner online retailers like Amazon.

Contact Alaska Bear

Tel: +86 18923702280

Email: [email protected]

Alaska Bear on Social Media

Facebook |  Twitter

Accolades & Praise for Alaska Bear

Our Verdict

The Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask is a useful aid for those who need a sleeping mask that is comfortable and easy to use. The adjustable strap is a great feature that is not available to all sleeping masks. The strap is not Velcro so there is no danger of any tangled hairs. It is shaped to cover the face and eyes, so users can get uninterrupted sleep all the time. The light-blocking properties of this sleeping mask are good.  If what you are after are sleeping masks that works without any frills then this is a product worth looking into.

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