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January 2020

Asian woman wearing a surgical mask

Coronavirus Keeping You Up at Night? Here’s How to Relax and Get Some Sleep

A new version of coronavirus – labeled 2019-nCoV – was discovered recently in Wuhan, China after people began developing pneumonia without an obvious cause. So far no existing vaccines or treatments are effective at treating this outbreak, which has been spreading internationally. The disease can be transmitted from human-to-human and… Read More »Coronavirus Keeping You Up at Night? Here’s How to Relax and Get Some Sleep

People in a hostel

How To Sleep in a Hostel

Hostels can be a place where you hardly get any sleep, not only because you’re in an unfamiliar environment, but also because of noisy neighbors or people in your room. You can never predict who you’ll end up in a room with, but you can take certain steps to make the experience pleasant (and possibly have a good night’s sleep).

Sleep and Fertility

Sleeping well could increase your chances of conceiving. Although it’s not the only factor, sleep certainly plays a role in fertility; both male and female reproductive functioning gets better on sufficient sleep as hormones are balanced better and all organs work properly.  Other factors that play a large role in… Read More »Sleep and Fertility