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March 2019

Epigenetics and Sleep

It is widely known that chronic poor sleep can lead to serious problems with your immune system as well as your mental and physical health. It also increases your risk of developing various diseases – including sleep disorders. Epigenetics, a new, sometimes called ‘revolutionary’ discipline, helps us describe how our… Read More »Epigenetics and Sleep

Arousal and Wakefulness

What is the difference between arousal and wakefulness? Arousal and wakefulness are two terms that we often incorrectly interchange. These two terms are often used in connection with sleep. Sleep and wakefulness are easy to define and quantify. When we say sleep, we envision a person who is immobile, with… Read More »Arousal and Wakefulness

Stages Of Light Sleep

Light sleep makes up most of an adult’s sleep cycle. We spend about 50% of our sleep in light sleep. Although not as restorative as deep sleep (also called slow-wave sleep) and not as vivid in dreams and emotions as REM sleep, it is an important part of our night’s… Read More »Stages Of Light Sleep