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Cooling pillow

Best Cooling Pillow

Our bodies are naturally warm, especially when we sleep. However, some people feel warmer than natural. This sensation makes sleeping difficult. They often wake up drenched in sweat and have a hard time getting back to sleep. And that’s just on regular nights. Imagine how difficult it can be during… Read More »Best Cooling Pillow

Nursing pillow

Best Nursing Pillow

Ensuring that a newborn baby gets all the needed nutrients is of paramount importance to any parent. Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or feeding via a bottle, a good nursing pillow will make nursing so much easier and comfortable. Lactation consultants developed nursing pillows to help moms and their… Read More »Best Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a challenging phase and the many changes that a pregnant woman’s body experiences makes sleeping difficult. You can no longer sleep comfortably and even your usual sleeping position doesn’t seem to work anymore. Just as you’re getting the hand of sleeping in a particular position, you move into… Read More »Best Pregnancy Pillow

How We Rate Pillows

Overview & Methodology People have been using pillows since 7,000 BC,  the civilizations of Mesopotamia. During this era, only the wealthy were able to use them and is considered a status symbol. The more pillows they own, the more wealthy and affluent they are.  There are a lot of factors… Read More »How We Rate Pillows

Why Do We Sleep?

Overview There hasn’t been a single answer to this question yet because sleep is incredibly complex with numerous functions and processes occurring during sleep. Although physically quite inactive, our mental activity is not to be ignored. Our minds prepare us for future learning, we store information from short-term into long-term… Read More »Why Do We Sleep?