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Corner of Nectar Pillow

Nectar Pillow Review

Nectar is a pillow that is designed to give you the ability to customize the level of firmness. The pillow uses a “pillow-within-a-pillow” design, with an outer comfort layer and an inner support layer. Our favorite thing about the Nectar pillow is that it does a great job of providing… Read More »Nectar Pillow Review

Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment is simply the place in which you sleep. Your surroundings greatly determine the quality of your sleep. Items such as blackout curtains and earplugs can help to improve the quality of your sleep. What is a sleep environment? Your sleep environment refers to your surroundings while you… Read More »Sleep Environment

Diamond pillow

Diamond Pillow Review

Diamond Mattress is a company that has a great reputation for their mattresses (duh). But did you know that they have a pillow as well? The Diamond Pillow offers a soft foundation and is available with two different options: high profile and low profile. These two options are designed to… Read More »Diamond Pillow Review

Night Pillow

Night Pillow Review

The Night Pillow is a product that is designed to appeal to a specific audience: people who are concerned about the effects of aging. This pillow is made out of a material that the company claims will help you minimize wrinkles, clear your skin, improve the effectiveness of your face… Read More »Night Pillow Review

Priceless pillow

Priceless Pillow Review

The Priceless was created with the goal of making a pillow that combines the support of a firm pillow and the comfort of a soft pillow. This pillow competes with other luxury brands, with a price point that is on the lower end of the premium category. Our favorite thing… Read More »Priceless Pillow Review

Dog standing on an airweave pillow

airweave Pillow Review

The Airweave is a pillow that is designed to be cool to the touch, improve airflow, and evenly distribute weight. To accomplish this goal, they use a proprietary type of material – called Airflow – that features an interwoven design that the company claims is superior to standard down, memory… Read More »airweave Pillow Review